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  1. The Orchid...gross?

    Thank all of you for your suggestions! Yea, I was just kind of frustrated because it came that way. Once I accepted the pieces weren't tissue paper, I found another sheet that had the tape and black goop on the back too. It sands ok, I guess. I had so much difficulty spackling (maybe because it is old, or I just need practice) I am glad they are sending the kit. Their customer service was fantastic, I am very pleased. I am guessing they only sent another whole kit because it is the cheapie lol
  2. The Orchid...gross?

    I called them and I guess they are just sending me a new kit. The guy just took my name and address and hung up lol. I had two full sheets where the undersides looked like this. Is this a common problem with the greenleafs? I mean the splintering and stuff is doable, but the weird goo and tape is not cool.  
  3. So, I was happily punching away, and being incredibly delicate with the parts, so I wasn't inspecting the undersides. I flipped them as a bunch, so when I was popping out the front wall, my fingers were touching yucky. Anyhow, I flipped it over and found this! Is this...normal? I mean, it looks terrible, the gap is kind of big, and I don't know if it is expected, or if there is a foolproof way to fix it. I don't think it should be like this...but what do I know!  I can't upload the picture...here is the link http://imgur.com/a/IIJ5s Thanks!
  4. Making miniature drinks

    Sugar Charm Shop and Akamarukawaii both make excellent tutorials for beverages and minis. Resin is great, but you have to use the correct pigment (not acrylic paints) Your best bet is making/buying beverage molds, or small plastic cups, and using the resin. You can also use the "translucent" liquid clays, but make sure you use polymer clay to color it. I feel that that would be a good solution seeing as how milk and OJ are opaque-ish anyhow. Some resins can be baked as well, which would allow you to make the cup. I have also seen people make the "beverage" in the shape of a cup with resin, and then wrap some plastic or acetate sheets around to simulate the cup (also using chips of these materials in the resin to simulate ice) Edit: UV resin may also be a good option, but is expensive. It cures with the light, quickly. I know miniature sweet has all of the supplies, as well as like the cups and things. 
  5. Hello from FL!

    Its HOT in Florida lol! Here is a pic of one of the robots I have built, along with some scale minis I am WORKING on, they need a lot of work still. Teeny upholstery is hard. Mr. Zaku is 1:48, and the furniture is 1:12, but whatever ;) http://imgur.com/a/G5XgE
  6. My First Dollhouse Room!

    Love the furniture and minis...and the Overwatch display ;)
  7. Hello from FL!

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I am on the nature coast, close-ish to Tampa, I would say. I am getting started on my build today. I'll be leaving it pretty close to normal with additional exterior features like some clapboard and window boxes, omitting the stairs, and making my own windows...maybe some "stained glass"
  8. Hello from FL!

    Hello! I wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I have always wanted to build a dollhouse, especially because I am in love with the Victorian style, and live in a plain ol' ranch style house. I can safely say I don't have the room to take up this hobby, but I have never let that stop me before lol. I JUST picked up the Orchid (of course) and am ready to dive in. I have experience building various miniatures with polymer clay, and have built (so) many plastic model robots. I also have some experience in woodworking. I feel this will be a fun hobby to start, and to use for posing my various figures!