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  1. Early Spring Dollhouse kits sale!

    Hi Carmen, may I have more info on the McQueenie caravan please if it is still available, I am not exactly sure  just what it contains XX Jeannine 
  2. How to block and finish needlepoint rug

    I back mine in a dark coloured fine cotton after it is pulled into shape, and I tassle the two short ends
  3. What's everyone working on?

    I am sorry too about the kitty, no magic words but I will think of you and you loss.   me, since I have been ill I have not been able to do any building but managed a coupe of carpets in cross. stitch My replacement shingles finally arrived  for Joe;s house and ,I did mask up and stain them, the smell has all gone now so I am waiting for a good day to attempt the rest of the shingles to finish it. but I still feel a bit weak to start working on a bigger house just now. I am a tad stronger each day buit I suspect I was a lot sicker than I realized, it has been nearly six weeks now and still not where I was . The Glencroft is glaring at me but I don't think I should be sanding just yet.
  4. Mystery dollhouse

    If you're in Europe, check out Dolls House Emporium in the UK they ship everywhere and have houses with tall celiings and they have finished houses
  5. Petite Properties

    Thank you for the help. I did buy all the books they had but I think some are no longer available, one I have mentions others that are not on the site I did send an e mail about them but no reply.This is the one thing I have noticed , they are slow to answer.. The little pieces look fascinating though Jenn do you build them then paint or in erverse
  6. Petite Properties

    Has anyone done any of these please. I have bought the 48 scale Memory Lane collection and the Cobblestone Snicket collection, I thought I would be able to manage the little ones better if I got ill again as I can do them on a tray. Some have arrived and some are en route. The quality looks very good and so many itsy bitsy pieces. I found the prices very reasonable as was the shipping. I also bought the few books they have and I can strongly recommend them, lots of great techniques for finishing and it was all made very clear. I didn't buy their paints..should I ? I would be most interested to see what folks have done with them here   XX Jeannine
  7. Selkie

    God Bless and bye bye  Selkie XX JJeannine
  8. Cleaning out my stash...

    This reminds me of seed exchanges,we called them Round Robins.. I have been  involved in quite a few of them. Usually folks sign up for it, the person who starts the box fills it and send it to the next person. We had various ways of choosing who got the box next but a favourite was to not tell, ahead of time  just leave a message on the site with a clue who it was posted to and folks had to guess who it was going to, when it got it   they posted it had arrived, folks took out what they wanted and then put in  whatever  they wished. Sometimes there was a special bag inside for the organizer as a thank you. We usually has about 20 folks signed up and eventually the box got back to the original starter. We had them going to three or four countries and it was great delight seeing the different things folks put in. I could see it working well with mini's, XX Jeannine
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Hey Hey, my e bay offer was accepted and I got my RGT  Queen Anne dollhouse kit , this is the last one on my "looking for" list, well apart from the the Uk one, which is very unlikely to show up as a kit anywhere I think.   XX Jeannine
  10. I collect British Radley handbags but only their signature picture ones that are released only twice a year
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    There is a Superlative original San Franciscan., in Chilliwack on the Vancouver "Fraser Valley" Craigs list
  12. The Garfield project

    It says I have to sign I to facebook to see it,I just read it
  13. The Garfield project

    Sadly it appears to be on Facebook and I don't go on there, but thank you for suggestion
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me There is a  RGT Queen Anne on e bay right now  buy it now with or best offer. I have sent an offer..this is the last house on  mylist I am looking for.  Please notice I have a new forum  name and picture but it is still me .. Jeannine  AKA  as   J
  15. The Garfield project

    I am going to start working on  one of my Garfields soon and wondered who was at that point or close to it and .I wondered if we could support each other as we build them. If you are interested in joining let me know here. It is a big house and I think we all could benefit by the chance to work as a group. Thank you , By the way please notice I have changed my forum name and picture Jeannine