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  1. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    How about tongue depressors? LOL!
  2. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    It is! That's why the sound  of the 'Ice Cream' man's truck still makes me giddy.
  3. lighting5L.jpg

    OMgosh Rebecca! This look exactly like the tv show! The glow of the candles is perfection. It has that dark mysterious glow, yet it is still welcoming.  I love it!
  4. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    Popsicle is a brand name, for ice pop. Like Kleenex is used for facial tissue.....I guess Americans just use it generically for a lot of frozen treats except ice cream.
  5. The "Lily" dollhouse!

    The two Greenleaf houses I have done, have very few illustrations. Only on some of the intricate multi piece areas like trim. Sometimes you have to look at other builds and hope you are doing it right. Don't let it frustrate you too much. As long as it is pleasing to your eye, no one will probably ever notice minor mistakes. As long as the major pieces are good.....Also, you can un-glue most things if needed. Just use a hair dryer and a slim putty knife to loosen the glue. This thread has info on how to start an gallery/album. Just ask if you have questions http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=40441
  6. Newberg front

    Such a nice gift......I hope it arrives safely for her.
  7. Newberg parlor closeup

    I love brown and light blue together....very pretty room.
  8. Newberg kitchen closeup

    I love this house! It is so bright a cheery, perfect for a little girl.
  9. Happy Easter

    I love her and the sweet little doll in matching outfits. So pretty.
  10. Pre-made Door Alterations ('store bought')

    I just saw this video the other day, hope it helps. It shows you how to take a door apart and change it from a pin hinge to regular hinge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JSUe1cK5yg
  11. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    I used a glue syringe tip to apply more glue to obvious lifting of certain planks. Popsicle stick flooring really does give you a lot of bang for the buck. Like Keith mentioned, weighting it down until it dries completely helps. Small hand weights, paint cans, heavy books work well. I bought some of green leaf's tiles, but i haven't used them yet. They are really nice looking, but I think they are just a large piece of real vinyl tile cut in 1x1 pieces. Maybe you can mosey on down to home depot or even Walmart and buy a vinyl tile and cut it yourself? You could get really creative and lay it in a neat pattern.
  12. Shop panels all glued in

    Bravo Rebecca . You have captured the essence of Master Raymond's shop.
  13. Half of roof completed

    You have been busy. The chimney is great.
  14. The restarting point

    Very nice cottage.
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    @Susan18 Bummer! I love the anticipation of a special arrival. I have a package that toured all of Florida, went to Los Angeles and is now back in Florida creeping its way back to me. It passed over me twice.