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  1. Stone Closeup WEB

    Love the colors used in the stone! May I ask which colors you used?
  2. DSC01713

    This is so inspiring! Love the stone work. May I ask, what color combination you use to get those pretty stone colors?
  3. Shabby Chic Dollhouse

    What colors did you use for the exterior? Love it!
  4. Hi Judith,

    I found your comment about dollhouse kits bashing. I would like to bashed two Alison Jr. kits, but have no clue how to do that. How do you get the walls to connect? (front walls). What do you do with the foundation and other floors? You cut them and then glue them together or just get new one all around? Being the bashing queen you are I thought you'll be able to help me with my project.

    Thank you!!!!~


  5. Hello all,  I am looking for the Realife Queen Anne bedroom and dining kits instructions please.
  6. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    Love the moldings! You are inspiring me to build a Victorian one.
  7. BeaconHill-parlour-wip3.jpg

    You are making a superb job with this house. May I ask, did you build the ceiling as well, and how you did it?
  8. Hello guys, i am looking for the Queen Anne collection instructions for the bedroom and dining room. If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know. Thank you.
  9. Duracraft Sweetheart

    You might, I posted one more than a month ago.
  10. Duracraft Sweetheart

    You guys are great! I'll work on my new treasure as soon as possible. Will try all the techniques given. I think stucco would be my choice now. Thank you!
  11. Hello all, yesterday I got the fortune of getting for free a Duracraft Seeetheart DH to rehab. I would like to transform it into a shabby chic or Tudor house, but it has been painted in navy blue and white. if I decide for the Tudor, I guess the color won't matter as I would like to stucco it, but if decide for the Sabby I would have to use siding, or paint on top. What would be everyone's suggestions? Would a stucco shabby chic look good too I wonder? Another question I have is, I would like to change the windows and door, how you take apart pieces already glue?  Thank you in advance for your help  
  12. I'm in Minnesota too, Elk River, which is NW of the Twin  Cities.  I've been on this forum for a number of years and have found it really useful for ideas and tips.  There are some really talented people on this forum (I'm not one of them) and some beautiful work to admire.  I have found that I learn from doing, so my advice is just to jump in and start working.  

  13. Hello all, My name is Norma, I am a miniatures lovers, but never had the opportunity to build one. I own a RGT Allison Jr. Kit, which so far I have dried built, and on my way to get another kit to kit bashed it. I know is too much for someone who has never built a dollhouse, but I want this to be one I feel happy about.  I am excited to be part of this forum, and to learn from all of you.   Norma