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  1. Thanksgiving Dinner

    @jbnmini I am looking forward to grand babies, so I enjoy your stories. We traveled to centralish Texas from Las Vegas in our RV to see my hubby's Mom and sister. It was a nice 20 hour drive in which we all caught and passed along the plague..... Dashing through the snow, coughing and snorting all the way On the way home, we got stuck in the aftermath of a winter storm accident for about 4 hours. I am so Thankful to be home!  
  2. Amazon Alexa

    Try googling your issue, usually there is someone who has had the same issue and it has been answered.
  3. VH 600 Victorian

  4. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Anastasia Your doll is fabulous. I have seen the patterns on Esty and have been tempted to give them a try.
  5. How was the Tooth Fairy revealed to you?

    At 10 I pretty much knew there was no such thing as the tooth fairy, Santa etc......Kids are brutal and will spoil the mystery to kids who still believe. I think honesty is the best thing. Don't put it off, just tell her the truth and ask her not to spoil it for her sister. Kids will tease her if she adamantly says that there is a tooth fairy etc....
  6. Furniture placement

    Looking good! You are getting closer to the finish line.
  7. Off to the (red) brick road...

    This is such a pretty build. I love shopping for fabrics, so many color combos that I never would have imagined together.
  8. About the Dura-Craft Newberg - Instructions?

    There is a person on eBay who sells instruction booklets from Dura craft if no one here has it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dura-Craft-NEWBERG-NB-180-Dollhouse-Instructions/193191015856?hash=item2cfb14f5b0:g:tgsAAOSwiONYOIYF
  9. instruction sheet

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbbr1ny0pdxopap/56-Piece%20Furniture%20Kit.pdf?dl=0 @fov had this link in an old thread.
  10. Hello Bunny, Your enthusiasm in contagious. Your plans sound fabulous to me!
  11. mirror finish

    Have you looked into automotive spray paints  ? Just a suggestion. https://www.carbibles.com/best-chrome-spray-paint/
  12. Beacon Hill Christmas Gift

    Hello Jenny Look at the schematic sheets and label the individual pieces in pencil. I usually put the sheet number on the piece and if there is room on the piece I write its name. BEWARE, sometimes the directions will use an abbreviated name then the what is on the schematics sheet and vice versa.... Identify sheet #1, look at the schematics then label before you punch them out. This will help you to become familiar with the pieces and instructions. I only punch out the pieces as they are called for. If one should come out by mistake, I place it in a plastic zip lock bag labeled with the sheet number on the bag. Stay as organized as you can . Take some deep breaths, you can do it! Here is a blog that might help you too.https://moreminis.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-beacon-hill-dollhouse-blog.html
  13. New member introduction from Georgia.

    Welcome Anthony I enjoyed browsing through your Instagram. You do beautiful work, and I imagine your Fairfield will turn out just as gorgeous.
  14. stein

    I bet Santa enjoys a hefty beer after he finishes delivering all of those toys.
  15. Next dollhouse??

    Acetone is good for releasing super glues......
  16. Wooden sculpture

    I like it how it is. It is wonderful. Do share how you did it.
  17. HBS Halloween contest

    I'm watching. The voting is not reflecting the craftsmanship. Looks like it is just a popularity contest.
  18. Aster Cottage

    It is coming along nicely. Those stairs are terrific.
  19. Loose Ends

    That is a beautiful blanket, and in my alma Mater's colors too.
  20. Sealing your plywood first

    Hello @Augustine & @Medieval I only prime with a primer that is a white shellac like Zinser brand. I prime after it is glued so the raw wood adheres together. I try not to over sand Greenleaf's stuff because I make more work for myself if the piece splinters. You can used a wood putty to fix any areas, sand it then prime to achieve a smooth surface.
  21. Looking for Specific House (dark blue and white Pierce)

    Will the real Pierce please stand up?
  22. Looking for Specific House (dark blue and white Pierce)

    This might be it
  23. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Someone was looking for one of these a while ago??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Real-Good-Toys-Vintage-Foxhall-Manor-New-in-box-Doll-House-Miniatures-/174077320981?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  24. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thank God! I'm so glad you have some good shelter. Does it have a Propane heater? Get those tanks filled up so you can be warm and toasty!