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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I don't know how to insert the link but this one is on Craigs list  Vancouver although is about 5 minutes from my house for $75
  2. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    wow, that is something
  3. Houseworks Clay Bricks?

    I think Staceys Minature brick company in the UK has something either on their site or Youtube about using theirs. Sorry don't have a link
  4. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    Hi Samantha, your news brought tears of joy to my eyes, such wonderful news, she is a very lucky lady. May I share a personal thought with you about guilt. I feel it  is an emotion one  should feel when one  has done something deliberately wrong, it simply does not apply here, please try and keep that thought in your minds . You are all in my prayers. XX Love Jeannine
  5. Regarding shows

    Thank you all again. I may make the Burnaby show it is about an hour from me but not such a great day as I am fixing to return to my cooking for the homeless on the day before and I am usually in pretty poor shape the day after but we will see. I am going to aim for Seattle, even if I don't drive there it is close enough that I could get a train or bus I think. probably the same to Portland but I haven't looked into it. I am a bit confused about the one that has two other shows running at the same time, could someone give me some links I could look up please. As for the big three, I think I would go for San Jose, it is nearer but the reason is the weather. I hate the real heat I must admit bit cold and rain  case me problems so at the momebt it looks like California might win. Life is funny as you get older. I used to drive to Seattle about twice a month years ago now it seems like driving to the moon, But that determined streak in me has got me though some stuff in the past so I am looking in to it.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Wow, maybe it is just as well it is not closer to me, I would have then as quick as a blink.
  7. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    What is a 3D printed item please .
  8. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    Samantha I have just passed it on to my international prayer chain hundreds of folks are active in it all over the world.
  9. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    Samantha, I am so sorry to hear that your family are involved in such a shocking accident and yes of course I will add her and her friends families to my prayer list, your husband too, in fact so many folks in this awful tragedy. I pray that God takes the hand of everyone involved until they are strong enough to hold the hands of their families.
  10. My husband is coming close to the end now

    Hi Dianne. I am sorry to hear about your husband and your Mum and Dad, that's a lot to deal with all at the same time. There are no magic words , you have to just plod through one awful day at a time and try to look forward if you can, if you need to chat send me a PM anytime. Blessings  Jeannine 
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Tracy that stone on your house is stunning
  12. Suitcases

    Sable, well done they are super little cases, far nicer than I could have imagined..special!!
  13. Oh sometimes you get that :dam it feeling

    Garfield one arrived today
  14. Well fiddle faddle

    Glad to be of help. They have never faulied me, and once you buy from them it seems you get a catalogue for life and it is more than 1/2 inch thick. I but tiny little ziplock bags from them  and moving boxes. It is a fascinating catalogue actually
  15. Hi. I live in Canada right on the border with the US. I have everything I buy in the US shipped to an address in the US and I cross the border to collect it. I get it quicker and cheaper than having it sent to my Canadian home .  My credit cards and my Paypal  account are Canadian. . I have things sent to family in  Holland and the UK frequenty . I have send flowers all over the world to addresses that are not  my own, even to hotels .I don't see it as being a problem. I would however check with the hotel to find out how they will deal with a package coming especially if it gets there before you do.