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  1. Still need to add the trim

    Great idea on the outhouse!  Adds a whimsical touch to the outside.
  2. Stair runners or no stair runners, that is the ???

    I like the stair runners too, adds color and elegance 
  3. Northpole.jpg

    I looked at this dollhouse thinking of a Christmas house a while ago, I like what you have done a lot!
  4. Inspiration for the Fairy/Sprite house

    This does look like fun!  What size are these dolls?  I am planning on flowers making the canopy on the bed on my fairy stump house, I have a wisteria kit from paper, but first the bed!
  5. The Fairys / Sprites

    I think they will make perfect sprites, looking forward to seeing them evolve!
  6. Making porcelain dollhouse people

    This is very intriguing, I would love to have some dolls, and maybe paint some blanks however I don't think I am in a situation to  start in on trying to make them myself, I have too many irons in the fire now and it would be too expensive to gear up at this point.  It is interesting to see everyone's progress in this though!
  7. Need inspiration, what ya cooking tonight

    i have a bear pot-roast in the oven, with lots of carrots, onions and potatoes!
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The "barn" was an old building he turned into his workshop according to the website.  I can't imagine paying that kind of money for the house, you would need thousands to furnish it also, I would have to go back to work to support it lol
  9. A Nativity Scene is on the Mantel ...

    I found a set on  Etsy  that looks very much like this about a week ago, kind of an odd coincident.  I have a white porcelain full sized nativity set that looks so elegant, of course it has not been set out for the last couple of years because of Calliope, she rarely makes anything fall but still a fall to one of those pieces would be fatal.  I have kind of given up on making her stay off things except my table, and she knows about that, in younger years I would not have put up with a cat that was up on everything, but she is such company and so good in every other way.
  10. Embossed rug

    The rug is beautiful. red is a favorite color of mine!
  11. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    I did forget to mention that they are very good on the phone, will answer questions and point you in the right direction.  I called to see if they would add on something and he said he was going to call because I had checked off the wrong voltage in my order if I wanted to use batteries, we got it all fixed over the phone.  This is how I am going to light my stump fairy house using double A batteries, but for a mini a coin battery may be a better option,  There are so many options including on off switches that you can hide in a rock or bushes and even remote control.
  12. Making porcelain dollhouse people

    I am sure my painting skills are in the same category as quite a few other people here, I am not sure I have the steadiness of hand to do fine eyes and eyebrows, but it might be worth a try I like the faces in your molds, they look like real people. 
  13. 1:24 Scale & 1:144 Scale Lighting: How?

    If you just want a few overhead lights you might think of  Evens Designs, using LED battery lights, they do come in transformer options also but the battery seems like it would be better for a micro.  The link above is on a page that has some tutorials for lighting minis, they specialize in model railways so it is the right size! I saw some that used an overhead room led light just using the bulb, and some with just a small clear bubble on it to make it look like a fixture.  That way you wouldn't be running so ,much wire and tape there is a lot of information on the web site but it is sometimes hard to locate.  
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    I have had a gas stove most of my life, when we moved here 27 years ago there was a gas stove but it was pretty basic, and of course like holly we couldn't use the oven when the electricity was out.  We  soon replaced it with a Premier gas stove, the oven had a pilot that could be lit to use the oven,  I liked the 5 burners especially when canning.  I just replaced that stove last year, with another Premier, this time I got a 6 burner and it has battery operated ignition, so no problem when the electricity goes out.  Although the electricity is not as much of a problem as it once was, the electric company was in Chapter 11 and not doing so well, it still goes out occasionally, at least it is not daily now!
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I like the look of this one, Magnolia, there seems to be a lot of them online, but some come without boxes, instructions or pictures.  I looked at one on Amazon and the reviews were bad, stuff missing, wood not very high quality.  This one on ebay is free shipping