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  1. Hello from CA

    I'm in Butte County =)
  2. That would be awesome! Thank you!!
  3. My missing sheet had pieces for the foundation, roof, and trim. I have the (disintegrating) directions, but I don't know what the length of anything should have been, nor do I have the ability to cut detailed wood pieces. I tried looking in the FAQ but the links were broken, so I just sent off an email to Greenleaf asking if there is a way I could get a replacement sheet. Thanks for the suggestions =)
  4. Hello from CA

    Hello,  Last week I bought a 1980 Monroe kit at a thrift store. I've ALWAYS loved miniatures, but this is my first build. In the past, my style was more Victorian but I've recently veered towards a more contemporary look. I'm currently inspired by the farmhouse style in "Fixer Upper". I bought paint today and have a pinterest board dedicated to home decor for this dollhouse. My SO and I eventually intend on starting a tumbler together where his Gundam models have domestic scenes in my 1/12 miniatures. I really need to go to bed because I have work in less than six hours, but I'm just so excited about my house!
  5. Hello community! I recently purchased a 1980s Monroe dollhouse kit from my local thrift store. The kit is almost complete, but I missing sheet 9. Does anyone know how I could find replacement pieces? I've been a long time fan of miniatures but this is my first kit!