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  1. Yes, that's fine! Anyone who's interested can contact you by private message and you can discuss price there.
  2. I'm going to move your question to the Community Trading Post. Are you just looking for the addition kit? Do you have a picture of the one you're looking for? I did a quick eBay search but nothing jumped out at me there.  
  3. Thanks for offering these kits for free! I'm going to edit the title of your post to make it more descriptive.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Maybe of interest to people in the LA area: Also, a Granville:
  5. Corner Shop Floor

    These both look really nice! Interesting to see how much color variation there is.
  6. Wow, that chrome is impressive! What's the brand name of the paint pen?  
  7. If the warped wall is hinged the same way as the other wall (with the hinges connected to the inside edge and not to the siding), then I think you could easily leave that off. If it's just a matter of filling in holes, you can get colored wood filler to match the color of your house. I also like the plexiglass idea. Besides magnets or velcro, another way to do it would be to add channel molding to the inside edges of the house walls, and then you can slide the plexiglass out from the top. It might be a little unwieldy because of the height of the house, though. For the door, I like the door you picked out but it might be hard to get half an inch off of it without getting too close to the carved part. What are dimensions do you need? Majestic Mansions makes an interior version of that door that's a little shorter, I think it would look just as good. No window, but not all front doors have windows. Did you see another Russian Embassy just sold on EBTH for $600? I was bummed when I saw that (too late). My parents live in Boston so maybe I could have convinced them to help out, but either way it would have been expensive to get it to California, and I don't have room for such a big dollhouse anyway. So I guess it's just as well.  
  8. Yes, that's actually something Jim told me. Several years ago I bought a Little Belle and was lucky enough to chat with him about it and the other houses he built. You can read about this on my blog. I had intended to do another blog post about his houses and collected a bunch of pictures, but life got in the way and I never got to it. I've never seen the Vollmer house before, it's really nice! Is it signed? What's on the little plaque at the bottom of the bay window? While I love the look of the white houses, personally I wouldn't even paint yours white, I think it looks awesome the way it is. For a while Jim was doing series of houses -- 10 of the same house, after which he would retire the design -- and for these series he would build one hardwood version and the rest would be painted white. The hardwood would use different types of wood (light and dark) to accent the trim. Here's the hardwood version of the Page Street dollhouse, which is displayed in the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City.     I'm not sure if yours is one of these, but even if it's not, I think it looks great in its current state and would be difficult to paint well. Even painting my Little Belle all one color was challenging and the paint muddied some of the detail. As for your warped side wall, could you leave it off? It depends on how it's hinged, I guess.
  9. In this case you wouldn't need to add an extension, just to cut away part of the third floor ceiling and cut a doorway in one of the tower walls. But that would probably be hard to do in an assembled house unless you can take the roof off.   The Seaside Villa does have a staircase hole leading up to the attic, but it's in the ceiling room to the right of the hallway, which make that room unusable as a bedroom or a bathroom. I'm planning to close up that hole and add a hole right above the first one so the two staircases will be one above the other. It will come up into the tower, so I won't be able to use the tower room for anything else, but I don't have other ideas for it so I'm okay with that.  
  10. Hi Ashley, welcome to the forum! I deleted your other posts, it's not necessary to cross-post the same thing in different areas of the forum. This way all the responses you get will be in the same place. All of these things can be done. For MDF you'll need to use power tools to make or enlarge holes. Room dividers can often be left out, just like with a real house it depends on whether it's a structural wall or not. On the Allison Jr. I think you could leave out any of the interior walls, but you might need to add a pillar to support the floor above to prevent warping. Additions can be attached with glue, or you can build the addition as a separate self-contained piece and display it next to the house.
  11. Keep Your Eyes Open

    Great find!
  12. I saw the pictures on your blog, so cool! I'll be interested to see how it turns out. Just curious, do you have access to the tower from the third floor? How about a staircase hole leading to the third floor? I was chatting with @Qubanqtee about her Visalian and in hers there's no staircase hole and the attic wall is closed off (rather than having a doorway to the attic), I'm wondering if that's true in all Visalians or not.  
  13. I recently started working on a Seaside Villa, which is designed after the Visalian dollhouse that was available in the early 1980s. The Visalian was based on a real house in Visalia, California, that burned down in 1983. When I first posted on my blog about my Seaside Villa, a former Visalia resident and miniature shop owner reached out to me with some info she'd dug up about the real house. She told me it was okay to share, and I've put together a blog post about the history of both the real house and the dollhouse:  
  14. New member

    I used these in my Little House in the Big Woods cabin, they're great! Mine was a custom order, so the seller did the hair and faces and clothes.