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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Just opened the box for the Glencroft and I have a question for Holly. Holly I seem to remember you writing that you had some problem with this one, I think it was the roof, do you have any suggestions before I start, this house will be wallpapered, some paint and some stain. I am not planning on changing it at all unless I come across something during the build or dry build.
  2. Bashing two houses together

    I shall try and portray Grandma encouraging RRH to be creative  
  3. Bashing two houses together

    Well I am hoping to get all kinds of Grandma bits of info, I have just posted on my Red Riding Hood topic  the start of her
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Oh good for you that is something to be excited about
  5. Has anyone ordered from Bespaq Direct?

    There is a seller on e bay who is notorious for posting Bespaq  stuff then cancels later, her feedback shows this. I think that is exactly what she does grazhina
  6. Red Riding Hood etc

    Just logging a few changes . Joe's house is almost finished , just furnishing it as I make or find stuff for it, his violin has arrived and I have started to make his bedding and his best going to church suit. I am  stuck waiting for grout which is lost  in the mail somewhere. I am changing the other two houses. I have changed Grandmas to the Glencroft as the Aster I think would be too small and so the parents are getting the  larger Tudor one that Greenleaf make , the Harrison, so now I am focusing on building a picture of Grandma. She hasn't got a name yet, I have a few floating around in my head but not sure yet. She will be a sewer, a seamstress actually. mostly retired but still dabbling a bit, she can be coached out of retirement for special occasion clothes  and has been known to help her only daughter with wedding dresses. It was Grandma who taught RRH Mum to sew and Mrs Hood   is carrying on the skill. Grandma is a crafter, a knitter, she knits and sews toys that are sold in her SIL shop mostly now, she also makes baby layettes and is known as the local shawl maker .She plays a couple of musical instruments, one is the banjo. She always wears a pair of  dangly earings which were a wedding gift from her late  husband   She is a dedicated DIY enthusiast .She is not a delicate Grandma, quite feisty but she is very proper, so high tea is served to guests in the very formal way. She has a male friend, she had had him for many years, he idolizes her but she has remained a widow most of her life, her husband was killed in a war, and she proudly has a picture of him on display alongside his flute which she treasures, she has also remained faithful to his memory but her friend  lives in hopes!! He does all her maintenance . She is good friends with Joe the woodcutter and keeps a motherly eye on him ,Joe provides her with all her wood and in return she knits his socks, mends his clothes,makes his shirts, his bedding and his curtains, Joe wasn't bothered about curtains but Grandma insisted it was proper so he gave in. So today I am opening up the box to begin Grandmas house.... story to be continued
  7. Bashing two houses together

    Grandma  herself is just a short list right now, I was born to my parents very late in their life so I don't remember a Grandma so I am picking things out of the air for her. There was an old lady my Mum sort of adopted when I was young so some of her will come from that. I remember her for her long dangling earrings which over the years had made quite long holes in her ears, Her name was Mrs Craker, she was  a little bit out there and secretly I called her Mrs Crackers. Some of this Grandma will come from a GT GT Grandma on my SIL side, she was very artsy crafty in a glue and glitter sort of way and very musical, she lived to be 100, and regularly went to care homes to play her banjo to the "old folk" as she called them, So I guess I will make her as I wanted a grandma to be with these little bits tossed in. A little bit eccentric but very proper in the old English sense. My Mother was the perfect Grandma actually, she was sort of Grandma to the neighbourhood, the first door folks knocked on if they had a problem so there may be a lot of her in there too.
  8. Interesting Miniature Tidbits

    Joanne I remember you mentioning that when I first joined, I do hope you get to go, I don't know a lot about Quarriers, just a bit . I do  it was considered a excellent place  and a great many children left there for Canada.
  9. Bashing two houses together

    Holly you are right
  10. Qucik question about bricking

    Joanne they are real bricks
  11. Bashing two houses together

    Yep it could, that story frightened me when I was a child but it is a consideration, maybe a Gingerbread House without the witch. I have made a lot of real gingerbread houses, my grandkids private Christian school used to do them every year , we  used to bake all the gingerbread so that every kid  in the school got one, about 250  with as many Mum volunteers as we could get and have a classroom day for decorating, it went very well. Of course they were much smaller than  the Aster but the idea is more or less the same, The other option is to make it a Mr and Mrs  Santa home. I wouldn't have to make many changes much so the basic house should go up quite fast. Either one would be fine.. I will think on it but I am leaning to a gingerbread
  12. Qucik question about bricking

    Thank you both. I think my grout is stuck in customs as it is coming from the UK and has been a month so I am at a standstill almost with Joe's house right now so I figured I would do it.
  13. Bashing two houses together

    Holly I think it will work out now at least I can get the next step done I shall use the Glencroft for Grandma and the info re divider walls you gave me may come in very useful. I could make Grandma the seamstress in the family, sort of retired , she is going to be a pretty artistic vibrant   sort of Grandma, not a wilting violet sort so she needs a bit of space, I bought the Harrison before I went to bed and I also got the  one room Adams house, it is a back up to be a stand alone shop nearby the Harrison if I don't come up with a better idea when the time comes for me to start the last house and if I don't use it for that I can turn it into something else. I appreciate all the advise and it was all good, it has moved me on a bit. I am sort of looking forward to doing the Aster now as something playful, either with snow on the roof  or edible decorative something and I am sure you will have lots of great ideas about to help me.
  14. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    A huge big batch of chili for the freezer, I had  ton of assorted beans I had grown and dried and same in frozen tomatoes I had grown plus about 2 dozen bee patties that I didn't like but it was good for  chili. I ended up with 23 quarts do it will last a long time' Tomorrow I am driving to the States to pick up my doll molds at the border, so it will be a sandwich only.
  15. I have some red brickwork completed, chimney etc. I read somewhere that before grouting the brickwork it should be painted with a 50/50 white glue and water mix. I can't find out where I read it  but wondered is that what everyone does and if you do what is the purpose please. I can only presume it is to stop the grout  fluid being absorbed by the brick so clean up is easier but am not sure and don't want to do it till I am