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  1. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    Thinking of you all.. and remembering the great education you all gave me last year when I knew diddly squat about hurricanes.Stay safe XX Jeannine
  2. Greenleaf Houses The next sale?

    I remember getting a 40% off  Greenleaf kits from HBS on their Founders day sale
  3. I think I have some old Barbie dress making patterns if anyone wants them
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    All my first three IV for iron therapy is over and I had no complications. They will check me to see if I need another round My daughter in law in Holland who broke both thighs and an ankle a few weeks ago has had another set back. She had got home and gradually they got her walking a little but she is back in the hospital.One of the plates in a thigh has snapped. She has to have a second surgery to fix it.
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    CT results in, being sent to a neuro surgeon now as it showed my vertebra compressing and that is causing several problems , so hopefully the surgery will take some pain off me. No doubt there will be along wait. Also got the phone call today that my IV iron infusions start on Wednesday, I am booked for three sessions over the next week, so that may help my fatigue , some soft tissue pain and my breathing. I don't fancy this much as I am told some of the side effects can be tough but  I am going to be positive and just float through it. It would be great to get some quality of life back not to mention the mobility..
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    I shall be cooking or the homeless dinner this week, this is the 3ed time I have managed to get back to it since my rotten surgery so things are looking up. I am planning to feed 25 this week with baked chicken, Greek salad, corn on the cob, buttered bread rolls and English trifle for afters Also going to see my DR to discuss the results of last weeks CT scan,,wish me luck there.  My inability to do minis is the churches gain I have 17 knitted prayer shawls shawls to take in  for the ministry and have enough yarn for make 5 more.
  7. 'So long it's been good to know ya'

    Thanks Mike, you see folks just have to hear from you,You are one of a kind . I am coming over to the UK in the next few months and was hoping to be able to say Hi in person.
  8. 'So long it's been good to know ya'

    Good Luck Mike and God Bless whichever you prefer, I am sending  them both. Music is a wonderful companion and it does wonders for me. Be good to yourself and please pop in ad say hello whenever you feel you can, I think many of us  would like to share your journey a little, so you just go ahead and write what you like  I wouldn't see it as whining.and would just be happy to see your words. XX Jeannine. 
  9. Knitted Socks

    I am a member  of the cold foot club too, especially if I wear shoes.If I wear my Birkies my feet seem better, weird but true. My cold extends to half way up me calf too. 4 ply if a 1 is good for socks. I find the US way of measuring wool weight iffy and it doesn't go down fine enough. I think the yarn some folks use may be why they don't like them. It has to be lambs wool , cashmere or silk, anything made  polyester or acrylic does not make comfy socks  although a bit of nylon seems acceptable. Just to add, if socks are made on large needles I find them poor so I like fine wool and small needles so it gives a good knitted fabric. I make my daughters Scottish kilt socks and they have to be made with good gauge  to get the design to work well.
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Kelly I think what you are doing is fantastic, I admire you very very much for what you are doing. By the way, you don't need a passport to cross the border by car, you just need your ID that satisfies them. eg your birth certificate if you were born in the US or your citizenship paper and some picture ID . You can get what is called an enhanced driving license too if you are a US citizen, it is like a regular driving license but it shows that you are a citizen so you don't have to carry tons of ID. The above is only good for crossing the border in a vehicle, you need a passport to fly in. So find your stuff and hit the road!! I have all of the above plus I have a Nexus card which is also acceptable. It takes a while to get but it pre approves you for crossing and there are special lanes so one doesn't have to wait so long in line ups.It works both ways too as it is a  combined  ID from Canada and the US. What kind of garden are you going to start, if veggie, I can give you seeds. Re the kites, I agree they would usually look good on a wall but these are rather large, I think the smallest is a 18 foot wing span, most are over 30 feet. The fires are not close to me but there are air pollution warnings in  my area due to the smoke and that has caused a few problems but nothing serious.
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    I had a CT scan a couple of days ago, I am hoping that it shows some damage that can be surgically repaired, this was the point of the scan,.Still waiting for my IV iron therapies to start, I wish they would get that organized as it could make a huge difference to me,. I am a bit bothered that the idea that they could redo my back and my blood may not amount to anything but I must try to be more positive, but if they can I could have a new lease on life !! Yesterday I had a lady come  and collect ALL my card making stuff, there were boxes and boxes of it so I have big gap now in my workroom, it was hard to let it go as there was so much stuff and a lot of dollar value but it has gone to a group that do crafts with the mentally ill so it has gone to a great place. Now I have to pluck up the courage to let all my cake making supplies go..that is going to be very hard . I also need to let go of much of my cross stitch stuff but I have boxes of kits, some very expensive ones so again it will be hard. I have all my husbands kite making books and kiting supplies that should go also. I can't bring myself to let go of the huge kites I made for him as I have so many memories about the trips we made to kite festivals with them but as I won't be making anymore the supplies can go. I find it very hard to let things go but it has to be done.
  12. Knitted Socks

