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  1. Bakhtiari

    wow that is just amazing.
  2. A broken bone.

    Great idea on the christmas ornament. 
  3. A broken bone.

    Finger Update . Still swollen and have another doctors appointment this Thursday. So what's a girl to do I want to a mini Garage sale in Benicia and found some amazing items.All discounted and some free. The silver and grey heater/stove is the only impulse buy. I have no idea where it will go. All other items have a plan behind them. I love the screen kit it is so amazingly made hope I can do it justice finishing it off. BEST find of the day the little box and the metal the box was $5 and the metal was free it will be for a belly dancer scene. I'll need to do al a lot of wrk on it . Any ideas on an onion dome to add to the top of it???
  4. Potbelly embers - completed

    Very realistic and will be using your information for a scene I will be doing someday. Starting to collect information and pieces .
  5. Omg, I can't find my Mckinley kit!

    I do feel your pain was remodeling for almost 5 years. There were so many times that I was convinced someone threw away something they were not suppose. Like the silverware set I just found that was driving me crazy for over a year.  Hopefully you find your kit. 
  6. plexilight2.jpg

    Me too I love this light and you house . Very unique
  7. A broken bone.

    That' such a bummer. Surgery after the fact is a pain for sure. I hope all goes well for her.  Fingers and toes are so problematic once they break. Her hand issue sounds way worse than my problems.
  8. A broken bone.

    Typical me I smashed my ring finger on my right hand in the garbage pull out in my kitchen. Man it hurt I did ice it and kept it elevated. Well after a couple of days the bruising was going away but it didn't seem to feel better. So of course I decide to have it checked and yes the bone is cracked right under the fingernail. Such a tiny little thing that can cause so much inconvenience. You really do need that finger a lot. Not just to make mini stuff. Now I have two finger taped together and no lifting.  
  9. completed bed

    Everything about this bed is amazingly perfect. great job with the iron work.
  10. Matboard

    Hopefully our own Keifer will pipe in he did an awesome Kitchen using Matt board I thought. I'm hoping to learn too as I will be doing a kitchen using Matt board "Hopefully"
  11. Screen Test

    I'm with Kells then I read the rest of your post and released that is the one your going with . Perfect
  12. Steampunk Hats

    Holly you two look awesome . Great job cute picture of the two of you.
  13. Minimum World

    I have ordered from them and it was so easy . They are also really easy to work with if there is any kind of problem.
  14. New From San Francisco Bay Area in California!

    Hi Theresa  Another Bay Area girl. Have fun and ask questions. There’s lots of help here. 
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I had one of these drawers the insert part was plastic. I never used it. It was just so small and items would just fall into the cabinet.  I never did it again in a kitchen remodel. And it certainly wouldn’t hold many spices for my house   My spice world is a drawer with a rack you buy for a  drawer. I love it. The drawer really holds a lot of spice out of sight.  Hubby is a spice person.