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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh shoot, I wish I'd seen the half scale New Orleans before it sold. I didn't know that existed either. I'm looking for a half scale house with a mansard roof for a bash I have in mind and that would have been perfect. (Already built a half scale Rosedale and I don't want to do another one.) Well, now that I know it exists, maybe lightning will strike twice!   I hate it when people use pics of other people's finished dollhouses in their auctions. (Especially when those dollhouses have been heavily bashed and aren't representative of what's being sold...) Good deal though, I hope someone who understands what they're bidding on gets a bargain.
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Would you consider building one? The plans seem to be readily available. You could convert it to half scale... :)
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It's the Townsend Towers, built from Houseworks plans:  

    You don't only need to worry about the dimensions, but also the proportions. A 1:12 scale piece of furniture is going to look giant next to a 3" doll regardless of whether it will fit in the room. It's scaled for a ~6" doll, so things like where the door handles are, the spacing of the shelves, etc. are not going to work in the smaller scaled setting. I found the wardrobe you're asking about on Amazon: Amazon lists the height as 7.25". Here's how a 3" tall doll would look next to a 1:12 scale, 7.25" high wardrobe. You can use fancy moldings and tall 1:24 scale furniture (or 1:18 -- whatever you determine the scale to be) to take advantage of the ceiling height, but if your people are 3" tall, the furniture needs to roughly accommodate the 3" tall people. You can fudge it, the scale doesn't need to be exact, but 1:12 scale furniture is never going to look "right" next to 3" tall people unless you're using the furniture in a way it wasn't intended (like using a 1:12 jewelry cabinet as a 1:24 dresser, for example). Hope that helps!  
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Here's an oddity, a Century 21 promotional dollhouse kit:
  6. How to paint a house

    I actually disagree with painting ceilings before assembly, because it can warp the ceilings and also make the pieces harder to fit together if you get paint on the tabs or in the slots. I had this experience on one of my first houses (the Fairfield) and won't do it again. I like to put the shell together, then paint, then add trim and windows. I usually put paper on the ceilings but have sometimes painted the ceilings with the house assembled, before doing anything else on the inside. Flipping the house upside down makes it easier to paint the ceilings. Everyone has their own favorite way, though! There's no one "right" way to do it.  

    What is the ceiling height? 3" people (adults) sound like 1:24 scale (they'd be 6 feet tall in real life). But a 5" door height is a little large for 1:24 scale - usually that's the ceiling height. In 1:24 scale, which is also called half scale or 1/2" scale, one inch = two feet. So a 5" door would be 10' in real life. If your house doesn't quite fit with one scale or another, consider what the piece would look like compared to the people and in the room. The cabinet you're looking at is 1.69 inches deep (the distance from the back of the cabinet that goes up against the wall, to the front). One of those other dimensions is the height and the other is probably the width with the doors open. It's hard to tell from the picture which of those dimensions is which, but either way, it's too big for your setting. If your doorway is 5" tall then this would go at least 2.5" above the height of the doorway. If your people are 3" tall then this cabinet is more than twice their height. In real life a cabinet should be about the same height or a little bit taller than an adult. Here are some websites where you can buy 1:24 scale furniture: When I suspect a listing might have the wrong scale listed, I think about how something of that height would look in real life. For example, I have seen refrigerators that are supposedly half scale, but are 4" tall, which would be 8' in real life. My own refrigerator is about 6' tall and an 8' fridge would be crazy big. That's how I know it's not truly half scale.        
  8. I'm not sure if a light would even be needed, since the pictures would be lit up from the light outside the house...? But Holly's post gave me another thought -- you could do pretty stained glass in all the windows and a bulb inside. (Now I kind of want to do one like this!)
  9. What about putting pictures inside the windows to give the illusion of an interior?
  10. My first dollhouse as an adult

    I found the image on your profile but it's hard to see there. Here it is as an attachment. (I had to reduce the size to attach it. It's possible that forum lets you upload a larger picture to the cover photo area of your profile than it does an attachment or in the gallery, I'm not sure.)    
  11. Dollhouse Door Hinges

        I am in agreement! If you're talking about regular hinges, I usually super glue the hinge to the door first, then use the electricity pilot tool to make holes through the holes in the hinge, and push the pins into those holes using the other end of the pilot tool, or the end of a screwdriver, or something else sturdy and flat that can push the pin in all the way. It's much much easier to hinge the door into a frame than directly into the house. Similar process for pin hinging, but in that case I might use the micro drill to make the holes since the pins tend to be a little bigger than the nails that go in the door hinges. I don't use any glue with pin hinges. Here are some blog posts I've done about hinging, maybe they'll help you visualize:
  12. Selkie

    Thank you for letting us know. She will be missed around here.
  13. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Ooh, good score! I have come across House of Miniatures kits at Goodwill a couple of times, but not lately. The fabric that comes in those kits is kind of weird. I don't have the Queen Anne furniture but I have some of the other kits with the green fabric, and it's stiff and smells musty after so many years. I think you'll have a nicer result if you replace it, anyway.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Susie, that's a great haul! Lucky you! Those stairs are the same style that came in the finishing kit with the house, but a different brand (at least the half scale stairs were a different brand). Please post pictures of the windows and door, they sound droolworthy! I do have instructions but they're for the half scale version. It seems like your house is mostly assembled already, so I'm not sure if they'll be helpful, but I'll dig them out and scan for you. I'll send you a PM in a bit, I'm not exactly sure where the kit box is...  
  15. Wait time for replies

    Hi Karen, Sorry, not sure who you reached out to, but this is the first post I'm seeing from you in the Site Feedback forum. Feel free to send me a PM about the issue, as Carrie said. I'm also going to edit your username so it's no longer your email address (maybe that's what you wanted help with in the first place!) Check your email if you're unable to log in. -Emily