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  1. Newbie Questions--Arthur Kit

    WOW!  I would have never thought of adding chalk to sand paper...or painting it--especially with a wash.  I would be too afraid the grit would come off!   It's beautiful and a lot of work!  But it is the kind of work that is quite satisfying once it is done, isn't it?  
  2. Newbie Questions--Arthur Kit

    Wow...nice!  Thank you!  How did you make bricks?  Are the red ones in the top picture made from sandpaper?  Did you have red sandpaper in several shades? Did you paint them?  what a great idea!
  3. Newbie Questions--Arthur Kit

    Do you ever square it up with squares?  I just don't want to mess up the tabs later on.  If I square up the first glued walls, it should be ok for the rest of the house, right?  I'm also wondering about sanding.  When everyone says to sand before gluing together, I first pictured sanding the walls to be able to paint them later.  But then, after doing the dry build (GREAT advice!), I realized the edges, where the glue goes, needs to be sanded too!  The kit came with one little square of sandpaper but it doesn't say the grit size.  So now I need to get more sandpaper but I probably should get different sized grit.  What size do you usually use?    
  4. Newbie Questions--Arthur Kit

    Oh, thank you all so much!  You have been very helpful!  Holly, you must have taken an hour to write those details!  I did do a dry build but some of the tabs aren't staying because I used blue painter's tape.  It's not very strong and many pieces have pulled away.  I'm wondering if I start to glue and use squares if it will mess up the tabs for later on?  Anyway, I'm so anxious to get started.  I just didn't choose a very good time to catch a flu-type bug!   I've had to put everything on hold until I'm a bit stronger.  Thank you for the encouragement, the suggestions, the pictures.  I'm glad I found this forum!  I'll try to take pictures and post to let you know how things are progressing.  This is my first...of the partial dry build.  I can't figure out how to put on the porch roof...or the porch yet.  So the house will sit there a few more days until I can concentrate a little better. Oh, and Holly, the house started talking to me.  At first it wanted to be an old Victorian family's home.  Then I saw a Santa's workshop...and Christmas came into the picture.  So I saw the family with the house decorated for Christmas.  Then I saw an old fashion Christmas shop.  I think the house keeps saying I just need to pinpoint what view of Christmas. Thank you again!  
  5. How do I follow one person?  i've looked, clicked and ran around in circles.  I would love to read someone else's journey to finishing the Arthur kit.
  6. I'm really new to dollhouse building but not new to crafting.  I can usually make almost anything.  My one (and wish only) flaw, I analyze everything before starting.  I've tried several times to find answers to these questions but I don't think I'm very good at navigating the forum yet. I apologize if there is a place to find these answers...I've tried. *Prime first, build first?  I understand I must prime the wood before painting.  But I have read some people like to prime the pieces before they even take them out of the sheets.  I've heard others say they dry build first (and I assume before priming) but how many pieces do you actually put together?  Obviously not the fancy details but all of the big pieces?  Including the roof? *What kind of primer and paint is best?  I've read some people only use paint used in houses...and others say acrylic is good.  Then again, I've also read where acrylic shouldn't be used.  I even saw where one person used Kilz primer.  With so many differing opinions, I really don't know what to buy. *I've already bought Aleen's wood is yellow.  I thought it was white.  Should I use it?  Should I not?  I do have Aleen's white glue too...just because I craft. *I read where I should label each many pieces!  How do I do that?  Do I read through the directions to get the name of the pieces?  I've labeled the sheets but some sheets have already started to come apart.  I'm kind of worried about how to organize the pieces so I can find them again.   Sorry...I usually try to research on my own but with so many conflicting reports, and of course my over-analyzing, I'm wondering what I need to do first with my kit.  Any help will be so appreciated and hopefully, I can return the favor some day.  Thank you! PS...Do you record each step with a photograph?  I've seen a lot of people doing that but I don't have a blog, but it might be fun just for me.  Are there any tips of what I should be photographing if I do decide to make that pictorial journal?  I can just see me saying to myself, "I wish I would have taken a picture of that!"   Over-Analyzer here...
  7. Thank you all for the welcome!  I have the 1:12.  I'm still reading through all of the instructions.  It is going to be a slow going project since I can only do it a little after work.  But maybe during the summer I'll be able to do a lot more!  I teach school so I'm really looking forward to my summer break!
  8. Hello, I've been fascinated with small things my entire life.  I remember reading an article about dollhouses when I was in high school.  I remember two things from the article: 1-How absolutely transfixed I was with the doll house on display and 2Hhow anyone looking at the kitchen would see the little white eggs in the basket, but they wouldn't see the yellow yolks inside.  Only the creator would know the yolks existed in the eggs but it was a satisfaction worth achieving.  I've always felt the same way...the details are important, even if I am the only one who knows the details are there.  I'm hoping to take this obsession with little details with me as I explore the world of minis.