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  1. Connecting my transformer

    Thank you!
  2. My first: I call her The Margot

    Thank you, No, I wish I could make such a bag, I bought it from a Dutch lady. She also makes little shoes, very beautiful ones.
  3. Grandpa's new project

    I really love the thought of using cork as bricks, I will be following this topic. What kind of glue do you plan to use, BigC?
  4. Connecting my transformer

    Aha, thank you. But is it important to connect the wire (+ or -) in a special order? I do not know if the screws are - of +?
  5. My first: I call her The Margot

    Aha, I didn't know that it was so easy to find the translation, thank heavens, I do not have the spirit to translate my blog ;-) @wormwoodz, yes, it is build from scratch. A good friend of mine has a woodshop and he was eager to help me out. Some years ago I found a dollhouseplan in a magazine and I am glad I kept it. I am changing al kind of things, walls en windows, but the guidlines of the plan are very helpfull Thank you all  for your nice words, it makes me very happy.  
  6. Recently i bougt a transformer and I am wondering how to connect it to my other 'whatyamacalled'. This is the transformer and 'the other thing': I could cut the wires of the white one, split it and connect it under the screwes on the transformer, or I could clip the black cable and connect it by using shrink sleeves... Should I worry about mixing up the left or right wires? Any tips?  
  7. My first: I call her The Margot

    Safety first! Haha.
  8. I have been reading for some time now and I keep learning from you all. Thanx for that. I have posted this before but somehow my post appeared in someone's post... So I hid it  Some months ago I started my build and I am having so much fun! If you like you may visit my blog http://omamargot.blogspot.nl/ (It is written in Dutch, sorry for that.) Don't look at all my mistakes, for instance putting the windows in before wallpapering! I will never be as good as most of you good people. But I am having a very good time.    
  9. Hall.JPG

    Where did you find this lovely floor? I love it.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    A room with a view! That is so cool and clever. I will have to remember this.
  11. Bay window floors

    This looks lovely! I love the colour of these floors. Question: how do you solve that the flooring makes the basefloor thicker and the fact that you see the different layers of material? Will you glue a strip of wood in front?   Dutchie
  12. You are right, that is what I ment, birch plywood. The limewood is to be used for beams (8x8 mm and 10x10 mm) (I use the website Interglot Translation for assistance sometimes, but made a mistake... )
  13. And I am reading, and reading on this forum ;-) I love it. And since I will not find time to start my house form a year or two, there is no harm gathering all the info I might need. It is a bit difficult for me to post pictures of my two former attempts, because they are at my brother's and my sister's house and they are hardwerking persons, like me, with not much free time on hand. Pics wil come someday soon.  I can, however, place a picture of the one I want to build, the plans are in Dutch, which is perfect for me, but they advice to use MDF or Multiplex, both not my favorites.  I prefer limewood or birch. I have already thought of a theme; the former house I build was the real house my grandfather build for his family (12 kids), he was the owner of greenhouses and land to grow vegetables on. My other grandfather had the same occupation, I will build this new project in his and my grandmother's honour. Especially hers, since she was such a lovely lady, tall and slim, caring and lovely. My grandfather was a small, strong and hardworking man with little o no understanding for little girls, haha. Once I stayed a few days with them and on the first day she asked: "do you like cauliflower?" I did, so we had a great meal, but since the land gave more cauliflower they could sell we ate cauliflower every dag... It took me very long to like eating the vegetable again... I have read that some of you name the house, I would like mine (in the future) to be called Margot, my grandmother's first name. (Pronounced as Margóó, but then with the famous Dutch 'G' ;-) The roof can be opened, and so can the front: the part on the right with balcony. The 'greenhouse or conservatory' on the left must look a bit more like a glass house with of course cauliflower and vines - grapes, her favorites.
  14. How much do you plan?