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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Interesting carpet in this one: It looks like real carpet, but not horribly out of scale. Maybe upholstery fabric?
  2. I'm about ready to give up

    Here are the instructions for the Heritage: As Holly mentioned, the walls are made from little tongue and groove pieces that you fit together. (Not big plywood pieces that get punched out.) You're sure you don't have those? Judging from the diagram, one side is flat and the other side looks like clapboard siding. If those are missing, you can add up the sizes of the pieces that form the walls (as shown in the schematics), and you'll have the dimensions of the walls. If wood is too expensive or difficult for you to work with I bet you could make them out of foam core.
  3. Hippie House

    It's so colorful! This is a lot of fun. Is that a bong on the coffee table?!
  4. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I have one of the Hallmark arcade cabinets, but it's too small for 1:12 and too big for half scale. A few years ago I made a roombox with some of the kitchen ornaments: It was a good way to deal with them being slightly out of scale, because I could build the cabinets to fit. But the fridge is still a little short.  
  5. I added detail to your thread title so people who know the house will know to read this. I hope you find it!
  6. Tin ceiling

    They both had replies, so I merged the two threads.
  7. I'm okay with people posting their horror stories in this thread, but please let's keep leaving out the names of the retailers (as people have been doing) and not speculate about who they are (I deleted a couple of posts like that). Since Greenleaf does business with retailers and anything posted on this forum can appear to be an endorsement from the company, it's a touchy subject and they have asked us not to name names here.  
  8. More exterior trim

    This is such a pretty house! Nice work.
  9. Ceiling height and Aster Cottage

    I haven't built this house, but I looked at a picture and the second story seems to be unusually spacious for a little house. Could you bash it to steal some of that space for the downstairs? Cut new slots, higher up on the wall, to insert the floor/ceiling piece into? I'd move the floor all the way up to where the slanted part of the roof starts. You'd have to modify or close up the second floor windows, but you'd still have that nice big dormer upstairs.
  10. Rosedale, Jefferson or Willowcrest ideas

    This is more than a "slight" bash, but I put two Rosedale kits together to make a bigger house:  
  11. This is really funny! Sorry that happened to you.
  12. Questions about smell

    I agree with Sable, the Greenleaf die cut kits smell like wood. An older kit purchased off eBay or Craigslist might have a musty smell depending on how it's been stored. The newer laser cut kits might have a charred smell from the way they're cut. I suggest buying straight from Greenleaf since you'll get the newest stock that way. Maybe start with a small/inexpensive one to see how you react to it.
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Looks antique/scratch built to me. Here are two I noticed on OfferUp: They're from the same seller who had the Bee Tree House I saw at the flea market last month. She has that listed on OfferUp as well:  
  14. What's the difference between the Maker and the Explore? Is it mainly that the Maker can cut through thicker materials?
  15. Lighting that won't be seen

    Fluorette bulbs and sockets are another option: Similar to what Sable suggested but the bulbs are replaceable without having to remove the whole thing from the tape wire.