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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Wow! It's beautiful! this site has mine--3rd painting down-- blessed evening, all, mary helen
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Hi, Jeannine, I'm very sorry for your loss, and very into a memory house--my DC Vic 800 has tiny doggies that my Father collected, a tiny titanium rolling pin a friend made for my Mother as well as a tiny meat grinder like Mama used to make ham salad when I was little--lo, these 70 years ago!, a red metal kitchen stool with tucked away steps that make a step ladder like in Mama's kitchen--with a basket of puppies in the seat!, and things from each country during my world travels. Re: your painting, during many hours of perusing the internet for a painting for the country kitchen I came upon a perfect miniature of a large print that hangs in my baby doll room (mostly antique newborns like byelos and AM--dream babies, etc.)--I couldn't believe it! it's a collie calling to the (unseen) shepherd telling him he's found the little lost lamb in the snow! so, a google search might yield a miniature of your painting! Happy hunting! (Incidentally, my nursery is Bespaq--their stuff is exquisite--so beautiful!) mary helen
  3. What's everyone working on?

    You can never have too many cats (or doggies) in a doll house! i spent the day going through boxes and boxes of furnishings and accessories for my DC 800 VM, in prep for attending the "3 blind mice" show in Nashville on the 8th and 9th--heaven forbid I'd buy a 3rd or 4th  anything! What fun--after several years since I'd wandered through--many souvenirs from trips--furniture from China and Paris, brass from Turkey, glass from Israel and England, blown glass from the Czheck (sp?) Republic, musical instruments from Vienna-- now to papering the 1st floor...
  4. What's everyone working on?

    Jackie--what is wallpaper liner? Wondering if it might be a good base for silk fabric wall covering...
  5. What's everyone working on?

    I just today finally finished the exterior of my Dura Craft VM 800, after almost 40 years of construction! The last touch was a carport on the left side as you face it, for the family's pink mustang, with a greenhouse/potting shed on its roof. Their other 2 cars are a 1931 silver phantom II Rolls Royce, and a silver mustang convertible with a little Schnauser in the front seat, just like mine! The kitchen and porches are all finished and furnished, so now the living room, dining room and "music room" (1st floor tower room) are next! Yay! I'd love to show photos, but I don't know how to attach them from my iPad--no "real" computer. For those of you within driving distance  of Nashville, there will be a Three Blind Mice miniature show here Sept 8 and 9!
  6. What's everyone working on?

    But, Karen--our dollhouses depend on us! They can't run their own doggies, newborn baby doll collections, koi pond dwellers, etc., etc., etc!
  7. New Member

    Hi, Bonnie! Me too! Am almost finished with the exterior, have finished the kitchen--ready to move into the lr/dr, and the 1st floor tower room--the music room! What are your exterior colors? mary helen
  8. What's everyone working on?

    I don't think you can overthink a color scheme--I spent months agonizing over the 3rd major exterior color of my dura craft Vic--with oak colored roof shingles--I knew I wanted periwinkle (I call it "jacaranda", because I wanted it to match the wonderful jacaranda trees we saw all over South Africa several years ago), pale aqua (my favorite color), and white (just for brightening touches here and there)--finally, after going through every color swatch at Sherwin Williams, I decided on pale peach--I think it's beautiful, but you really have to go through the process to decide on perfection for your little houses! Enjoy your colors and shingle patterns!
  9. What's everyone working on?

    All of y'all and your projects are so cute--in reading about your difficulties, though, I find I'm so glad I built my Dura Craft Vic back in the YOUTH of my middle age (@ 41--in '84!)--I'd never be able to build now--I'm going nuts just finishing and furnishing at this old age! Don't know whether I'll even be able to build my "littles" (1/2 scale on down) or when (if!) the Vic will ever be finished! (I pray it's finished before me!) Reading pdInpeabody, from 4/2--yes! We have a fabulous mini shop in Nashville-- --and while gentlemen could "do" dollhouses, and could participate in the workshops occasionally held there, they certainly don't have a "club"! Three Blind Mice is having a mini show in Nashville (Brentwood) Sept 8/9--info on the Miniature Cottage website! Blessed day,  mary helen
  10. What's everyone working on?

  11. What's everyone working on?

    Hi, Mary--what a cool idea! I like the idea of a stationary window, but agree the Greenleaf wall might not support it--what about a sky light into an attic room? You could glue a couple of sheets of balsa wood inside before making the cut--if the roof is shingled, that would lend support. mary helen
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Happy 34th!, Cynthia! I remember it as a good year, looking back from 74!
  13. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks guys for the heads up re: the tiny fisher price phone--I just bought one at Katy's Hallmark in Nashville! Sooooo cute! mary helen
  14. Hi, Mike! And wow! I didn't keep the instructions after my house was finished, so hadn't seen them in YEARS! I only have an iPad, but I may print the instructions at the library, just so my cousin who's getting my dollhouse when I pass on (hopefully at least long enough in the future for the house, and the unbuilt kits to be finished!) can see what I went through building it! as Bob Hope sang, Thanks for the memories! i went to your Etsy page--you're on a break for awhile!
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    Thanks, Sable! We all need less stuff hurting our brains!