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  1. Hi there!

    I am a newbie to building dollhouses, but have been fascinated by them since I was a child. Sadly, I never had one growing up, but I have always wanted to own one! I just recently bought an Artply Worthington off Craigslist that I want to remodel as a hobby for myself and someday pass it on to my little girl. The reason I chose this house is because it looks very similar on the outside to the house we live in. I would love for her to have it as a keepsake that looks like her childhood home! :) If there any members who have remodeled a Worthington, please feel free to leave any remodeling tips, how to strip wallpaper, replace the windows/stairs and websites to buy those parts! I'm so excited to join this talented & creative online community and get to know you :)



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    2. Sable

      It's not pictured but I removed the pillars and made new ones using a large round dowel, cut off the base and capital from cake pillars I found at Michaels and added those to the top and bottom of the dowel. 

    3. Dollhouse4myDaughter

      Thank you for all the great tips, Sable! I have been studying the pics in your album, inspecting every last detail :)Like others said, you wouldn't even know it was a dollhouse, it looks so real!!! May I ask where you got your wall/floor coverings?  I love the master bedroom & living room papers!! Also I ck'ed out, saw the windows, doors, stair rail kit, etc. What did you use for the straight rail on the 2nd floor tv room and around the top of the attic opening? Also, prob a dumb ?, but the doors on my house aren't attached in the door jam, they are just sitting there and fall out. How do you attach them to make them swing open?! Should they have a pin in the top/bottom corners, hinges? And it seems like the floor baseboard, window, door trim options are endless, what is the correct size? I see some don't come with trim for both sides!

      And back to the siding, did you start at the bottom and work up, how much glue do you use? And where do you get those corner pieces to cover the inner and outer edges? Did you paint, once it was all on? Do you use craft acrylic or interior wall paint ?

      On your roof, I like how you have those thin strips of wood covering the raw edges, how did you make those? :)

      Have you come across any good youtube videos that can show me any of these things? I have really appreciated the advice and help so far, thank you so, so much! I'm trying to learn as much as possible before starting anything :)

    4. Sable

      Maybe you should start a new thread so that everyone else can offer their knowledge and guidance. Call it "My Worthington" or something like that.

      All of my suggestions assume you have unlimited funds.

      Siding starts from the bottom. There is a lip that overlaps each piece. 

      All of my papers came from coordinating scrapbook books from JoAnns Fabrics. You need three sheets per wall so look for books that offer three sheets of each pattern.

      Replace all of the doors with working ones that have the pins in the casing.

      Here are the trim items I used:

      Crown Moulding:

      Corner Moulding:


      Window casing:
      French Door on balcony: