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  1. Exterior almost done!

    This is a womderful project, I love all the detail, and the color is perfect, looking forward to seeing the inside
  2. Wagon side finished

    Beautiful, I also love the blue, being my favorite color!  The detail is wonderful
  3. I spent some time in a craft shop looking at a whole aisle of scrapbooking paper and they were all way too large, so far I can't find anything I like, I may have to resort to trying to make my own.  Still waiting for the rock siding I ordered quite a while ago, picked up some paint in the colors I want, but been way to busy with diasters to do much.
  4. The taco is Done

    Looks great!
  5. Fancy wood trims, needed

    Beautiful bunch of wagons, so many different types it would be hard to know where to start!  I must admit the  Wagon intrigues me.....
  6. Oval Aubusson

    Love this, my colors!
  7. wheels done

    Love the wheels, This looks like such a fun project!
  8. Ladies

    So beautiful!  I love the faces, you are very talented, I am enjoying your journey very much!
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Had to go get grain and "stuff" today and went with a friend, when we got back home and I was dropping her off she said come in and see this dollhouse someone dropped off at the clothing store, if you like it you can take it home.  I went in and it is a Greenleaf kit, still in the box of Santa's Cottage, looks to be in good condition, I will have to check to see if it is all there but looks like it.  There is also one of those greenleaf furniture kits, not sure it they are quite my style but may be useful in gauging sizes for me.  I think I am gathering dollhouse kits into a stash lol
  10. Dawn of the Fairy Forest painting

  11. Chandelier question

    16 little e-packets came in the mail today!  I was surprised that they are here so quick but excited to see them!  Still a few more to go, guess I should go and see about the LED's I want to use for lights.  
  12. Lacquer paint

    That sounds like it came out good!  I ended up getting a spray can of black lacquer on one of those ad on offers on Amazon.  I really like the idea of a black piano even though other furniture may not be black.
  13. The main colour

    I love your main color, any shade of blue is great with me!
  14. How do you tongue and groove for minis?

    Does that mean you put groves in the board on the 4" side, not on the edge? 
  15. Lacquer paint

    Has anyone used Lacquer for furniture in a dollhouse, I think I would like the look but am not sure it would be just too shiny.  It is for the piano I am starting.  I am thinking about black lacquer.  I just don't like most of the other paints I have seen on a black piano, they seem to show paint brush strokes.