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  1. I turned off the maps on your photos. There should be a small green link that says "map privacy" under the map, that you can click to hide the map. It may display differently if you're viewing the forum on a tablet or phone rather than on a computer, I'm not sure about that. This happens because the device you used to take the picture has Location Services turned on. This article has details for disabling it on an iPhone or iPad: Also, sorry you didn't get a response when you tried to contact someone. For any questions like this, you can send a PM to me or Minis on the Edge (Tracy). Some of the other admins are Greenleaf employees who don't check the forum regularly.    
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I went to the estate sale and the dollhouse was still there! It's a unique house but frankly kind of boring. The facade doesn't have much to it and it's stained so it's all one color, and the interior rooms are painted white, just not very visually interesting. But it's definitely well made and substantial. It's open on both sides with plexiglass walls but I could only see one of the sides because it was pushed up against the wall. The furniture looks like assembled HoM and Realife kits. They were asking $3500 for it, and today was the last day and 50% off so it would have been $1750. If it were a few hundred dollars I might have been tempted (and would have been in a lot of trouble when I called and asked my sweetie to drive over and help me get it home!) I didn't think until after I'd left that I should have asked them what they would do with it if it didn't sell. I took these pictures. The top of the tower lifts off. Also there was a set of front steps sitting on the roof, that belong under the front door. The windows are opening Houseworks windows and the door is a Houseworks Victorian door. One interesting thing is the detail in the gable, those curlicues are the corner blocks that can be used at the corners of windows and doors.  
  3. Hi Kathe, welcome to the forum. The original poster doesn't seem to have come back after this thread so I doubt she'll see your question. You should try contacting Lawbre and ask them. The pictures are gone, but an Old Westbury Hall sold on eBay for just over $3k in 2013: Its value may be more than that for the right buyer, but you'd have to find them. If you have a dollhouse miniatures shop near you, you might want to ask them for advice on how to approach it. Someone who knows miniatures will be in a better position to say its value than a general appraiser. Good luck!
  4. Second try on the chocolate frosting roof

    lt looks like chocolate! Great work!
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I was lazily clicking through the photos of this estate sale and my heart stopped when I hit #10: My first thought was that it's a Jim Marcus, but it can't be with those Houseworks windows. Still, it looks like it could be something special. I don't have space for something that big but I'd like to see it in person, so I'll probably go down there and take a look at it tomorrow (and hope it's still there when I do!) The ad says the sale has been going since Thursday so it could be long gone. Wish I'd seen this sooner!
  6. Fairfield wiring

    Is the house already assembled? Here's how I electrified my Fairfield: The third floor has floor lamps (not shown in those pics) and the other floors have ceiling lamps with the wires attached to the tape in the room above. The entry has a sconce with the wires pulled through to the kitchen.  
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Gatorboard is like sturdy foamcore. My Spanish revival artist's studio is gatorboard, this blog post shows what it looked like "naked", to give you an idea of the material. That same seller also has a Bill Lankford cottage up for sale: I have the same cottage (also an eBay purchase) and just like this one, mine was finished on the outside and totally untouched inside. I guess he offered classes to finish the exterior and people did their own interiors, but it makes me wonder how many people got home after class and just never did anything with it! (Although I guess since it's fully enclosed, it would be tempting to focus on the outside and leave the inside alone.)  
  8. Thanks everyone! Unfortunately I'm getting the runaround from eBay and PayPal. eBay did waive their fees as they said they would, but PayPal has deducted the standard % for an overseas payment, which was hefty since the price was so high. But as far as I can tell, the full amount will be going to the charity (including the amount deducted for the transaction fee AND the shipping cost) - so I'm going to be out $100+ for an auction where I collected no money. Maybe I should have foreseen it, but in everything I read about this when I was setting it up, the issue of PayPal fees was never specified. It seems like a no-brainer that the charity donation should be the net and not the gross amount. I'm still trying to chase down answers from PayPal but the really disappointing thing is that the customer service reps I've spoken to have no idea how to answer the questions. PayPal flat out told me that the PayPal Giving Fund has nothing to do with eBay for Charity, in spite of the eBay for Charity FAQ stating in the first sentence that donations are facilitated through the PayPal Giving Fund. I have a real pet peeve for bad customer service, so this really put a dent in my enthusiasm about the whole thing. I'm still really happy that it got so much interest and am glad to be making the donation, but talk about nickel and diming people who are trying to do a good thing!  
  9. It sold for $1787! I'm overwhelmed! PayPal put a hold on the payment, I guess because I don't have an established selling history, and the listing fee was deducted, which it wasn't supposed to be since 100% of the proceeds are being donated to charity. Maybe it will straighten itself out but it makes me a little nervous because there's no indication on my PayPal account that this was a charity auction. I think what's supposed to happen is that I get the money, and then a few weeks later the money gets taken back from me and sent to the charity. But what if that happens before PayPal decides to release the hold? And what about the fee that wasn't supposed to be deducted? I'm waiting for a phone call from eBay support so I can ask these questions. It's odd that they don't have an option for email support, just phone. Now I'm antsy about mailing it because the buyer is in Europe. I'll be on edge until I hear that it's arrived safely!
  10. Using real tile, help?

    I used mosiac tile in my Victorianna's master bathroom. As others have mentioned, the edge will be covered with trim so the thickness won't be noticeable. I'm using Houseworks doors in this room and I modified the doors so they could swing over the tile. There are details in these two blog posts: Here's a picture where you can see a little bit of the room next to it. With the baseboards in, I don't think it's too obvious that the bathroom floor is higher. Once there's trim on the front, that will create the illusion that the floors are the same height. Also, I didn't do this, but you could put a slightly shorter baseboard in the bathroom (or slightly taller in the other room) so the heights of the baseboards on either side of the wall are the same. (Of course, how much the height difference stands out all depends on how thick the tile is. The one I used was pretty thin.)
  11. Dollhouses on TV and Movies

      I missed this when it was first posted. That's cool! A lot of the product images of the McKinley floating around are reversed for some reason. (Actually, it's reversed on Greenleaf's store.) The artist must have based it on one of those.
  12. Newbie in MA!

    Welcome, Katie! Where in MA are you? There's a miniature show in Sturbridge at the beginning of June.  
  13. Oh thank you! I actually worked on the game (I do video game PR as my day job) so I've had some social media support from them already, but I don't think it was posted on Facebook yet. Some forumers may remember I made a baby afghan for a friend a couple of years ago, so this is my second time making an afghan, but it was a lot more work because I created all the charts. I worked on this for a year and my eyes got used to the bigger fabric (it's stitched over one on 18 count) -- going back to petitpoint has been a challenge! But on the plus side, I've gotten pretty good at converting images to cross stitch charts, so I might create some in mini now.
  14. Here's my listing: After going back and forth a bit I ended up not doing the free shipping.
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Here's a house I haven't seen before - a Briarwood Manor built from plans: I found the plans on eBay. They look like those Jacqueline Kerr Deiber planbooks, but the designer of this house is named Jim Jordan: Also this sturdy-looking house is down to $65, it was $100 when I first posted the link a week or two ago: