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  1. Hello from OKC

    Thank you for the heads up. We live NW OKC and the Rink is not too far, I will look into Apple Tree as well :)
  2. Real Good Toys DH but, unsure of name

    I thought the same after I saw the pic, but it was too cute to crop :)
  3. Real Good Toys DH but, unsure of name

    Thank you. I will search their site for any info I can find :)
  4. Hello from OKC

    Thank you for the welcome. I have an 11 year old and a 15 yr old with autism. My 15 yr old loves small items she can grasp and I thought it would be great for her motor skills and something she would enjoy. My 11 yr old has never been a doll person, but she loves engineering and loves to creating different things; so that's how I roped her in, lol. I have always wanted to work on a dollhouse so I am in full excitement mode. I have an 18 & 20 yr old in college that will be working on it with us when they are available bc this is something they always wanted to do as well. Someone here told me it looks like the Lancaster. We found on craigslist for $20 and in need of some love.
  5. Purchased a dollhouse to renovate with my daughters. It was a really good deal and I could not let it pass by. We are newbies and I know we should have started small, but it was love at first sight. Does anyone know what type of dollhouse so I can find stairs and/replacement windows. Thank you.
  6. Hello from OKC

    Newbie and starting a project with my daughters. Looking forward to interacting with everyone