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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Maybe it’s the picture but I am ‘meh’ about it.
  2. First Carpet on Display in the Shop!

    Gorgeous work!
  3. Christmas doll

    She has beautiful hairdo and dress.
  4. Christmas doll

    I love it Karin!
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It sold  so stinkin' cheap.......shocking. I hope someone here got it! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Queen-anne-dollhouse-by-Realgood-Toys/133141127374
  6. 07bc469461ce9ef1d4ac542b9633fbef.jpg

    That is a nice collection.
  7. Glencroft didn't come with window sheets

    Keep your chin up Amanda! It is always onward and upward! Sorry to hear about your babies.
  8. Hurstwood Cottage Kitbash

    That is an adorable cottage. Thanks for sharing pictures.
  9. Glencroft didn't come with window sheets

    Dang girl....you are not having luck lately. You can contact GL to see, but last I heard they weren't replacing things unless you bought it from them. It is an easy fix, so don't stress over it. Contact them and ask.
  10. IMG-9510.JPG

    What a nice house. I hope you daughter carries on doing miniatures when she is older.
  11. aa7930ab51a3f7b74577000c61a03d58.jpg

    Okay, now I see the elves. They are perfect! Where did you get them?
  12. e68d2d28a794121c4b66668260078336.jpg

    Is this for the elves or Santa?
  13. eb6bc9cc0d5f72b3e7ccbed29ce32e86.jpg

    Lovely Christmas house.
  14. IMG_9768.JPG

    Reindeer on the roof, how fun.
  15. Color Choices Real and Mini Houses

    Just Gorgeous! Congratulations.