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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Update. I am getting better each day..thanks for the good wishes but nuff of ouchies. I have unlimited patience with some things but not them!!  Karin,I have thought about making a miniature prayer shawl but it would take as much time exactly as a full-size one so right now the church can benefit Anna there are a few nice books around re prayer shawls but be careful one is a reprint on another with a couple added. I bought both and felt ticked off. I can send you book names if you wish. There are many types for all levels of knitting, I have made more than 120 but I still prefer to make the christening shawls in 1 ply wool for babies.    
  2. Hanta virus and Rat Bite Fever

    Now that is scary. We all have rats around outside but never thought about the disease   coming in especially that way..thank you Kelly
  3. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    This is very good. I am starting to like the room boxes, one can decorate and show beautifully and they need little space. At first I did not like them at all I frankly thought they were pointless but I have turned around 100% on them over the past few months after seeing pictures here..thank you. This one is rather nice.
  4. Question on wholesale , dog source

    The problem I see with the  dogs, and the cats too   is that  flocking appears to be fluffy which is great if the animal needs to be fluffy but with the sleek smooth coated breeds it isn't realistic, The long haired breeds fair much better unless they have smooth faces. I have yet to see a smooth coated dog from anywhere that gets around this problem. There may well be someone out there doing it and if so I would like to connect with them but so far I have not. The exception  I have found to this to this are  poodles in show coats who are closely shaven in parts, then the flocking  part is  more realistic as it more or less shows bare skin,but flocking does not represent short hair well. I hold my hand up to be extremely picky in this particular art . As an ex exhibitor and judge  of dogs and an exhibitor of cats it is very difficult not to be. There are some remarkable animals out there however . I would just love to find some dogs /cats that change my mind at whatever cost so I remain  hopeful.
  5. What are you up to today? This week?

    Cheering as I promised. I feel so happy for you, the start of a wonderful journey.., my high kicking days are over but I can wave the pom poms..  GO KELLY. good for you gal
  6. Question on wholesale , dog source

    I think the smaller breeds are hard to do.I have looked for Chihuahuas and have found nothing  When you think of the size difference between dogs it is understandable. Good luck on finding a good Tervuren, make sure it has the longer hair so it doesn't look like the Malinois. I like all 4 of the Belgian breeds, the Tervuren and the Lackenois tie for 1st place  for me though, I like the longer hair of the Tevuren but can't resist the cheeky wiry look of the Lackenois I showed Old English Sheepdogs for years and had a few friends in the  same groups with their Belgians. Great choice. I will be excited to see what you find.. I have bought a few dogs, I want to use a couple to flock and fur to recreate a few OES. Just a question of deciding on  a couple of smooth hair dogs that look like a shaved off OE and I should be able to do it. I so hope you get your dog  just as you want him/her
  7. We could use a few prayers if anyone could help

    Her living room is practically a hospital ward, with special beds, wheelchairs etc. . She has nurses 4 times a day and one on call if she needs it. My son is a good cook so it seems everything is heading in the right direction. I find it amazing that the hospital time is so very short now.
  8. What's everyone working on?

    What am I working on, that is the question. The answer is nothing.. I am now able to sit in a recliner after my surgery 2 weeks ago  the first week I couldn't sit at all, now I can sit in it with difficulty  for a while so things are improving but still can't sit in my workroom chair at all. I am itching to get to work on my big English house. It is on it's back on the table and I have the ceiling paper and paste ready but I simply cannot stand and hold up my arms to do it,I am so very tired It is very high too so I am thinking of having it moved to living room coffee table. I have been getting a bit sad. no that is wrong,,a lot sad is more truthful as I thought I would be all healed and on the go by now but I am not bouncing back or healing fast enough..nuff of that. Anyway not all is lost. I have just started  knitting my some  Prayer shawls. I had one on the go prior to surgery and finished that one, did another one and am on the third..Minis had taken me off my shawl making so the Prayer Shawl group at church will be pleased. I am seriously thinking about starting a Petite Properties house on a tray so  I get the mini fix. but I will wait a little wiles longer. I don't do illness very well. Bored, cheesed off and not very jolly right now  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Oh jolly good news, these days that is a minor miracle, she should be very proud.. I don't know about New Zealand but it is very hard here in BC Canada and it takes a very long time. I doubt if I would have the courage to do it again
  10. We could use a few prayers if anyone could help

    Great news, the bed sliding thingy worked and they delivered her home via ambulance. I am waiting to hear what other arrangements are being made but it is a great blessing that the surgeries have got her this far. Thank you again for all your warm wishes, we are truly blessed with so much support. This is much more than a dollhouse community..thank you all again for that.
  11. Canterbury

    There are several online stores like this, I believe they are a scam. eg. in the last one we discussed I found artisan items sold by an English artist at a 1/4 of the price she sells them for. They were using her pictures too. I emailed the artist who looked and agreed there were hers but she never sells outside her own place. It is posted on her site now that there are scam sellers advertising having her items. They advertise free shipping but then contradict it in the return info. I would find it highly unlikely that they even had the house. They scour the net looking for useful pictures and put the items "for sale" on their site. Keep away is mi advice. If you scroll through the artisan stuff you will probab,y find named items. I couldn't be bothered this time. Sorry..   The other two sites  to avoid are New_Kit  and Rbdistore
  12. wallpaper and wood moldings

    Thank you all, my biggest concern was that the wood that was only sticking to paper that the paper  may pull off. I know if glued to the wood it is OK
  13. We could use a few prayers if anyone could help

    Message this morning is that they are encouraging her to sort of slide from the bed to a wheelchair and if she can do it successfully they will allow her home. I presume she will get some sort of home support system but I don't know what yet. It is a bit confusing as apart from the breakages she still has the cancer which has made her very ill so now hoping for a good outcome. Thank you all again for your support
  14. rebuilding my Secret Garden

    Due to the area where the house was in Yorkshire, the walls  would  certainly have  been  made of  large flat grey/beige   Yorkstone. This is how I would portray it and I think you could achieve that look with a thin layer of paper clay over the board, then paint and finish them to look like real Yorkstone.   It was my favorite book  as a child and  I have seen all the versions and they are all a bit different..
  15. wallpaper and wood moldings

    Hi, just wondering as I have had a problem in the past. When adding baseboards or moldings to a wall papered surface, is it better to leave a little of the wall unpapered ,just a bit that the molding will then cover . Does this make for a  stronger bond as the molding will be touching both the  raw wood and the wall papered surface . Also is there a better glue than the usual white which is used for assembly. I ask because in the recent build of .my caravan which fortunately was small, I found some wallpapers  more like gift wrap, they were very shiny and didn't seem to handle well. I worry if putting base board on top of wallpaper  it may not be strong enough and I am almost ready to begin decorating my big English  house and I don't want a problem. I have 16 large rooms to paper, walls and ceilings so want to be prepared.. The ceilings are being done in a heavy  anaglypta . I worry too about adding a ceiling rose to the center of a papered ceiling. Thanks in advance XX Jeannine