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  1. Wood carved bar scene

    I bought this scene about 4 years ago from a guy who found it at an estate sale. I’m not selling it, but am wondering if anyone knows anything about it?   It’s all original except a few things I put on the table and bar (not the bottles. Those are original). My husband thought it was a scene from the Great Depression. Who knows. The wood trim around the base is just positioned there. It’s meant to be the trim for the glass case which I need the glass for. Does anyone have any idea about this set?  It’s not signed.  It’s carved from wood. Thank you in advance!
  2. Gulliver's bookshop

    He does not have a website, but has a Facebook page. Facebook is G12 Miniature Houses. ☺️
  3. Gulliver's bookshop

    Omg!!!  I’m now too the proud owner of a John Lewthwaite! 
  4. Noel Thomas vs. Ray Urh

    Wait, sorry. I think I understand. Tape them in the room overlapping. 
  5. Noel Thomas vs. Ray Urh

    There is a room that’s like hexagon shaped and the doorways go go in. 
  6. Noel Thomas vs. Ray Urh

    Okay. Do you just cut around the room when you have it taped in paper?
  7. Noel Thomas vs. Ray Urh

    Sorry I had to drop off for so long. I had urgent issues in my family.  Anyway, I bought all the stain and all that that entails, and the long story short is, it’s a no-go. Not to mention, I can’t cover up some of the electrical tape (due to placing) with rugs or furniture.  Anyway, I’m going with flooring.  Trying to find real hardwood that I can easily install as I have no clue how I’m going to cut it for some of the weird-shaped and hard to reach rooms.  No idea where to even start.  How do you trace the rooms?  Anyone?  Miss this forum and all the helpful people for my extreme novice skills. 
  8. Interesting Miniature Tidbits

    When I grew up in Detroit, MI, they had "Devil's Night"; it was the night before Halloween.  They did many pranks that night.  Pushing things over, egging houses, spreading toilette paper, etc.  insane.  In Detroit proper, they even lit things on fire.  Scary.  When I moved to Seattle when I was 21, they never heard of it.  Glad.  So weird though.  My whole life growing up, it was an actual "holiday".  Weird. 
  9. Yes!!! The treehouse guy is on my road. ☺️  We should all meet up sometime.  Would be fun. 
  10. Thank you. I love it too. I'm just going to trim the top.  It really is beautiful. 
  11. Sandi has great stuff.  Lots of things from Paris.  She spends a lot of time overseas now, hence the appointment only store on Alki Beach in Seattle.  Yes, fun to find miniature people near me!!  I live in Fall City (bottom of Snoqualmie Falls).
  12. Sandy in Seattle (now by appointment only, but does classes) has some inventory.  Connie's store has really grown and she does custom items as well.  I go to all 3 as they are very different.  
  13. Yes. I know Debbie in Renton.  She texts me every day.  Her store did close.  Sadly, she sold all of her valuable items ( that were never for sale for sale when the store was opened) to a woman in Canada. Debbie is very nice and the store closed 6 weeks ago, but I think she is still trying to go to shows. 
  14. Thank you Jackie.  I'm done with new houses for now. I have this one, a Noel Thomas Ray Urh Tower House, a Beacon Hill, a Hand made treehouse and a saloon.  I'm so addicted!!!  On the his house, my favorite room is the game room upstairs. I've already put in a lounge, huge bar, card table, roulette table, etc...  the room is totally custom and huge!!  So much fun!  
  15. Interesting. I'm pulling that up now.