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  1. Evening retreat

    I love all your lighting effects. 
  2. Front view

    This is a really cool house I love what you have done.   
  3. Help! =( Frustrated with linfield

    Hang in there the decorating fun is still to come 
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Happy Dance for Jeremy 
  5. House on a Hill

    Great idea. I have a good friend who loves doing Paint Night and I love it two. I make the big painting but come home and will make a small one of the ones I like. Now I have a lot of big paintings I don’t need. Great idea to just take the small canvas that night.  Your painting is adorable. 
  6. Sleeping Santa

    He looks so peaceful considering what’s ahead.  I love that he’s a unique Santa. 
  7. I’m so glad you can make it I was peeking in when they were setting up. It was pretty amazing. I’m just in awe. Ley me know what time you’ll be here. I’ll pm you also 
  8. Hello community

    Welcome Olga glad you joined the group  you will get a lot of help with this group   I love your knitted dresses they are really cute. 
  9. class at the Good Sam show

    From the album Artisan items , furniture , Things I love

    This was a really fun class . they are a little wonky but kinda cute . 2 came out pretty good and two well they look dirty. I guess it was little warm here in San Jose today.
  10. Abura House

    Great job and the movie is perfect. 
  11. Artsy article on famous dollhouses

    Thanks , really amazing houses. 
  12. Finished Cafe!

    Really cute kit. I love how everything is in it. 
  13. French door surround

    I Love this so much. 
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I saw it to at the fair. The special effect was pretty cool. When you looked into the bedroom a lady doll is standing there. When you hit a button lights change the scene and you see ghosts all around her. The house was made by the family that owned the Benicia miniature  store and boy is it big. The grandfather made it. 
  15. Hermitage

    This is such a cute build I love looking at all the pictures