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  1. I apologize everyone, I'm building The Orchid dollhouse. Been a busy week with school starting back up HALLELUJAH!!!!

  2. Hello , I'm very new to this but I am so excited. A few years so someone had posted a unfinished house kit on Facebook classifieds for $20. Thinking it would be a quick project for me and my husband to do got our 4yr old ( haha I laughed at myself too) I bought it. The frame was up and it came with a 25 gal tote full of paint, sand paper,  glue new wiring for lights new in package, nice ceramic tub, toilet sink, light fixtures etc. I I got a real bargain. The nice lady thought it would be a quick project for her and her daughter too! Well long story short here I am 2yrs later pulling out back out and giving it a go again. The house is "The Cottage". 

    It is overwhelming to say the least but I'm going try it again. I did take it apart and set the frame where they butt up again each other and not in the precut slats so it's made the partition for the stairs short about 3 inches so I decided to build up the floor just under the stairs and make it a split level and made my own wood floors. Please remember it's my first ever build. 


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    2. charlismom2

      Sable, it's the Orchid house. 

    3. charlismom2

      Thank you Buelah, I agree it was/is a bit overwhelming but oddly enough, working on it calms me when my house is like a zoo. Currently I'm at a stand still. I can't decide to lay carpet or wood flooring in living room, plus I don't know when I should wire it yet! Any suggestions? 

    4. Beulah

      I put wood on my little Orchid house.  There are photos in my album here if you want to take a look.  As for wiring, I have not done a wired house yet.  My next one will be but I am scared lol