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  1. Shingles

    Is this a Greenleaf House I have some leftover from a Buttercup and a Author since on both I did the metal roof look on the A frame part  . I believe they are round on one side. Let me know if you think they will work I'm happy to give them to you. I remember they were pretty thin. I can also post a pic. of them   
  2. Katie

    She really is a sweet thing. Seeing you're pretty doll makes me want to try it BUT that's for another year .  I"m accutally shocked at how miniatures are so addictive . First a dollhouse and furnishing , then the pretty stuff , have to have an animal or two , then another house , then another house , oh and then 3 more house waiting , more furniture and stuff .  I THINK A DOLLHOUSE SHOULD COME WITH THE      WARNING - THIS CAN BECOME ADDITIVE    
  3. My New Etsy Shop!

    your work is just stunning.
  4. RegencyTableupdate.jpg

    Great job I love the whole scene .
  5. IMG-6416.jpg

    I'm thinking about the rocking horse too they are so cute
  6. IMG-6416.jpg

    Heres the link He's amazing stumbled on him because I was looking for a swan. I have a carved swan in my house I just love.
  7. Meet my special family

    I'm so sorry to hear about you're Bassett the are such a part of the family I know it can be a great loss.
  8. Meet my special family

    Really Beautiful dogs They look like a lot of fun
  9. IMG-6416.jpg

    also the potatoes are by our very own Minigirl / Paula
  10. IMG-6417.jpg

    From the album Artisan items , furniture , Things I love

    These bunny are so small and cute . Took about a month to get them from the Netherlands. 
  11. IMG-6416.jpg

    From the album Artisan items , furniture , Things I love

    I love these Swans .This man is so talented.
  12. dino.jpg

    I'm loving these guys , makes me smile too.
  13. Grandpa's new project

    Can you get the slate in the states are you buying it from the UK?
  14. Ceiling tile test

    this is really cool   
  15. A Christmas Gift for Us . . .

    Congrats!!!  I'm so happy of you both. Home ownership can be so rewarding now you can do whatever your heart desires .AS long as you both AGREE