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  1. Calling all Sims Fans.

    I can't wait to get sims 3 either! I have the orginial and sims2, which i'm currently playing. I got 1 of the expansion packs for the 2nd, was gonna get more, but now they came out with the 3rd, good lord! lol I'm going to have to wait till I get done with school or else I'd never get anything done...I go in spurts and I swear, some nights I can't sleep and have to get back up and play because I thought of something else I wanted to do! Not to mention there's the whole computer space thing...I've thought about building a PC strictly for gaming hmmm B) and am I the only one that gets cravings for Mac n Cheese, Chili con carne and lunch meat sandwiches?? ;)
  2. Eeyore 003.jpg

    From the album Willow Doors

  3. Eeyore 002.jpg

    From the album Willow Doors

  4. door

    From the album Willow Doors

  5. Different Word Game 1/7/08

  6. Hot Glue Gun

    I'm going to make a couple dummies for halloween to place at various points in my yard and dont really feel like sewing a set of pants to a shirt and then I thought would hot glue work to affix the 2 together? Part of me says yes, part of me says no so I thought why not ask the experts! ha!! thanks lol
  7. Just curious...

    *waves to all the other Michiganders* I was born in Lansing, MI as well, and grew up in the Battle Creek/Charlotte/Jackson area till I moved to TN when I was 23, then moved onto GA a couple years after that. Now that I have a mortgage, I'll be in GA for a long time to come LOL. I collect Pigs and dust, like to scrapbook, I live with my partner of over 4 years, 2 cats, dog and bird and I work in Health Insurance where just staying awake each day at my desk is quite a feat most days lol.
  8. Calling local cat experts lol

    Dang, you all have really helped LOL. She only goes in the bathroom, which it might be on the rubber based mat, or, if there is a pile of clothes or towels she will go there. I was in the bathroom just a few minutes ago and left the door open and she comes waltzing in there and starts to take the "stance" I shooed her out and now she is looking at me with this mean eye lol. I am going out to get another box today, Had thought about doing that anyway just because the baby seems to go a lot more than the older one does and seems to get crowded in there even after just 1 day so maybe that will help. And of course, the kitten has her Dr babies for her! ha! lol thanks a MILLION everyone!!
  9. Calling local cat experts lol

    Okay so here's the deal. I have a 9 year old cat, Alice, that is really the best cat, never gets into stuff, never makes a mess, always uses her box etc. I've had her since she was 6 weeks old. Well, in December I got another kitten that was about 6 weeks old and they have had an on/off again relationship lol. But for the most part they know where they fit and everything is fine. Lately, Alice has been messing in my bathroom. Usually on a pile of clothes or my rug. I have NO idea why she has started to do this. I did move the litter box to the garage, which she loves to play in, and she uses it just fine. I'm just not sure why she has taken to peeing in the house now. :wub: The only time she has ever done that is during a thunderstorm (which scare her poor thing lol) and she has before when i've moved and everything is in a huge dissaray. But nothing like that is going on now, and her box has been moved for over 2 months now so I'm just not sure what the deal is. The only thing that I thought might be the reason is because the kitten just had her 1st heat (alice is fixed, chloe is not) do you think it could be connected? :whistle: Anyone have any ideas what I can do to make her stop going in the bathroom? (that sounded strange lol) Any ideas welcome! thanks!!!
  10. be my friend!!!

    I have a myspace account as well with a whole album dedicated to my houses!!
  11. Anyone play an instrument?

    I play several different things.......I played Clarinet and Bassoon all thru school...I was the band geek extrodinare...Then I ventured onto the flute, banjo, piano, harmonica, drumbs, bass, violin and basically anything I can get my hands on. I tell haven't lived until you've heard Iron Man on the banjo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and my cousin and I once broke out with a perfect rendition of our school fight song.....on a whistle pop :yes:
  12. Yes, I'm Still Alive :)

    Welcome back!! Sorry to hear about Rayannes heartbreak :xmas_tree: Gettin' ready for tourist season yet??
  13. Introducing Nymbus

    oooooh how adorable!!
  14. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza

    My Halloween Decorations are still up, so I'm tackeling that fun little chore this weekend..and while I'm in the storage room, might as well bust out the xmas stuff and get it up!! I want to decorate everything in time for my mom to see it (Shes coming down from MI..will be here on Friday) so it'll be an early xmas here... I did cheat last year with my tree...I've got a fake tree and the year before last I didn't bother tearing it apart and just stuck it in my storage room with a drop cloth over it.....well, last year I thought why bother undecorating it, so I have a fully decorated, lights, angel, the works, Christmas tree sitting under a dropcloth in my storage room ready to be brought up in the house LOL. How lazy is THAT! :o :yikes:
  15. 11/3/07 When were you 1st exposed to Minis?

    I remember wanting a dh when I was 5. I had saved up all my money...I remember the day my parents and I went to get it. We rolled up my pennies and took them to the bank on the way to toys-r-us lol. My house was sitting on the bottom shelf and it was $60 and that was 1982 lol. My mom and Dad got me furnishings and some people. I rememeber getting more peices over the years, and still have the bulk of it. Mom put my house together, and I remember it sitting on our microwave drying...I wouldn't let her put the windows in or the door on, or the trim, I had to have it THEN hehe. We chuckle about it now. When I was about 11 or 12 I finally got around to painting and putting up some wallpaper inside. It's pretty ugly really...I used my grandmas floor tile in the kitchen and living room, and used the same ugly wallpaper that was in our bathroom and living room for other parts of the house. One of these days I think I'll re-do it, but I almost hate to cause it's so corny, but, it was mine and I played with it non-stop. Mom tells me that I wouldn't let anyone else touch it either :nono: I was a tad spoiled I always thought it would be neat to build my own house, and I bought my 1st kit a few years back and now I've got them all over the house, sold a few and still have some in boxes! It's an awesome hobby and a great conversation peice..after the inital "look"......we all know what that is lol