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  1. Gluing the frame for Orchid

    It is a bit of a house of cards at first and it will make you wish for another arm!!! Start by sanding the very first tab/slot the so the sides  edges are flush.... Emery boards are good for this. Use masking tape to keep that part together, Then move onto the next thing making sure the new piece ends up fush and the tab and slot play nice toether. Even if the tab and slot go in together. there shouldnt be a gap down the way. Make sure you have the majority of the shell done, then move on to any complex things like the stairs. bay window....al before gluing
  2. Hello - a complete newbie!

    Welcome Skye That is a great house start with.
  3. Full scale tips...

    @Adorabelle You can only post a certain amount of things directly to your posts. The best thing to is start an album and insert links to the album. Here is some info on how to make an album. You also need to resize the amount of KB in the the picture file. If the picture file is too large, it won't load. I use a free site named http://www.picresize.com/ Your houses are really nice
  4. Chantily-kitchen-wip3.jpg

    The pale yellow and blue compliment each other. It is a very charming room! I like the floor, it looks so clean. You can always cover it with a throw rug if it bothers you.    
  5. Vintage Style Kitchen Stool

    You did a wonderful job!
  6. Tower - Center Window

    Your windows are fabulous. Do you have a link for the lead tape you used?
  7. The Harrison, second hand

    Welcome to the forum Helene. You can call the Greenleaf store and order the replacement sheet that the stair case was on, or you can buy a pre-built staicase that will fit. Greenleaf Dollhouses 436 Lake Road Schenevus, NY 12155 United States of America Call us at (800) 253-7150  
  8. New to Miniatures

    Hi Dakota, Maybe do some online research for glue removers. Xylene and Krud cutter. I have never used them, so I can't offer any direction, except follow the directions and safety precautions.
  9. Help! Real life mini furniture kit 200

      I'll have to dig them out and scan them. I'll message you when I have them ready so I can email them to you.
  10. Your dream house

    When I do a Victorian era house I want it to be similar to the house from Meet Me in St. Louis. I like how the house has dark wood, but isn't dark and heavy feeling like some Victorians can feel. Plus, I enjoy the movie!
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    !/2 scale kit. I've never seen these before, but I thought some of the 1/2 scalers might be interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniatures-1-2-Half-Inch-Scale-Cassidy-Creations-Washer-Dryer-Kit/152943680810?hash=item239c275d2a:g:SAQAAOSwuepaqB7Z
  12. New to Miniatures

    Welcome to the forum Dakota. You can try to disassemble the house and then re-glue. You probably can get the missing piece from Real Good Toys.( https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0164/0860/files/JM1065_A4_6-17.pdf?5646145962560229785) Usually heat and a putty knife can soften up the glue. I am sure other members will have suggestions for you in this area. I like Kilz primer, it comes in spray and quart sizes, but I imagine the Zinsser is just as good.
  13. Beginning to look good!

    Well done. I have enjoyed watching your progress. You have a beautiful piece of art!
  14. Beacon Hill bedroom closet

    @WestPaces Here is link in case you have a hard time making an album http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=40441
  15. Hello from Idaho!

    Welcome April. I saw that there is a miniature show coming to Boise soon.