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  1. I recently got a vintage farrow industries kit to make ketchup bottles, mustards, vinegars, etc. I have to cut out each of the labels, but I was wondering what kind of glue I should use to put them on the tiny plastic bottles? Any hints or tips would be helpful as well. Thanks!
  2. IMG-2572.JPG

    From the album Halloween Shop

    This was a Halloween Shop I made using a small kit from that is no longer made. I made the bricks out of paperclay. Some of the items are scrapbook pieces, vintage charms, and printables I made from vintage images I found online. The green skull head is hand painted by me. The chair is from Michaels and is distressed using a rust paint. 
  3. IMG-0284DHRoof6.jpg

    I love your color scheme. 
  4. Miniature Caladium

    Thank you so much for sharing your process. I've been wanting to make plants like these and I always get intimidated. You made this so easy to follow! 
  5. Scale fabric

    I've also had a lot of luck with the fat quarters at Joann's. I also check out the thrift stores a lot.  And if you go on Etsy and search "Small print fabric" a lot of items come up for sale. Some sellers put a ruler or a quarter to show the scale, which is nice.
  6. Merrimack House Front June.jpg

    Really enjoyed flipping through your album and watching the progress. Your details are spot on and as a owner of a blue formica boomerang countertop kitchen, I love your kitchen. 
  7. Pool is finished

    I love this! You really created a fun summer mood! Even the way the light is hitting the doll is fantastic.   
  8. MerrimackSettee.jpg

    I love this! Thanks for sharing the fabric number. I've been looking for a something like that for some curtains. 
  9. New From Pennsylvania

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jessica. I live outside of Philadelphia and I have been interested in miniatures since I was about five years old. I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparent's Hallmark store where I would stare at a their wall of dollhouse furniture and displays. I used to get a lot of the sale and cast off items, which I would put in a cardboard box that I turned into a dollhouse. I had a bunch of dollhouses when I was younger, but unfortunately, I ended up giving them away as I moved to various places since space was an issue. Now that I have my own house with a craft room, I'm excited to start up the hobby again. For the past few years, I've been making small scenes and room boxes. I love to make retail scenes and I am currently working on a room box that looks like a mall. I also have about a dozen projects lined up for the future, but don't we all? Anyway, I'm really glad to join this forum and I hope that I can learn some new things, and share some information and tips too. Thanks for reading my intro.