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  1. Seeking Arrow Dollhouse - "Big Wood Dream Dollhouse"

    Hey Lawanda! I have been keeping my eye out on eBay, though I haven't seen one in some time. I was thinking maybe someone had one in their stash that they wouldn't mind finding a new home for.  
  2. Hopefully I'm doing this right. It's my first "want to buy" post, but it's important to me. I know it's a long shot, but I am hoping to find a kit for a vintage Arrow "Big Wood Dream Dollhouse". This one: It was my first dollhouse, back in the 70s. My father built it for me and I loved that dollhouse, even though I only have one picture of it. Now that I build dollhouses myself, I thought it would be neat to get the kit and build it WITH him this time around. I can't go too crazy price wise, but I am definitely a serious buyer! So if you know of one, or have one, please let me know!!! Thank you for your help! Wendy
  3. Christmas wreath vignette

    It does! I was looking through Handley House's website (which is where we got all of our Dee's Delights stuff from), and they only have the DDL900A which is 12" x 3", but the ones we had were definitely 16" x 5". Sarah and Carrie might be onto something with getting round gift boxes from a crafty store. I might have to poke around Michael's or Hobby Lobby (I have a yarn project that I need supplies for)  and see what they have. Now you have ME thinking about doing one of these, gosh darn it! You are a bad influence!!!  
  4. Christmas wreath vignette

    Well, poop. @WyckedWood, I am told by my beautiful assistant, David who is currently working at the warehouse, that we don't have any of them left. But, I can also tell you that the original box was the DDL900 Wreath Box and it was 16" in diameter by 5" deep. If you can get a copy of the booklet that went with it, it went into detail on how to make the floor, and even running wiring! Sorry I didn't have one for you. But I hope you find just the right box! And wreath, too!    
  5. Christmas wreath vignette

    You betcha! Happy to help!  I'll double check either tonight or before work tomorrow. I really think it was deeper than 3 inches, because I kind of toyed with putting some felt mice in one at one point, but there's only one way to find out! I'll let you know as soon as I know!
  6. Christmas wreath vignette

    We might have one of these (maybe two) left over from closing our Brick & Mortar store last month. Would you like me to look? It was a book and a wooden round box thing that looked like the bottom of a hat box. Let me know and I'll look around the warehouse.
  7. Making miniature drinks

    Late to the party, but I use jewelry resin (which is just like any other two part resin, just I find it comes in smaller bottles and it easier to get (any Hobby Lobby, for example) - Sculpey is about to release "Sculpey Clear" which is a new liquid polymer clay that, unlike Translucent Liquid Sculpey, actually bakes super clear. I am so excited to try it, and it sounds like it might be perfect for little beverages, but it isn't out yet. :/ - However, Belinda, you might be better off just getting a few glasses from a miniature store because of something no one here has mentioned yet.... something you should be warned about.... MAKING MINIATURE BEVERAGES IS ADDICTIVE!!!! Oh sure, it starts with 6 little glasses of juice or milk but before you know it... you're addicted. I've seen it happen. Especially resin. Before you know it, you're making bird baths and ponds and aquariums and goldfish bowls and then... "Oh yeah, I never did make that orange juice." Good luck whatever you decide to do! And welcome! - Wendy    
  8. Bathroom Tile Floor

    Ooooh, it is really, really pretty tile! I agree that it would be lovely as wall tile. I think that I would be tempted to go with either a very pale blue or very pale yellow tile on the floor, and put white wainscoting and chair rail between the floor and this beautiful tile.  But that's just me. *shrug*  It's going to look amazing whatever you do! Can't wait to see!
  9. New door - interior

    Looks amazing!!! Also, I love Gustav. MikeUK is right, he does look quite pleased with his door. :)
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I spoke too soon about interesting things not showing up in Colorado. What a cute and unusual little house this is. Lucky for me, I have to work today, otherwise I would be very tempted to go see this little critter. (Which will probably save my relationship too, because I'm pretty sure if I bring home one more dollhouse, my sweetie will give up on me.)
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oooh, I really like the modifications they made to it. I am so lucky stuff like this doesn't show up in Colorado. Nice ID work, Emily!!!
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Aww, thanks! I'm glad you like them. I do try to make them look a little worn, because (until the Joseph Angel is done) for now they're going into my little used book and coffee shop. Thank you for noticing. I've thought about selling them, though they sell a lot better in person than they do online. And now I have a dilemma. These are all made double printed with just a glue binding, which works pretty good. But now I've decided that all the books for the Joseph Angel AND for C&M Books and Coffee need to be sewn bound (Coptic binding). It is going to make them a lot more expensive, but also a lot more durable (I mean... they'll be real books. Real small, real books). So I don't even know if people will buy them. I figure I'll make up a bunch of these new sewn binding ones and sell them at the Colorado miniatures show in September and see how they do. *shrug*   Either way, _I_ will have an awesome library full of books I love. Maybe other people will like them too. :) Congrats on your little windows! Yaay for windows instead of picture frames!  I'll bet they look great! And there's something about making things yourself. Good luck with your Kinkos trip! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!
  13. EasterBunnyBrowsing.jpg

    That would be a fine choice for a bunny book too! Though... you know, now that you mention it, I don't have the Peter Cottontail book in my little bookshop! But, the bunny DOES have his choice of two versions of Peter Rabbit (the original and the American knock off since Potter's publishers failed to secure copyright in the U.S.). I tried to put together a pretty good bunny selection for Easter, but that is a GREAT suggestion! I will have to add that too! Thanks, 1martinimomma!! :)
  14. EasterBunnyBrowsing.jpg

    That could be too! I have another book called "Walter and the Rabbits" about a small child pestering a family of rabbits as well. So who knows? He could be studying up on human/rabbit friendships before his big Easter deliveries! :)
  15. What's everyone working on?

    *blush* Well shoot, Holly, thank you. I don't know about it being dedication and it's definitely not expertise. More like I'm a crazy person with a weird obsession and a LOT of trial and error. But thank you.