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  1. Does anyone know this house

    Hi it is all painted but no more and It has been crayoned on. The outside color is not to my taste so will have to change that. The shingles are all there but not very well placed so am debating changing those, not strictly necessary though ,inside there are stairs but no railings, which is how it originally came I think and outside there are a some railings off but when I look at them there are a couple of pieces short. The siding is excellent, all the windows and shutters are perfect but there are no doors inside , again how it came I think, and the two external doors are not there. Nothing major. I think I may have suitable doors and I have big stash of wallpaper and I can re do the railings, the bits are available through the manufacturer. I think it may have come this colour from the factory, it seems to be like one on their site,but not sure, they may have just copied it. I will do the repairs first I think then decide how to go from there.
  2. Does anyone know this house

    Thank you Holly, it now has a post it note attached which reads " waiting to be told  what the house wants". You know I am more excited about fixing this than I am about building the huge one I have on my table. This looks more like fun.
  3. Does anyone know this house

    Yeah.. I have the house, the railings which were not on the picture were in a bag as were the few missing shingles. I am really pleased with it and for $20 I guess you can't do much better than that.. Thank you again for the help, wow this forum is the tops .Now I just need to figure out what to do with it and I just bet their are pictures on here
  4. Does anyone know this house

    Well done you two. that sounds like it worth getting. Big yell to my daughter..I need a favour. It is only 3 blocks from my house so she will go and look for me.
  5. Advertised locally
  6. funny question about Willowcrest

    Thank you all, I think I have talked myself out of it, the rest of the lot he is offering I could probably find somewhere else anyway so I think I will pass, but some great ideas to file for another day..thank you all.   That kitchen is incredible, I am beginning to think that all miniaturists are not of this world, everywhere we go we see things that will make something else..oh boy that kitchen is very special.   Jeannine
  7. McKinley Room Dimensions?

    I am rather taken with the fact that this will go on a wall. You seem to have a fully fitted kitchen in there!!
  8. McKinley Room Dimensions?

    Hi Jeannine P., welcome. I am a Jeannine too..I like the look of that one as it can hang on a wall. I am sorry I can't help with the question but just saying Hi
  9. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi Sarah, welcome form a another newbie. I am just outside Vancouver. Jeannine
  10. Cobweb Cottage

    Hi,you can buy direct from them in whatever scale you want. If you send them an e mail with a question they will discuss your needs. I found Emma was extremely helpful to me. For $5 about 3.50 sterling she sent me a sample pack of many things so I could see the size and thickness etc. I found the products beautifuly made and very reasonable.They may have the stone you want..
  11. funny question about Willowcrest

    Oh good, thank you both, I thought it was me not being very smart as I couldn't come up with any ideas either .I learn something every time I come on here.
  12. 1:48 scale dollhouse - which do you recommend

    Oh my goodness, now I have found Petite Properties thanks to someone , I could get the whole Memory Lane row on my studio windowsill and then some. I have never had any experience at all with wood items this small so am a bit nervous but very tempted. Is it really hard to work with them this small. I am starting to think there maybe a whole new world of housemakers that sell this size house .   Jeannine
  13. The wonder of our GL forum

    Yes and yes again to all the comments above, I am very new here but  I don't feel it, I have read many posts that have touched me, folks cheering other folks on ,giving advice , rather like a great big a  warm blanket of knowledge and caring  that is shared quickly and often in great detail. I do have a problem folks have given me so many ideas I think my family think I have lost it, having bought 4 kits this week and now the 48 scale is calling me..very loud, by the way,especially because of all the wonderful ideas that are there. Wonderful forum, beautifully handled ,a treasure to find. My grateful thanks to you all Sincerely  XX Jeannine  
  14. Hi, I picked up a Willowcrest just a few days ago and now have found a local seller with some other things I would like to buy, it is a job lot , a fairly good deal I think but  trouble is there is  has a partially built  Willowcrest among the lot and won't split .I am told it is barely started. My question therefore is, if you had 2 Willowcrests would you bash them into one,  should you / could you  and if you could how would you? You folks are a lot better at kit bashing than I am so would love to hear you ideas.   Thank you   Jeannine
  15. Cobweb Cottage

    You can find 1/12th, 124th and 1/48th scale real slate , stone, bricks etc at Staceys Miniature Masonery in the UK. they will send you a sample pack to look at if you wish before you decide.