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  1. Anyone built Grosvenor Hall

    Hi, I am currently working on Grosvenor Hall and the basement I have the shells assembled for both parts and I have the  front opening parts together too. I did not do any decorating before I started to build, but I did do a dry build. I feel the rooms are plenty big enough to paper etc after the shell  I have been delayed for several weeks due to some rather painful surgery 2 months ago but am hoping to get back to it in a couple of weeks. .. I have all the internal staircases built too. I shall wall paper the ceilings first so I can run the lights in when I am ready The entrance hall is being done in wood paneling and the floors in tiny wood tile patterns, after wall papering and the floors done, I will do the baseboard and the crown molding and ceiling roses. I intend to do a lead roof I think I hope your works out super good for you, it is a big house but very well designed and kitted. I will try and set up an album once I get started again.   XX Jeannine
  2. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Sunday's don't count on my DIY diet so tonight I had home made deep fried battered fish and chips. I made yoghurt yesterday so for afters I had that sweetened with fresh pureed fruit Tomorrow I intend trying to make cauliflower rice and make a curry in a cream sauce made with yoghurt  OR  spaghetti squash strands with spaghetti and meat balls. I made the mistake of giving away my smaller size BBQ which I now regret, there is one over at the main house but it is nearly as big as my car. I think I need to buy a new one. The kabobs sound good.   Looking forward to playing with all the cauli recipes.I am itching to try the bread one.
  3. Yep and the bigger problem with them is, they are worth a lot of money over in the UK, here they are not known. Some of the earlier books are worth as much as $800 each. I would like to donate the whole collection to a fund raiser for a children's charity but not here, I would have to ship them all back.
  4. Tons of stuff from an estate - East Central Iowa

    Oh great collective idea.
  5. Tons of stuff from an estate - East Central Iowa

    Sable may I ask what you do with the HOM kits at your club please?
  6. I have all my husbands Rupert Bear collection. Many toys, fabrics, china ornaments etc, but the main thing is he has every Rupert annual but one from the first one in 1936 up till 2 years ago. I am trying to decide what to do with them now as no one in the family is interested in them.
  7. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Thank you for the recipes..the only problem I have is with the Splenda as it is quite high in carbs when used in recipes.. by the teaspoon of course it says it is carb free.. another marketing fib. I will try the Brownie one though as I wanted to try a recipe with almond flour in , thank you so much for it. I have a huge bag of almond which I can run through my processor, apparently you can even make bread with it. Nell I will also do the pizza crust from the recipe. I am not a big lover of pizza but am hoping if I can come up with a crust I can use it for other things too. Can the "riced" cauli be  successfully used as a sub for rice with a curry etc. Bless you all   XX Jeannine I changed my mind last night and had the cauli cheese as planned but did it with a rather large steak and two eggs and I am surprised ...I ate every bit. Today will be lamb chops with steam veggies
  8. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Beef stew yesterday.. just enough for one. I never put potatoes in stew but have them as a side dish  so I di  did cauli and home grown green beans instead. Today I am using left over cauli to make a cauliflower cheese,one of the rare times I re cook anything, just a tad of cornstarch to thicken the sauce,  if I need to, it  shouldn't count for much, lots if strong English cheddar. I am going to do it with baked chicken. thigh and I will have  salad on the side or maybe some more green beans, they are growing so well at the moment,. I am no longer going to buy the deli cooked chickens, which is a shame as they were very convenient. I used to buy many of them for my doggies. I don't know what it is but there is something amiss with them. The last three I have bought have given my Chihuahuas terrible runs , even my daughters dog who was here at the time got it. It was straight from the store and still hot and it has happened a few times. I never use the meat the next day cold, and I don't reheat it .It gets chucked in the freezer and eventually ends up in a soup but I don't trust it now. I have one goose left in the freezer, I am going to try sawing it into 4 pieces while frozen as it won't bet used otherwise. I don't eat much sweet stuff but I take a medication at night that has a side effect. After I take it I yearn sweet food. it is odd but I have to find something that will satisfy it .I have been eating fruit but it is too much sugar. Apart from sugar free jello I can't think of anything,.
  9. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    34 c today and much hotter in my greenhouse even with the window in the roof open, the doors open and a fan on. I found tomatoes today with blistered skin, I have never seen that before.
  10. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Thank you all for the super low carb ideas.I am going to try spaghetti with the inside of a spaghetti squash sometime this week. or I may just wait till Sunday and have the real thing as I don't follow the low carb on Sundays. Today I had oysters and shrimp with buttered steamed asparagus It seems to be working even though I am not eating all the fat suggested. did have strawberries and cream yesterday though. I am not a big lover of pizza but am interested in the cauliflower crust if anyone has time to post a recipe or link
  11. What are your favorite supplies to work with?

    Lots of things but my surgical scalpel and #11 blades is a favorite tool
  12. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    Tonight I have prawns, I buy them live and cook them very quickly and briefly, I guess it will  be a salad with them. Holy that is an excellent way to cook fish, never done it that way but I will try that soon.I just remembered I have a big jar on pine nuts, I hope they are Ok, they are probably a year old!! I bought spinach today so will pop some in my salad.I can't grow it in the heat. Kelly your menu sounds delish too, I am right there with you on the  parmesan cream sauce.yummy  for the tummy. I am going to diverge a bit today with my eating and have strawberries and cream after my shrimp etc.  
  13. Holly Brunetta is a commercial hybrid,  sold wholesale for growers  a follow  on from the Kumato.  I grow some  very similar fruit .. in fact I have several with the mahogany brown color that are.tasty and are not hybrids.. These I can save seeds from. If I saved seeds from a commercial Brunetta the would  not come true. Re the peppers, the Habenero is quite low on the scale compared to the ghost and nre top ones.. It is more than hot enough for me though and I sometimes grow them.
  14. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    I have been subbing cauli for potatoes. am trying to avod soups etc as I only eat what I cook that day and it is a bit hard to make soup for one/ . I only intended to try it for a week to see if I could do it.So far I don't feel deprived and have lost about three pounds so I will keep going a bit longer I will pick up an Atkins and  Keto book I think I have been eating a little fruit because I had just bought some and did not want  to throw it away but I don't think is actually allowed. Thanks for the help.
  15. Name something You Can Not Live Without 7/10/08

    My Birkenstocks, I wear them all the time even in the winter and I have done so for many years, they are a very important part of ME. I hate other shoes and resent sometimes putting them on when I have to.