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  1. Newbie Looking For Advice

    Hi there, Your telling me. I don't think I can ever get it out of my house either
  2. Hi Dollhouse Fans,

    So I bought the Garfield house 5 years ago. I had the house pretty much put together and ripped it all apart except the shell of the house. It was put up to fast and looked awful. Didn't Paint or Stain before everything was glued on or together.  So I spent a lot of money reordering sheet after sheet to redo all the trim, windows, steps and the whole 9 yards. Finally every thing is back together except the front gable. Can anyone give me some tips on how to paint the gable parts so it turns out all smooth and not the look of paint build up when it seeps threw to the other sides of the trim? If you understand what I'm saying.


    1. Sable

      Spackle or drywall compound, dry, sand well, light coats of paint dried well inbetween coats.

  3. Kid-Friendly Garfield?

    Hi to all dollhouse Fans. I know the above question isn't about what I'm asking, but does anyone know how to put the re-moveable roof pieces on and how do they stay on without gluing? Like the re-moveable bay roof piece and the skylight roof piece.