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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Haha, I saw that and thought maybe they meant turn of the 21st century. But I think Kathie's right, they think it's something it's not.
  2. Lucy Iducovich carpet (stitched by me)

    When you say "backer fabric" do you mean the fabric you'll stitch on, or fabric to cover the back of the finished rug? I usually stitch on 36 or 40 count evenweave, over one (here's what that means if you're not familiar), with one strand of DMC floss. I like to do full cross stitches (X), and it is a little bulky. If you do a half cross stitch (/) it will be less bulky. Or you can stitch on silk gauze -- this is a lighter fabric so the finished piece is thinner, but the silk gauze is trickier to stitch on. I think it comes in 40, 48, and 60 count. You can use a magnifier if it's too small to see comfortably. If you're talking about backing the finished piece, I often don't bother with that, but sometimes I use iron-on fusible interfacing, it's very thin.
  3. building for low income children

    Welcome to the forum! I edited out your email address since posting it publicly could open you up to getting spam email. Forum members can use the private message system to talk to message each other. Where are you located?
  4. My parents built this dollhouse for my niece a few years ago and I helped them decorate it. There are pictures in my gallery: I use corner molding at the top of the roof like Holly described. If you want to use molding but don't have a piece or the roof isn't a 90-degree angle, you can glue a piece of strip wood on each edge of the roof to create your own. Here's how the corner molding looks:   Another option is a Boston lap:  
  5. Pin Hinged Doors

    Your doors look great! Nicely done.
  6. Halloween contest

    How about if you drill holes and insert the lights, and then cover the inside wall with paper that has stars on it, so the lights shine through the paper? (So you'll actually see the stars lit up from behind the paper rather than seeing the bulbs.) That would be softer and might look more natural, but I don't know if it would light up the box very well.
  7. Halloween contest

    I love the idea of doing the walls like a starry sky. Could you find a way to use tiny bulbs as stars? My thought is to drill a bunch of holes in the walls (randomly scattered like stars), and insert bulbs from the back side, and then cover the back sides of the roombox somehow to hide the wires. But maybe there's a simpler way to achieve the same effect.
  8. Where is Casey?

    Tracy's taking a break from the forum. I think she still posts on Facebook.
  9. Grand Denver tour for miniaturists

    I don't know about shops in Chicago, but you should try to see Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle and the Thorne Rooms while you're there. They're in two different museums.
  10. Barbara, are you using a computer or a phone? You shouldn't have to download Dropbox. What happens when you click the link, is there an error message? I'll download it and email it to you, but if you're having trouble viewing PDFs then I don't know if it's going to work as an email attachment either.
  11. Large Collection for Sale

    Welcome to the forum! Your post is fine. The second Unknown house is a Duracraft Crestview:
  12. A Very Brady Renovation

    I think the attic is going on the first floor in what was the original house's rec room. They couldn't build in an attic because it would change the front view of the house. I love the idea of a false window with treehouse view, that makes it like a lifesized roombox.
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It might be because of the Betterley name. Their furniture kits sell for high prices too. (I hope it's that and not that the bidders think it's full sized!)
  14. Need help with building (Tiffani)

    Welcome to the forum! I added the name of the dollhouse to your thread title and moved your thread into the "Questions with a particular house" forum where it will be seen by more people. You're probably not going to be able to build the kit without the instructions. This kit is discontinued but maybe one of our members will be able to help out.
  15. I'm closing this duplicate thread. The instructions are at this link: If you're having trouble downloading them, send me a private message (click my username and then click the Message envelope button).