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    Hello, I am a former employee of the Real Good Toys dollhouse company. One of the owners was Jim Abrams who was my new neighbor when I moved to Vermont in 1979. I worked in shipping and receiving and later was employed as a builder for some of the houses ordered pre-built. I was there when The First Lady was developed for Jimmy Carter's last Christmas at The White House. I helped build it some and learned a great deal about getting it done on time!  Thanking me for working so late the night before she was sent to Washington DC, John Javna and Jim Abrams let me keep the prototype, which was a house model made to make the next new houses, called First Lady. The original one was a set of expandable house from the Victoria's Choice sets. The issue of the next First Lady(s) were made easier to assemble. Over the years I began to work on mine and have covered it it gray board siding with black roofing. I had to custom make a few pieces since the prototype was incomplete. Alas, it is not finished yet. I would be willing to sell it, finished, if anybody is interested. Thanks for having me in your group! Dot