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  1. heritage sofa done.jpg

    Looks great! Did you paint right over the shiny wood finish or did you have to prep it somehow so the paint would stick?
  2. Fairfield wiring

    Take a deep breath! Everyone who has ever electrified a dollhouse has felt like this at some point! From what you described it sounds like your broken light may have caused a short circuit. It's good that you removed it. I had a similar experience recently but the wires (which were underneath the house, so I didn't see them) actually started burning up. I was lucky I unplugged it when I did, or it could have caused a lot of damage. If you continue to have problems with the lights all going out, the junction splice is very likely the culprit. As I was fixing the electricity on my house (after those wires burned up) I sometimes had to jiggle the junction splice to make them work. I've also sunk hundreds of dollars and a lot of time into the electricity on this house and have promised myself I will never electrify another dollhouse, but I felt like I couldn't leave this one halfway done. I recently had to replace the lights in two rooms where the opposite rooms were already finished, so I couldn't run the wires through the wall/floor. I got creative and used a "false ceiling" for one of them, and in the other I found a way to hide the lights behind my staircase. There are always creative solutions for these sorts of problems -- and it sucks when the electricity doesn't work, but coming up with a genius fix can be so satisfying! And turning on the lights and finally seeing them all work is such a great feeling. It'll be worth it. :) What type of bulbs are you looking for? Half scale lights with replaceable bulbs usually use the bi-pin "micro bulbs": If you're using 1:12 lights with screw-in bulbs, carries several styles of those as well. There are a lot of great options for half scale furniture, both kits and already finished, you just have to look a little harder to find them. Here are some good sites: Also this seller has a good selection of 1:24 Bespaq up on eBay right now:  
  3. Victorian lighting

    Also check out Dollshouse Emporium and Lighting Bug.
  4. My Heritage really is haunted.

    I see him! I also see what looks like a cat's head to the right of the inside window. Spooky.
  5. Pierce with missing pieces

    Mary, I combined your two posts into this thread and moved the thread into the Greenleaf-specific forum for you. Good luck with your Pierce! Do you know which pieces are missing?
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Someone posted this a few weeks ago - it's still up: I was flipping through my old 1/2 scale Oakridge catalogue today (from 1992) and saw it. The house is named The Van Ness. The price at the time was $149.95, but that didn't include the components. It doesn't say who the manufacturer was.
  7. 1:24 scale dollhouse ID

    Oh wow, great sleuthing! I guess I have seen it, then, because I think I have that issue. We should have figured it was Bauder Pine. They were the go-to company for half scale in the eighties and nineties. I feel like their houses aren't "well documented" -- I know of the ones that had plans in Nutshell News but not what else they offered. About a year ago someone had a Bauder Pine catalog on eBay and I wanted to buy it but they were asking too much money, especially without really knowing what the content would be. I made an offer that I thought was reasonable and they deemed too low, and soon after it was gone. (I don't think they actually sold it, but de-listed it.) Come to think of it... I just placed an order with the new Bauder Pine on Etsy yesterday. I sent the owner a message to ask her if she has any info about the old houses.
  8. 1:24 scale dollhouse ID

    No idea, but it's cool! I don't think I've ever seen it before.  
  9. Introduction

    Ooh, I'd love to hear more about your half scale scratch build. Which one is it? Do you have pictures? Once you've made a few more posts you can start a gallery, if you want to.
  10. Bedroom ceiling

    You definitely can put wallpaper on a ceiling! I have a roll of (life sized) wallpaper that I got years ago at Lowe's, it's off-white with some texture, and I use it as the ceiling in all of my houses. Or you could use white or off-white scrapbook paper.  
  11. Lighting

    Good, but if it does hum, unplug it right away! That means the circuit breaker has kicked in and you probably have a short circuit. I didn't know that and by the time I realized it my wires had burned up. :o If you have one of those electrical probe tools, you can use it along the tape run to figure out if the current is stopping at a certain point. That might help you narrow down the problem.  
  12. Lighting

    Could you have a problem in the tape run between the light that stays on and the first light that goes out? If it's intermittent it could mean the connection between two pieces of tape wire is loose, so it works sometimes and goes out other times. Is the Cir-Kit transformer humming?  
  13. I had to replace a coach light after the opposite room was finished. I ran the wire behind the door trim and then through the foundation, where it attached to the tapewire on the underside of the house. You can see pictures here:
  14. Hello from Iowa!

    Wow, a $3 Newberg! That's a great bargain!
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    This is kinda cool: