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  1. Hello From West Michigan

    Not only am I adding the addition, I also decided to reroute the stairs slightly, which required removing the upstairs fireplace. I'll take some pictures this weekend. 
  2. I have developed an interest in all things "early mid-century" (thirties through fifties), but don't have the room or the resources to collect life size artifacts. I stumbled across vintage dollhouse toy furniture on EBay and thought a dollhouse would be a fun way to indulge my interest without completely remodeling my house. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that dollhouse kits are a different scale from most of the toy furniture!  But then I discovered Strombecker, who made nicely-detailed toy furniture in the early thirties in one inch scale, and also in the forties. I picked the Glencroft for my first house because of the stairs, and because Tudor Revival was popular in the 30s and 40s. I didn't discover this forum until I had almost completed the primary construction, which was probably a good thing - fools go where angels fear to tread... I have now decided to attach a Primrose to the Glencroft, which means filling in some windows and altering the half timber trim. I have no idea how that will come out.  And at this rate, the furnishings will remain in their box for quite a while yet!
  3. Attaching Primrose to Another Building

    Thanks for all of your comments. I'm actually attaching the Primrose to a Glencroft. My original plan was to modify the Primrose to add a taller second floor, but after mocking it up in cardboard, I realized I don't yet have the skill to achieve my vision, so I have altered my vision a bit. The Primrose will be attached to the right side and will be the kitchen, the dining room will be the narrow room, and I have enlarged the door between the two rooms into an arch so they are connected but still separate.  I didn't like the stairs ending in the bedroom, which is why I wanted a second floor in the Primrose, but have resigned myself to that arrangement.  I didn't find this forum until after I had finished most of the construction, but I've learned a lot from it now that I've found it!
  4. Any recommendations or best practices for attaching the Primrose to another building?  Or is there a discussion thread that addresses this?