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  1. Miniature House Windows Wanted!

    They turned out great! I never would have known they were copies, you did an awesome job.
  2. I've moved houses twice with my dollhouses and both times just I put them in the backseat of my car. I didn't tape lights or do anything special. For that short of a distance I think you'll be okay. Just be careful putting them in and taking them out, not to bash the trim. Edited to add: I did empty them out first! I carefully packed all of the furniture into clear storage bins -- small bins for my half scale furniture, and in boxes inside larger bins for my 1" furniture, with delicate pieces wrapped in tissue or bubble wrap. Supplies also went into large bins. It was important to me to use clear ones so I could easily see in. I didn't have a workshop set up for about 6 months in the new house so I needed to pack everything logically and easily be able to find what I was looking for in the meantime.
  3. Chimney breast I like it.

    That turned out perfect! Good work!
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Cheap Storybook Cottage in San Francisco:
  5. Merrimack Bedspread.jpg

    Very nice! I like how you altered the sides.
  6. Merrimack Kitchen.jpg

    Here's a blog where someone cut down the dishwasher: What's the era of your house? I feel like kitchens of this vintage often had built-in ovens with a stovetop in the counter, as opposed to a standalone range, if you want to save that Acme oven for another house.
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Partially assembled Lawbre painted lady for $500 buy it now, pick-up in Florida:
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Nice buy! Papering the front entry will probably be a challenge. For the upstairs hallway, I did mine after assembly by using stiff scrapbook paper instead of wallpaper. Because it's stiff, you can cut a long strip of the correct height, fold the paper where it needs to be folded and trace the window outlines, pull it out to cut the windows out and add glue, and then put the paper back in. MUCH easier than trying to do that long skinny area with wallpaper. They're pricey, but there are folding attic stairs available in half scale. That might be easier than trying to put in a staircase because you'll just have to cut a hole.
  9. Bash an Orchid and Arthur

    It really depends what you want to do with them, but I think if you're going to bash two houses together to make one cohesive-looking house, it may work better to use two of the same kit. You'll want things like windows and trim to be consistent (unless you plan to replace all of it), and it's nice to have extras of pieces that match. For example, if you did two Arthurs side by side you could have one long porch that spans the whole width, or if you made a "triple decker" Arthur by stacking them on top of each other, you could use extra porch pieces from the second kit to make the porch wrap around the corners. I bashed two Rosedales together a while ago (turning a narrow three story house into a wider four story house) and right now I'm bashing two Victoriannas "back to back" (but it's more like side by side). My blogs might give you some ideas: (For each of those, the posts are in reverse order, so go to the bottom of the second page to start at the beginning.) I like Kelly's idea of using one house to create wings for another house, too.
  10. Sacramento Name House Party?

    Toni, you have to register for Good Sam's workshops ahead of time but they're open to everyone. They announce them in June on their website, or if you gave your address when you went last year you might get a flyer in the mail this year.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Here's one of those San Francisco townhouses manufactured by a guy/company whose name I can't remember:
  12. Fireplace Dilemma

    You could make it deep enough to put bookcase on either side of the fireplace. That's common in a lot of San Francisco houses. (I'd make the bookcase half height with the top lining up with the mantel, so it's not too overwhelming on the wall.)
  13. Garage creating!

    Searching for "g scale" is a good tip, and also search for "garage diorama". There's a ton of half scale garage stuff out there, they just call it something different than we do. Also, Scale Designs offers a garden tool kit and a workshop tool kit (but that one is marked as out of stock).
  14. The wreaths are here! They're perfect. More pics:
  15. Thanks for the links, I've seen some of those pictures on Pinterest but not the blogs. Her spring scene gives me some ideas for mine, I'm thinking of adding some more gardening stuff. I've been waiting for spring so I can cut out a picture of a potting soil bag to make one for the scene, and I guess spring has (almost) sprung because I got one in the mail yesterday from Ace Hardware, so I'll be trying that this weekend. I didn't make the skis but they are handmade, I got them in a swap. I did see Joann's project in Dollhouse Miniatures, it was Father's day themed. According to the USPS my wreaths will be delivered this weekend! But they'll go to my PO box so I might not be able to pick them up until Monday. :(