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  1. Adams House Ideas

    After looking at that kit, I may use the Sugarplum instead! Thank you! 
  2. Adams House Ideas

  3. Adams House Ideas

    I love the idea of a glass porch, thank you! 
  4. Adams House Ideas

  5. Adams House Ideas

    Hi Everyone! As life usually does, I've been distracted and haven't built in a while. I'm starting my Adams kit this week. Does anyone have any advice on how to add some extra space to the house? I though about purchasing another Adams kit but then the house would be much bigger than I wanted. As always I appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!! Missy 
  6. Adams Dollhouse

    Thank You!!! 
  7. Adams Dollhouse

    Thank you Rebecca! I'll create an album once I start  
  8. Adams Dollhouse

    I am SO excited Holly! If you know where I can get Christmas string lights, let me know!  
  9. Adams Dollhouse

  10. Adams Dollhouse

  11. Adams Dollhouse

    Hi Everyone!  It's been since October that I've posted! The Orchid Halloween house I made for my brother was such a success - I'm going to make a Christmas Shoppe for my Mother. I've decided to use the Adams as it is slightly smaller and the front porch is too adorable! Is anyone working on an Adams?  I look forward to sharing the progress! Have a great day all! Missy 
  12. 20171108_194213.jpg

    WOW!!! This is awesome! i love the color scheme and the copper roof! 
  13. First Build Finished!

    Thanks Eli! Yes it is the Orchid  I can't wait to get started on my next build! 
  14. First Build Finished!

    Hi Marilyn! I got the kit on Amazon, it is made by Chrysnbon. It was very easy to put together and for plastic it was more realistic than I was expecting  
  15. First Build Finished!

    Thank you!