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  1. Lighting woes - please help!

    I thought I'd share an idea for hiding LED lights in beams. If you building and using bass wood beams and want light I have use led singles and strings. Do not buy the double sided light here as it's a waste of money. This is an example of a string I had to make a Christmas tree . ( yeh thats still not done.) So I stole it for a room box I'm working on. I cut a line into the balsa and placed the sting over it and just pushed it in . so easy and you can have a little or a lot of light. I'll share an actual picture of the room box when it's complete.   Oh yeah you can get warm light or cool light   
  2. Lighting woes - please help!

    Sorry this took so long I have to work to pay for my Mini Habit ( Is there a 10 step program out there) Here is the link to the company I get my LEDs from They have what is called a Pico and Nano all around light the wire is really thin. I use this one a lot. If any wire shows I paint with acrylic enamel gold or what ever color is needed to hide it. You can wire up to 10 on a little battery cell holder with a push button switch any more you have to step up to a bigger battery source. I have put some pretty small holes in house and wired right to the bottom and to one push button switch . They even have clickers now.   
  3. 5e1492c2bebc2-LEGO.jpg

    I agree it's really cool
  4. Lighting woes - please help!

    Yeah this is an easy fix. I'll pull out my stuff on Wednesday and take pictures of what I use . I'll also send a private message of what to buy if you like my idea.  I would leave everything in tack for now. I'm away from home for work for a few days. Really a great lamp.
  5. Napoleon's Marshals

    Joel these books are awesome. I love the pic of Josephine. I have made a doll of her in that dress with the crowning necklace.
  6. Lighting woes - please help!

    Hi Cindy can you post pictures of the light. I have converted lots of lights over to LED. I but my bulbs through Evans.  
  7. occupants?

    I cut all her hair off and glued hair directly onto the head. I did buy a wig and I'm not feeling it as I just think it's to much hair. To take off the lips or eyes you use pure acetone or strong nail polish remover. The nail polish remover will take a bit of time to get it off. Oh yeah after painting you seal with a matte sealer. I found Kelly shoes on EBAY or ALIEXPRESS
  8. occupants?

    I wish it wasn't so but it can be like that here in the US when it comes to nudity.  There not gross or anything just really busty I wish you could get them in a more normal body style. You know the whole body image thing they are not east to dress either for young hands. The male counterpart dolls are just like Ken.  I didn't make the clothes . There's a couple of ladies on Etsy that do a great job fitting these doll. I can sew and have started looking at stretchy materials to make clothes because they can get pricey. So I will attempt some clothing. 
  9. Happy New Year!

  10. occupants?

    opps also I just went back and read who started the tread. Theses are cool dolls but not for young granddaughters. They might be to life like.   
  11. occupants?

    I have 2 Phicen dolls. They are fun and the defiantly look as thought they have seen the plastic surgeon.  I changed the hair it was really easy to do on one doll. I also repaint the lips only. The measure 5.5" flat footed I just measured mine. Clothes a little hard to get on because of the silicone skin. Just dust with a little powder. Shoes that are cheap and work for them are the Kelly tennis shoes and boots . 
  12. Instant Pot -- instant gratification?

    I won one too but haven't touched it yet. Looking forward to hearing about your recipes . I also checked out the greek chicken with artichoke hearts. We have a huge greek feast on New Years Day total of 30 this year. I make the Lemon Chicken and changed my recipe a little this year I received some great kudos the best being It was just like his greek mothers chicken. I was walking on air with that one as I'm about the only one there that's not greek. I think I'll add some artichokes next year
  13. Sugarplum

    Congrats Carrie , She is so sweet. I can understand how hard she will be to part with.
  14. Stove mold

    That is a really cute stove . Can't wait to see you paint it.
  15. I love this too. I need to know how to do this.