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  1. Rag Rug Tutorial

    Thanks so much for your tutorial that just might work.
  2. Rag Rug Tutorial

    Does any one know of a 1/12 rag rug tutorial. Not the braided type.
  3. Signage6L.jpg

    Such an amazing job. I love this project. 
  4. "Destroying" a couple Lawbre houses?

    Love this car. 
  5. What glue should I use?

    Thanks for your help I actually tried double sided type. I have a commercial grade tape I forgot about. ( used to do handmade pocket folders) It worked really well. Now I'll have to wait and see how long it lasts. ALSO these tiles were so easy to lay and look awesome will share. photo tomorrow.  
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    @shareb Congrats on the Pic Pierce Book you will love it. and a very big Happy Birthday to you
  7. What glue should I use?

    Has anyone used this tile and if so what type of glue did you use. They seem plastic almost like a very thin styrene.
  8. Plantation House Interior

    From the album Plantation House

  9. Plantation House

    From the album Plantation House

    Hi all you dollhouse sleuths. Does anyone know if this is a kit ? I bought this one because it is in really great shape. Not my style but couldn't resist it. I should be fun thought doing something very elegant. 
  10. Minis at La Granja, Mallorca

    WoW these are amazing  
  11. How do you pare down a collection?

    Kelly A I love your stories about gifting your moms house. So sweet. I try to donate a house every year since I started 3 years ago I have donated 2 and my 3rd one goes in August. Every time I donate it is in remembrance of my mother as I know she would be so happy to have been able to do that herself.  
  12. halloween Robin Betterley

    These are all so cute and sooo tiny .  
  13. Stucco and Stone

    From the album Magnolia farmhouse build

     I am all over the place with this build. Holly it's actually talking to me ( my first time). Every time I go to do something I have to do something else before I can do what I want . Like I changed the doors and had to put up the wood wall plus the stucco so the doors could go in.  
  14. Wood wall

    From the album Magnolia farmhouse build

    I was given a sample pack from a friend of wood. I've been saving it and I think it made a perfect wood wall.
  15. Started the Magnolia

    From the album Magnolia farmhouse build

    This is where I was at the end of Memorial weekend.