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  1. Scratch built contemporary DH

    I am sooooo jealous, this is lovely.  
  2. What's everyone working on?

    That is perfect!
  3. What's everyone working on?

    We have bought another house, in real life that is. The next 5 months my stuff is going to be in boxes... There will be no time or place for my smal house until then, I hope I can fight the addiction. When we have moved our stuff to the new home there will be a room for my hobby and that's a improvement!
  4. Winter project underway

    This looks very good. Respect!
  5. lichtwc.jpg

    From the album The Margot

    The toiletroom needed a light.
  6. lichtslaapkamer.jpg

    From the album The Margot

    The lightning in the bedroom upstairs.
  7. When you know you bought a special color of green paint and can not find it...   (starts mixing blue and yellow...)
  8. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    This is the one in my gallery. Good idea! Using print, stick it on some cardstock and apply the mixture! Maybe I will try these: https://albarello.nl/delfts-blauw/
  9. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    I had great fun following this tutorial. Both of crisatoledo's and WestPaces's remarkes helped. I used cardboard for it, followed the instructions carefully and now I have a bunch of tiles for my mini-shower to come. It is too bad I can not make the shower now, I first have to finish the ceiling and the floor of the second level. Now I can make black and white floor-tiles (20 mm x 20 mm) and tiles for the wall (10 mm x 10 mm).
  10. tegels03.jpg

    From the album The Margot

    I followed the tutorial by chrisatoledo: 'Real looking Subway tile' and had a ball! Great stuff.
  11. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    Thank You. My stuff comes in tomorrow and I will have some fun with it.
  12. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    @WestPaces You mentioned that you used thin card stock, how thick is the resin when it is dry? One or two millimeters?
  13. TUTORIAL: Real Looking Ceramic Subway Tile

    I just ordered the Envirolite resin... A bit difficult to find the stuff in my country but I found out that fishermen who like to make their own 'jerkbaits' use this stuff.
  14. alternate lighting

    I use little leds, like in here: Also hid some in the ceiling, the wires are very thin and the led is about 2 mm in size.
  15. The woodstove

    From the album The Margot