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  1. Half Scale Rosedale!

    Here's my blog about the stairs: I bashed two Rosedales together and used the second staircase to go between the second and third floors.
  2. What is the brand and name of this house?

    Here's the one on eBay: It's for local pick-up in New York. I like the bay windows on the Visalian.
  3. What is the brand and name of this house?

    It's the Sea Side Villa by Norm's Dollhouse. The Sea Side Villa was based on a dollhouse named the Visalian that I think was based on a real house in California, so depending on the age it could be the Visalian. There are slight differences between the two but I don't know what they are. There's a finished one on eBay for I think $1600. That one's been on eBay for several years. My dog's vet is working on this dollhouse so I'm always looking out for pictures of finished ones to share with her.    
  4. Closing off a doorway

    I like Mike's bump-out idea. I would keep the doorway on the other side and add a door to turn it into a closet.  
  5. Varnish

    I feel like the varnish adds something to the stones... it makes them seem more like stones and less like painted egg carton. Maybe it has to do with how I paint them. I do my stones with spatters of paint with a dry brush, so there is still some egg carton material showing. The varnish might not be as important for brick that's been totally painted. I use Craft Smart matte varnish (available at Michaels). I tried it with satin on a recent project and didn't like the result, but I don't know if it was because of the satin finish or the brand I used (that one was Ceramcoat) or if there was something wrong with that particular bottle. For stones I don't use grout, I paint the surface gray before gluing on the egg cartons and let that serve as the grout. Angie, I think someone posted here once that they tried ModPodge with the stones and it didn't work well, so you might want to avoid that. Here are some blog posts I've done about egg carton stone, if you want to see how I do it:  
  6. Third floor plan B

    Is this Itsy Bitsy Mini paper? I had that problem - I special ordered paper based on a swatch in the store's wallpaper book and the paper that came was very different. It was supposed to be greenish and what I got was brown. I know sometimes colors are different on the page than on the computer screen, but this was a problem of die lots not matching up between print runs -- no guarantee that two pieces of the same design will match each other. Now I only like to buy their paper if I can see it in person first. That alphabet paper is cute!
  7. Frustrated

    Very pretty! Another solution for the gap is to remove the parquet you have around the outer edge -- put those pieces in the center instead -- and put plain floorboards around the outer edge. I Googled "parquet with border" and it seems fairly common to have a fancier design inside the border and regular floorboards outside the border.
  8. Frustrated

    Kit Kraft has different sized corner trims:  
  9. Frustrated

    It's also called corner trim or angle trim. Something like this: Or if you only have access to plain strip wood, you can create your own by gluing one piece to the front edge and then gluing a second piece that butts up against it to create the corner. If it's only off by 1/16", another thought is to put a piece of strip wood the same height as the parquet at the back to fill up the gap, stained to match the parquet - once the baseboard is on only a tiny sliver should be showing and it will be at the back so not very noticeable, it should blend right in. Or, if you haven't wallpapered yet, add a piece of cardboard to the back wall that bulks up the wall just enough to make your floor the correct size. There's always a way to fix this sort of thing! Personally I think it's easier to deal with things like this in half scale, everything's smaller so little fudges are less in your face, if that makes sense.  
  10. Frustrated

    What's wrong with the parquet? Maybe we can help you find a solution.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Interesting townhouse, but I think they're asking too much for its condition:  
  12. You should be able to attach your photo to a post as an attachment. It's possible you're not allowed to do that the very first time you post, I'm not sure. Is this a dollhouse you're trying to sell? "Value" is subjective and depends on a lot of different factors. I think we need more information to be able to answer your question.
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That Brookwood is nicely done. I have one of those in my stash (the Greenleaf Select version with birch plywood). I'm going to save those pictures for "someday" inspiration... if I ever get to it. I wish that house were available in half scale. Also, that $10k house is amazing!
  14. Chanticleer exterior finishing 2

    This is looking great! Hard to tell it's a Chantilly!
  15. Identify this plug in!

    Why do you need to fix it? How are you planning to use it?