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  1. Listed house

    I moved it for you. It's a beautiful house, I hope you find a good buyer!  
  2. Adorable! I love how you did the roof. Very creative.
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I agree about the Beacon Hill's dark photos, but it does look like work went into that stonework. Could be a cool haunted house, but it's priced too high. As hobbiests I think we need to accept that we're rarely going to be able to sell our dollhouses for what we put into them. If I added it all up I'm sure I've spent more than $1000 on my Victorianna, but I wouldn't try to sell it for $1000, especially not partially finished. Ack, now that I've said that I'm afraid to add up what I've actually spent on the Victorianna.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Barely started Newport for $150 in California: And an "antique" Willowcrest priced to sell at $850. "Double your money (at least) by reselling in December!"  
  5. Old walmer shop

    Moved! Good luck finding the dollhouse. :)
  6. Garfield Mansion

    Threads merged! I didn't realize there was another one. All the posts should be in the same place now. :)
  7. Garfield Mansion

    I combined the threads and am going to move this to the Greenleaf-specific forum to make sure other Garfield builders see it. (I know you started out with an introduction, I'm just thinking that people who built the Garfield will be less likely to see the thread and offer help if it's in the Newcomer forum.) If you're getting a message about the pictures being too big you need to reduce the size of the photos, it's not related to the thread itself. I haven't built the Garfield so I can't help with the steps question, but hopefully someone else can!
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Matt, I hope you do that! The Victorianna is deeper than the McKinley (almost too deep...) so I think back-to-back McKinleys will be more elegant.
  9. Help building the house (Orchid)

    I merged the two threads on this topic and moved them into the Corona Concepts forum since this thread is specific to building the Orchid (a Corona Concepts dollhouse). Here are my own blog posts about the Orchid: (they go from newest to oldest, so start reading at the bottom) This was the first dollhouse I built, and I had some trouble with the instructions too. A lot of people on this forum have built the Orchid over the years. When you get stuck on a specific part, tell us what you're confused about and someone will probably be able to help. Good luck!  
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh no, don't worry about it! I saw a similar set on Etsy recently (also advertised as half scale) and had been kicking myself for not buying it, so I jumped on these. I had thought the 3" ceiling height seemed low but the short stair height just didn't occur to me until after I hit the buy button. Not a big deal. They may work for making a false staircase (like a few stairs that disappear behind a wall), or maybe I'll do a quarter scale house someday. I know I'll find a use for them! Half scale ceilings are typically 5". I had been thinking of using these to make a staircase up to the loft bed in my Spanish style "tiny house", so I don't need a full height staircase. They may even still work for that, we'll see!
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I impulse bought them, but now that I'm doing the math, I'm not sure how they can be half scale? The packaging says each step is 3/16" and the steps reach a ceiling height of 3". I think Houseworks 1:24 steps are 5/16", ceiling height is typically 5". So I think these are 1:48. The packaging doesn't seem to list a scale (at least, it's not in the photos). I saw another set like this on Etsy recently that was also listed as 1:24 so now I'm curious what I'm going to end up with! (Miniature Lumber Shoppe is an old brand and I've seen their kits in both half scale and quarter scale, but it usually says right on the front which scale it is.) Even if they are quarter scale, I'm sure I'll find a use for them! I like that the steps are individual so you can glue them together in a different configuration than just a straight staircase.
  12. 59973bf2a0f1a-MerrimackLivingRoom.jpg

    I have that one (actually I have both of them!), and the swoop necked one is top heavy. You might need to put tacky wax on the base to hold it down. For electrifying, maybe you could poke a hole through the plastic near where the base meets the stem, and then insert one of those tiny bulbs that's attached to a wire through the hole? The wire could twist around the stem, or maybe you could slit a piece of flexible tubing and slip it over both the stem and the wire, to hide the wire.
  13. Felicity Price magazine patterns

    Did you try the Mini Mag index? Three results: 1. DM, Nov/Dec 2015, p.66 Make a Christmas colored rug or pillow in cross stitch or needle point on 22 count canvas. Red and green with goose design or wreath design.   "Festive House Decor in Mini"   Felicity Price; (Scale: 1 in) 2. AM, Feb 2015, p.9 Three romantic beaded miniature cushions to needlepoint or cross stitch. Simple heart theme designs to stitch on 22 count canvas.   "Be My Mini Valentine's"   Felicity Price; (Scale: 1 in) 3. AM, Oct 2004, p.61 Stitch a needlepoint lighthouse design on a pillow, rug, picture on 22 count canvas.   "Needlework (Lighthouse)"   Felicity Price; (Scale: 1 in)
  14. 59973bf2a0f1a-MerrimackLivingRoom.jpg

    Your records turned out great! Have you looked at these floor lamps? They're not electrified, but I think they'd work well in your space - especially the one with the swoop neck.
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I've built a lot of them. They're good quality. Here's the website: