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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    This is so pretty to look at. I know I couldn’t handle this kind of weather for very long. 
  2. bavarian painting

    I just love this. The painting is just right. 
  3. IMG-7431.jpg

    From the album Pierce - Dragon fairy house

    The first combo window glass rocks with lead . These are the ones I need to see into the house due to the Pierce being an L shape. Still have to do something in the lead area . I have a few tests drying hopefully one works.  
  4. Greetings and Salutations!

    Welcome and have fun when something is just not going right . Move onto something else for a bit or try cussing a bit it seems to help me.
  5. Westville Dollhouse.jpg

    From the album My Westville House

    Finally it's done I think . The white rails UGH trying to cut the angles the biggest pain ever. Undecided about the vining though. Trying to get a photo where it sits also a pain because of the window.
  6. Exterior almost done!

    this is so.... pretty I love all the colors.
  7. Appreciate your imput on paint

    I like the Liquitex brand too . I've also used the small craft bottles and have found that Delta Ceramcoat is the brand I like best .I use a lot of chalk paint only problem is you might want to seal the chalk paint. When I seal it I antique/white wash it at the same time . I have used  house paint but only on the outside of the house when I need a lot of paint. Looking forward to seeing your wagon.
  8. Hello - a complete newbie!

    Have fun with it.  I did the Arthur a few months back it’s one of my favorites 
  9. Veggie platter done

    This is so reall looking I love seeing the seeds. It’s so perfect. 
  10. What's everyone working on?

    I’m with you on the price but lots of ideas   For making some cool furniture. 
  11. Yes I think it will be fun. I can see every room having it's own color But we'll see I'd like her to have a lot of input on her house.  I'm trying to find a rainbow doll too but no luck yet . So far to big or way to much money . How perfect would a Rainbow Brite doll be but I guess they are collectors items now. May make a rainbow dress for a little doll I have .
  12. Well it should be very interesting I saw her today and her favorite color is a rainbow house .
  13. Thanks so much I did see the young age on the box but thought I'd ask. I bought it and will do it in whatever her favorite color is. 
  14. 72C56BA7-4233-4F02-8626-94AB5B8E649F.jpeg

    Great job on the witch I think the children are perfect too.  Looking forward to seeing this  house done. 
  15. Does anyone think this house might work for a 7 year old ?