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  1. bakery counter

    Yummy I’d shop there everything looks delicious   
  2. poinsettias

    Love the poinsettias every detail is perfect 
  3. What's everyone working on?

    Sable what a great project. Can't wait to see some pictures Carrie I'm so Happy for you I hope you two have. great time doing mini's. Her tree is looking darn good so far. 
  4. Harry Potter Gingerbread House

    That is really awesome gingerbread build . We went to Harry Potter land last week at Universal Studios in Florida . It was awesome the rides were amazing all five off my family loved it and were all much older. One thing that was a surprise is how many people dressed as students from Hogwarts young and old alike also the wands were selling like crazy. 
  5. Rons Miniatures

    Ron was not there and his dollhouse room was closed. I peaked in and was amazed at how big most of the houses are. I didn’t see a castle .  He does sell a clear castle looking two story small house     It would make a really good scene from the movie Frozen. It’s made out of plastic.  I hope I get a chance to go back it was pretty amazing. 
  6. Rons Miniatures

    From the album Artisan items , furniture , Things I love

    Well I made it to Rons in Orlando Florida. I was completely overwelmed. I went there with a couple things I wanted but wondered aimlessly. I finally got back on track to get a very ornate vanity everything else I just liked. I have never seen so many things to chose from. They had at least 6 very ornate bedroom sets all Bespaq. JUST AMAZING. 
  7. Elf

    I love how you stage your scenes . I want cookies and milk.
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    This is so cool. I just love it. 
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    So glad to hear it’s going well. Being with family is such a wounderful thing. 
  10. IMG_7641.jpg

    This is looking great. Are you leaving it white? I have this house and so want to just do all white but struggle with the fact it’s a painted lady. 
  11. Backdrop

    This house is just so stunning.
  12. IMG-0178.JPG

    This is so great love the paint bottles.
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    So sorry to hear this and so happy you just have stitches. Here's wishing a speedy recovery.
  14. fairy house

    This looks so cool .
  15. Flying...

    When it comes to flying. It’s a meditation thing for me I always sit shut my eyes breath deeply and talk to know one. I may add some garnet and turquoise now though.