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  1. Do it yourself projects

    I just have a DIY miniatures  question    is cardbarding out the structure shape of a doll house or castle or what not then payper mashaying it hen adding the paints fabrics and what ever els a valid way to make a doll house? Or is that extremely amatureish?
  2. I might start with an eseyer project for practice I might make a card board doll house possibly a doll house castle scelington base then payper mashay it then add paint and fabrics and what not. How's that sound?

    1. Dollcastledreamer

      It's possible wood maybe too complicated of a modicum for me.

  3. Hmm jw to cardboard unfinished dollhouses count as experience?  I made one of those a few years ago never finished it so I'm not sure if I still have it xD 

  4. no! GreenLeaf! What is on your mind!? HMM?

    * agresivly gives greenleaf an exaderaited stink eye stair*


    lol I love it when web sights ask " what's on your mind" basically after reading " what's on my mind instantly I wonder if I could ask the internet what it's thinking I would xD

  5. I need sudjestions for my dollhouse castle kit no how to paint it and give it the right stone feel to it with paint.

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    2. Dollcastledreamer

      Ok definitely,an idea with the payper clay. It's just in some parts the bricks are almost wood burned into the sideling but they look like blank kit wood ,not really stone at this point. So idk how to help it look more stone like with color . I might have to go over the etchings with clay glue and paint.  I want it to be very fantasy King Arthur like kinda feel.  Not like a cartoony kid toy lol

    3. Monica_the_haunted

      You know, the best thing you can do is look at actual stones, and practice copying what they look like by layering the paint colors you see in the stones. I would practice on paper or some scrap wood before you start on the house so that your technique is down to as close to perfect as you can get it.

    4. Dollcastledreamer

      Great advice thank you