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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is the problem for me almost everything to my house is over $600 the smallest was over $400. Some great houses though. I'm sure the shipping includes crateing.
  2. Happy Easter

    She's a cute and her doll too. I love her big eyes.
  3. Shop panels all glued in

    I so love this. The paneling is so perfect in my eyes
  4. Stone finish idea

    Love this . Your house is just coming out so cool  
  5. 1st and 2nd floor staircases

    Love these stairs and the placement.  
  6. the work crew. Always eager to help

    They’re so cute I’m pretty sure if you paid for a cat condo for them they wouldn’t use it and head for the nearest dollhouse. 
  7. I am Groot.

    Me to he’s so cute. 
  8. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    I'm noticing some people putting there name on their photo's and or their business name too.
  9. Thanks I will pack some snacks and water for sure. I'm taking full advantage of being there . I even took a night class making tulips and a class using a jewelers saw. I actually made my list of tables I want to see for sure ( someone had suggested this ) I'm sure I get overwhelmed and just stare.
  10. IMG_2853.JPG

    yep what the both said - well done I love the unevenness of it.
  11. IMG-0221.jpg

    love your house . Looking forward to see her change.
  12. Miss Maisy

    To funny I hadn't even gotten this far when I saw Catzilla . He's a really cute cat. 
  13. IMG_1352.JPG

    Catzilla at work.  
  14. IMG_1353.JPG

    She's lovely . I love the dress colors and her hair came out great. I'm finally working on my room box for Rose Creek.
  15. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I love this sea side villa I can so picture it on a cliff looking out to the sea. Reminds me of some old movie .