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  1. Beacon Hill assembly

    The shell is in great shape considering how many times it's been moved! Are you planning to paint the outside or leave it the wood color?
  2. Missy and I already figured this out in PMs, but in case anyone shows up in this thread looking for an answer to the same problem, it turns out the newer Beacon Hill kits use a thinner cardboard/veneer for the dormer roofs (the schematic is outdated).
  3. Orchid Dollhouse

    You can download them here:  
  4. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I split the posts about the clay stone technique into a different thread since it went off topic from 1/2" scale. It's here if anyone's looking for it.
  5. It's okay, don't worry! We just want dollar amounts discussed in private messages and not publicly.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Jim Marcus McAllister: Anyone who's unfamiliar with Jim's dollhouses and curious can read some history on my blog here: I intended to do another post about his 1:12 houses (including the McAllister) but I never got around to it. :/ I saw a McAllister in person at Shellie's Miniature Mania several years ago. She was selling it for $2,000. The one on eBay is listed at $4,000 and even that isn't too bad considering the house probably sold for $10,000 originally. (They think they're going to ship it as a first class package, though... that seems unlikely!)
  7. Water cooler attempt #1 was a bust. I used the resin and for various reasons ended up with a ton of bubbles. It looks like he's swimming in seltzer water.   I was going to try a snow globe next but was concerned about the castle rusting over time. The snow globe would have had regular water in it with a few drops of glycerin. A reader of my blog suggested using only the glycerin, which won't cause rust -- why didn't I think of that?! This one came out much better. I used monofilament (fishing line) for Mr. Spatula's stem and it's almost invisible. It doesn't have quite enough "water" in it, so I'm going to make another one and fill it up a little more. I also wasn't able to push the cork in as far as I wanted to because the adhesive I'd added to the cork got in the way. It doesn't seem to be leaking but it makes me nervous. So next time I will not add glue to the cork and I'll push it in firmly, then will add waterproof sealant around the bottom as a precaution.     More details are on my blog here and here.
  8. New to Dollhouse Lighting

    I don't think round wire vs. tape wire would make a difference here. Either way, the light lights up (good connection) or it doesn't (bad/no connection). A weak connection with the tape wire shouldn't result in a dim light. If the dim/reddish ones are all those ceiling lights, it's possible that's what they look like. I have some similar lights in one of my houses and they are dimmer than the others. It doesn't seem normal though. I don't know if this is how it works, but maybe someone who understands electricity better than me can say -- if some lights were 12V and some were 16V, would one type be dimmer than the other? Dollhouse lights come in both 12V and 16V.
  9. New to Dollhouse Lighting

    Dim lights can mean that the transformer isn't powerful enough. What transformer are you using? You have a lot of bulbs there and need one of the larger transformers (the specs for the transformer should say how many bulbs it supports). Some lights come with replaceable bulbs and some don't. If the bulb can be replaced you should be able to unscrew the shade (if necessary to reach the bulb) and then either unscrew the bulb (if it's a screw-in kind) or pull it out (if it uses pins). If they are replaceable bulbs, it's possible that they've just come loose and need to be screwed back in or jiggled slightly.
  10. Thornhill decorating

    My Queen Anne Rowhouse has hinged panels and I finished them like the rest of the room. I put the crown molding on the inside so it could span the whole room without having cuts in it.
  11. My mother in law sent me one of these a couple of weeks ago. My snarky reaction (which I kept to myself) is that mini stuff done by 1:1 designers never looks as good as mini stuff done by miniaturists. My real life house doesn't look anywhere near as good as theirs, but I think my mini houses are better!  
  12. Half Scale Craftsman Cottage

    This is so cute! I've been curious about this house, so it's great to see one built up. I've also been thinking of using similar asphalt shingles on one of my builds so it's nice to see them in use.
  13. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    It's a great site! They have a lot of interesting things. My only complaint is that they take a while to ship, it routinely takes a week or more between when you place the order and when it ships out.
  14. Glad to hear you finally got the invoice, and I hope the rest of the process goes more smoothly. We would love to see pictures of your Beacon Hill! After you make one more post you'll be able to start a gallery, if you want to.
  15. Act of kindness

    Welcome to the forum. You probably got a message that your photos were too big. Until you make 5 posts, you will get that message and it will restrict you to an impossibly small size. It's an awkward way of telling you that you don't have permission to upload photos yet. I'm going to try to change it but haven't had a chance to look into it.