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  1. Thanks I think I'll give them a try . 
  2. I love doing minis watching or listening to a TV show I’ve already scene before. 
  3. I have a ?? For everyone into the genealogy What company should I use to get the test done. I don’t know really that much about my family. We’re a small lot. Most are gone. Supposedly a lot in Portugal I have one grand father that I found out was adopted so I thought he was English last name Yarnell. But now looking at pictures I’m thinking Nope   It’s defiantly overwhelming picking a company to do the test with.  I use to collect hand blown glass vases. But miniatures has changed that. Jeannie I understand about the tomatoe seeds my husband is obsessed with pepper seeds and grows peppers from all over the world. Sometime I have to leave the house when he’s making his dried mix or if he frys them. I literally start choking. 
  4. Lake View BoatHouse035.jpg

    Love your hidden lights. One of my favorite things to do. I have such a hard time on lighting decisions. Yours looks awesome. 
  5. Mrs. Claus

    Love your staging. She’s looks so perfect. 
  6. Winter project underway

    Yep thanks I'll refer to this for my next build I like that they are the same length .   
  7. Winter project underway

    I really love your wood floor . I'm getting better my first little house has that H look ugh had no clue what I was doing. Now this floor is so awesome that I have to ask is there a pattern you use or is it random? I did the one that is three different lengths on my Pierce Castle and it looks good but I like this one better for the next build. Whats your secret?
  8. Does anyone know anything about weight watchers online

    The weight watchers app is a lot of help. It can track you day.  What brand of phone do you have ?  I’ll ask at a meeting tomorrow how to use their online version and where you go for help with it. Therr should be some type of on line support.   
  9. DSC06723.JPG

    That is a cool memory . You are so lucky to have the house and the photo. I love everything you have done with it.
  10. wooden paddle for the cauldron

    From the album SteamPunk Apothecary Witches Lantern

    Thanks  Kathie for your wooden spoon post it inspired me to try some out of popsicle sticks too. These aren't perfect but I think they'e are just right for a witches room
  11. 5b4a1dfa62b38-LakeViewBoatHouse028.jpg

    Me too that was my first though grab a book and goo to bed . I love this house it's just perfect.  
  12. steampunk cooker all from the hardware store

    Thanks I was able to turn it off now I'll go check all my pics. . I usually have my IPhone location turned off but missed it on this one.
  13. From the album SteamPunk Apothecary Witches Lantern

    OK almost everything is from the hardware store the base is from Michaels 
  14. steampunk cooker

    From the album SteamPunk Apothecary Witches Lantern

    Here's the cooker still needs a caldron but I'm loving it also the knobs are on the small drawers. still deciding on the map drawers 
  15. Introduction

    Welcome and can't wait to see some pictures.