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  1. 1:48-scale dollhouse almost done

    Pat, this an awesome house. More pictures please!!!
  2. MysteryHouseRehab03.jpg

    Renovation fun!
  3. MysteryHouseRehab01.jpg

    Wow, that is a neat house. I really like yellow houses too.
  4. Tools: Harbor freight rotary tool is $6.99 with coupon

    Thanks for the information.
  5. Natasha Mini Decoupage?

    No one has answered yet? I am curious as well since they add so much detail to furniture.
  6. found this gem on the side or the road, cant wait to restore

    I love that house! Enjoy!
  7. Total newbie from Germany here

    Welcome Mareike I think your project idea is awesome.
  8. Newcomer - Thought I'd Introduce Myself

    Welcome Rebecca, If you have trouble loading pictures you can resize them in http://www.picresize.com/ I look forward to seeing your houses.
  9. Painter's Palette paint in RGT Blue?

    Try mixing the paint up, and see what happens. If you can get a good sample, you can have it made.
  10. La Bafana research witchy Mrs. Claus legend

    Very interesting. I have never heard of her either.
  11. Painter's Palette paint in RGT Blue?

    You can usually get a color match done at any paint retailer. You need a sample about the size of a quarter, sometimes smaller?
  12. lev-vackert-resized.png

    Love it. I have been watching you create this on your blog.
  13. Frosted window for light

    I love this whole shot! The window, beams, and tile work so well together.
  14. master bedroom

    This is such an elegant room. I am so glad you got your pictures to load. The house is really beautiful.
  15. IMG-2237.JPG

    @Beulah Oh Joann, please don't get discouraged. Take a break, and do something less frustrating, but creative. Maybe a roombox? Practice the electrical on it For me, when I see other peoples work, it looks so easy, but it has to be challenging for them as well. I only started in January, and I have a TON to learn. I have done some really wonky things!!! Usually the hard things in life are the things worth doing. (((HUGS)))) I found this video. Maybe contact this guy or someone else who has built the house.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euGEb53Tb8g