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  1. Gingerbread house

    Your houses look great so far! The Snow Tex has a grainy texture.... it's sort of fluffy and grainy at the same time. The graininess gives it definition, but it's a lighter consistency than the spackle. I don't know how that would work with the piping. Definitely worth a try if you have a lot of it to play with. I have noticed that the Snow Tex shrinks or pulls back a bit after it dries, I didn't notice the same thing with the spackle. So that might be a consideration. This is something I noticed weeks later and only in places where I'd used gobs of it (not the thin layers I used on the gingerbread houses), but I could see it happening with the piped frosting.
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I was looking at the shingles - it seems like there are different kinds? Straight shingles on the tower and fishscale on the front of the house, and then I don't know what that is on the back. Those look out of scale to me, like the shingles someone would put on a real life birdhouse or house-shaped mailbox. But maybe they are just slapped on top of each other so they look built up. I really wonder about that appraisal claim. Do people just make up stuff like that to make the house seem valuable? (In which case, of course, buyer beware!) Or did someone with credentials actually appraise that house at $5,500?!  
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Whoa, free in San Francisco: I remember seeing this house a while ago on Craigslist listed by a consignment shop? Guess it didn't sell. I think we determined it's a Tower House with some really funky decorating decisions. I'd go rescue it but I don't have the space or the interest in rehabbing a 1:12 house. Now if it were half scale... Also the Ric Pierce roombox I posted a few days ago now has a price on it, only $50: And on the other end of the price spectrum... "Craftsman built" - isn't this a Dura-Craft kit? Appraised at $5,500? I'd like to have that appraiser over to give me a quote on my dollhouses...  
  4. I used it for the kitchen. You can see more pictures on my blog: Many people here have done much nicer things with the Orchid. Make sure to check out the gallery, you can search for "orchid" to see other people's builds.  
  5. Do you still have the pieces you punched out? You can glue them back in. Here's how it looks with the conservatory. The upstairs window pieces also need to be left in or else the top of the conservatory would bump into the window. (This was the first house I built and I cringe when I see it now! Those colors! I bought quarts of paint at Lowe's because I didn't know any better, and then I felt like I had to use them even though the colors weren't what I'd envisioned. I learned a lot from this build...)
  6. Yep, I did it. Just cut a bigger hole around the bay window hole, that's the size of the Houseworks french door. I did it so I could use the Houseworks conservatory as an addition, that's what that other piece is in the first photo. Sorry I don't have a better picture, I gave this house away a while ago. But if you're switching the walls, does that mean your stairs will run up the wall where you want to put the french door? In that case it seems like you won't have room for the double door. You might be able to fit a single french door underneath the tallest part of the staircase. In that case don't punch out the bay window pieces -- use wood filler to fill in the grooves where they would have been punched out -- and then you can cut a new door hole. The plywood is fairly easy to cut by hand with a utility knife - if you're using a Houseworks door you can do a rough job cutting the hole, because the trim will cover up the edges. Hope that helps!
  7. 2 Odd sites - anyone know of them?

    Those don't look like real stores. Take a look at Top Kit's "About Us" -- it's unrelated to what they're selling and if you plug it into Google you'll find multiple other websites with the same About Us text. Also sites that end in uncommon domain suffixes (like .top or .xyz) are typically used for spam. And the photo that they're using (the same one for both sites, even though it's not a stock photo) links directly back to eBay. They didn't even go to the trouble of hosting the image themselves to make it look legit, but hotlinked from an eBay auction. Stay away! I'd guess they're fronts set up to steal people's personal data.  
  8. gingerbread.jpg

    Those candy cane trees are super cute!
  9. Bug In My Kit?!

    Ugh. I don't know about the bugs but if you actually see them on the wood then I wouldn't take a chance on it. I think you should throw it out and contact Overstock for a refund (not a replacement in case it's a problem with all of the kits).
  10. Gingerbread house

    My mom displays her real gingerbread houses on a piece of cardboard covered with foil.  
  11. There are a few resin Mrs. Claus figures in 1:12 scale: These are available at other stores and eBay too, I just grabbed the first links I saw. Also look for Christmas ornaments, a 5-6" tall ornament would work as a 1:12 person.  
  12. Gingerbread house

    I mixed grout into my paint (sand would have worked too). I used spackle in a pastry bag for the frosting, as well as Snow Tex spread over flat areas (the roof and porch). I don't think either has yellowed (it's been two years) but I can take the house down tomorrow and check. No need to add glue, it sticks fine, just let it harden overnight before you touch it. In my experience all of the fake candy was sold out at Michaels by the 2nd week of December, so I wouldn't wait thinking it's going to go on clearance. I got mine on sale (40% off) the week before Thanksgiving. More details are in my blog posts: (these are chronological with the most recent at the top, so start from the bottom if you want to start at the beginning)
  13. Opinions on Shutters on the Cape may

    I like the shutters but I'd try them in red. Also maybe a different style of shutter would make it look more like a decorative element, so it will be less weird that only some windows have them? Victorian Dollhouse Woodworks has these:
  14. How long have you been waiting for a response? I ordered from them on eBay once and communication was slow. I don't have the emails anymore but I think it was over a week from when I asked the question to when I got a response (long enough that I almost disputed the order with eBay). When I finally heard back they said they'd been away at a show. It worked out okay in the end. If you Google "bespaq corporation" you'll get a phone number. I don't know if that's the correct number, but worth a try if you're worried and want to try calling them.  
  15. Things are getting dangerous

    How much do they cost? You may be able to make something like it for less. I made a similar pediment for my Victorianna out of the top of a Paladian window that I already had (purchased at a thrift store for $2!) and a resin scrapbooking embellishment: Mine's not as elegant as what you're looking at, but it could be dressed up even more. The bottom part of the trim could be done with baseboard and the sides with double bead. Also it's a little funny to me that the Sue Cook piece has trim around other trim, if you made your own you could avoid that. Also I agree with Kathie and Holly that you don't need the same pediments on the second floor.