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  1. Hello from Newfoundland!

    Hello Barbara Welcome to the forum.
  2. Help identifying a vintage house

    That is a magnificent house. It looks to be scratch built, possibly from plans. IMO. Congratulations on a great find.
  3. lanternbed.jpg

    So pretty!
  4. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    I think there needs to a copy of LLama , LLama, Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney ......Then check out this reading of it. You'll be singing it all day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFtHeo7oMSU
  5. The McKinley House is Back Home

    Not only am I glad the house is back, but I am happy to see you post .....We miss you Tracy.
  6. IMG_0131 - Copy.JPG

    I love the chairs...perfect print. Is this 1/2 scale?
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh my!  My husband tried pull that on me with a car that showed up in our backyard.....still pisses me off . Now I worry that I have early onset dementia. I seriously don’t remember that car
  8. First time wainscoting...modeled it after my own staircase at home.

    I like it! The details add so much to it,
  9. Miniature enthusiast, but first time kit builder

    Welcome Brittany
  10. Thanksgiving Dinner

    @jbnmini I am looking forward to grand babies, so I enjoy your stories. We traveled to centralish Texas from Las Vegas in our RV to see my hubby's Mom and sister. It was a nice 20 hour drive in which we all caught and passed along the plague..... Dashing through the snow, coughing and snorting all the way On the way home, we got stuck in the aftermath of a winter storm accident for about 4 hours. I am so Thankful to be home!  
  11. Amazon Alexa

    Try googling your issue, usually there is someone who has had the same issue and it has been answered.
  12. VH 600 Victorian

  13. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Anastasia Your doll is fabulous. I have seen the patterns on Esty and have been tempted to give them a try.
  14. How was the Tooth Fairy revealed to you?

    At 10 I pretty much knew there was no such thing as the tooth fairy, Santa etc......Kids are brutal and will spoil the mystery to kids who still believe. I think honesty is the best thing. Don't put it off, just tell her the truth and ask her not to spoil it for her sister. Kids will tease her if she adamantly says that there is a tooth fairy etc....
  15. Furniture placement

    Looking good! You are getting closer to the finish line.