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  1. I don't know about plywood. If you do try it, go with straight cuts only, and have an extra blade or two ready for if/when the first one breaks. John
  2. I have had my Maker for a few months now and I love it. I have used it to cut 1/16" and 3/32" basswood. I've had better luck with the 1/16", but that is mostly due to not taping the wood to the mat well enough and it wandered a bit so I had to cancel the cut. When I taped it better, it didn't wander. Also with 3/32", you need to extend the cutting passes because there is no setting for 3/32" basswood, only 3/32" balsa, so you have to force the machine to keep cutting to get all the way through the basswood.  I was able to transfer patterns from Kris Compass' site, import them to Design Space and cut them out. I did that with the onion/potato bin and now I have a cut-out kit to build the bin with. I have imported other patterns but haven't cut them out yet. I needed some 3/4" wide siding for the addition I am building on my Duracraft San Franciscan so I had the Maker cut those out. I also used it to cut out additional doors for the SF.  All in all it is a great tool and as I become more proficient with it I will use it more and more. John
  3. A recent conversation here mentioned the window upgrade for the Garfield. It reminded me that I have a full set of the Timberbrook Working Windows upgrade for the Pierce. I have decided to not use them on my Pierce because of the modifications I plan to do. So, they are available. I am including a couple of pictures of what I have. I believe that these will fit the Garfield also, but you will need a few more window for that. If you are interested, PM me for price and additional information. John
  4. Window Seat

    What scale are you making your window seat in? I see your shapeways items are all in 1/3 scale.
  5. Window Seat

    It looks like it will be amazing! 
  6. tower detail

    I love it. The color scheme is very similar to what I am doing on my San Fran 555. I will use some of your detailing ideas. John
  7. I have had my Maker for only a couple months. I have cut out a couple of wood patterns from Kris Compass' tutorials, and I have cut out a couple extra door and window parts for my San Fran 555. I love it! John
  8. Porch decking

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    Possible stain color for the porch decking. I like it because it matches the pink trim,  hope my sister likes it also. 
  9. Foundation

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    Cut stone foundation made from cork board.
  10. Interior walls

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    I skinned the interior walls with 2.7mm (7/64") plywood. It matches up nicely with the long frames. I'll just need to spackle the small gaps and I will have smooth walls for finishing. 
  11. Window close up

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    Window with headers.
  12. From the album San Fran 555 Build

    The foundation, walls, and long frames are glued and everything seems to fit (no egregious gaps). The windows are not glued in yet, that will happen after the interior is complete.
  13. Window Closeup

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    Closeup of a finished window. 
  14. Assembled windows.

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    15 windows, 11 pieces per window, 161 total pieces. Nice to have that bit finished. 
  15. Window Parts

    From the album San Fran 555 Build

    All the window parts. After sanding, filling, sanding, and more sanding, painting, sanding, painting and sealing, the windows are ready for assembly. I chose to glue the top frame in and only the bottom frame opens. This helped make a rigid window frame that can be handled without falling apart. Notice the gluing jig I made for assembly.