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  1. Grey option

    Yeah I like the all grey 
  2. 'antique' radio for roombox

    Really cute. Can’t wait to see it done. Every time I see mouse ornaments I think him maybe a house. I love how a few have made house for felt mice and at Christmas theta so many to pick from. 
  3. bed kit

    I have made this bed it’s one I love. It looks great with upholstery. Her kits go together so easy.  Have fun 
  4. 20190216-124400.jpg

    This is soooo cool. What a great job it defiantly looks like a lot of work but so worth it . it's a big WOW.
  5. Where to buy Kummerow lamps?

    I didn't know what these lamps were. The are a big WOW .
  6. Getting ready for auction

    From the album Buttercup Blue garden House

    This little house my best friend asked if I'd donate to an auction she's involved in. How could I refuse she never asks for anything .So Im cleaning it up and getting it ready .I couldn't part with the horse picture though so I painted  two heart pictures. I like them  The Auction is for Children's Cancer.
  7. This sounds so exciting and challenging . Have fun and can't wait to see some pictures.  
  8. Peggy's dollhouse trip

    From the album Artisan items , furniture , Things I love

    Here are somethings I bought at Peggy's. My favorite is the really old clock it's tin and has a wind up to make it work . 
  9. Bluette Maloney room box

    I was really happy I went . It was so fun meeting people who work on dollhouse's. There seems to be a few up in Santa Rosa area. I really liked going up and talking with her.   
  10. Bluette Maloney room box

    From the album Room box

    I bought this room box and some other items at Peggy's in Santa Rosa . She is retiring she has an amazing amount of items. Some very old and there are a lot of room boxes all done and filled with items. I was amazed at everything. Best of all she is so sweet and has so much knowledge.  This room box is not complete so I will have to make molds. DEBATING on if it will be a Masquerade Ball or a Wedding shop. Each has their own appeal to me  wedding = making lots of dresses  Masquerade = making lots of dolls   
  11. Duracraft Victorian VH600 free to good home

    I'm in Northern CA. @Qubanqtee love to see you make this. I jus bought a roombox to redo and finish. Posting a pic now  
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    Lily is just adorable. Have fun 
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Sable the Temples is a stunner and so very special.  
  14. Restaurant Botin Miniatures

    Thanks for sharing I love the tiles and that kitchen.The aging is spot on you feel like they have been cooking there for a while.