    There is something very comforting about home made socks. My husband loved his and I spent a lifetime indulging him.It was later when I started making them for me.I found once I fiddled with a pattern for size and kept a record of it I could get socks to fit me. When you use the loom does it allow for working with different wool weights? I have no idea and am guessing but would presume it limits you in some way. There are some really good books on learning to knit out there so maybe you can transition to them later on if you find the loom restrictive. Hand made pure wool socks are expensive so for cost it is worth it. The time ?? Well  , I am working on something all the time so for me when I have to do something  sitting in my recliner which is the time I cannot stand or cannot sit on an office chair I turn to my knitting. I like to knit in very fine wools most of the time,I don't like heavy wool for anything ,in fact the heaviest I do knit is probably sock wool. In the UK it would be called a 3 ply or the slightly thicker 4 ply,which is still quite fine, in the US it would be considered a 1 or a 2 gauge. Have fun with your knitting, I wish you speed and joy with the socks XX Jeannine
  13. Knitted Socks

    I knit all the time and socks are one of my personal favorites but I am not familiar with a sock loom. I knit toe up and toe down. I like toe up best as if I am unsure of how much wool I have I can make them as long or short as I like so  it is a good method when you have leftovers. My absolutely favorite socks are the ones using self patterning yarns.It always amazes me how they come out. Pictured is one of the sock yarns from Cascade. The pattern creates all by itself. As I live a long drive from any place to buy good wool I buy all mine in the UK. The price is good, the selection is great and the postage is very cheap. I can have 2kg of wool sent for a flat fee of about  $6 US, that wouldn't even pay my gas to my nearest shop. To see other sock yarns go to Wool Warehouse in the UK and tap in sock wool, it is amazing how the patterned wool works. I am sorry I can't help with your loom, it sounds fascinating actually,but could help you with any regular knitting. I knit a great many shawls and do quite a lot of miniature knitting. Good luck
  14. doll collectors forum

    I have about 200 or so Rosebud Suckerthumb babies, I had them as a child and carried on collecting them. They are just 61/2 inches tall.   The pictures are off the net as mine are packed away just now due to organizing my craft room
  15. Anyone built Grosvenor Hall

    Hi, I am currently working on Grosvenor Hall and the basement I have the shells assembled for both parts and I have the  front opening parts together too. I did not do any decorating before I started to build, but I did do a dry build. I feel the rooms are plenty big enough to paper etc after the shell  I have been delayed for several weeks due to some rather painful surgery 2 months ago but am hoping to get back to it in a couple of weeks. .. I have all the internal staircases built too. I shall wall paper the ceilings first so I can run the lights in when I am ready The entrance hall is being done in wood paneling and the floors in tiny wood tile patterns, after wall papering and the floors done, I will do the baseboard and the crown molding and ceiling roses. I intend to do a lead roof I think I hope your works out super good for you, it is a big house but very well designed and kitted. I will try and set up an album once I get started again.   XX Jeannine