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  1. Bella?

    Thank you very much. I will be on the lookout for that truck.  John
  2. Bella?

    Your porcelain dolls are amazing, but what I really like is the truck! Where did you get that? I would like information about the truck, please.  John
  3. Fair offer for an Artply Franklin?

    I bought mine from a forum member. I paid about $50, which included shipping from Wisconsin to Washington state. The box was in bad shape,  but the kit was complete and in good shape and included instructions. All of this was disclosed prior to the sale.  John
  4. Glue ?? but not exactly a MINI

    Epoxy should do fine with cement.
  5. Garfield floor plan

    Thank you very much. This will be very helpful when I build my Garfield. John
  6. How to place shingls on your roof

    I think you should give credit to the actual creator of this roofing technique. This one came directly from Tom's Tips at earthntree.
  7. View from living room

    From the album UP House

    Tw two removable walls, Stair wall and Fireplace wall.
  8. UP house, continued

    Holly, I just saw the Dodge's book for sale, either on Amazon or eBay. Perhaps I should purchase it.
  9. UP house, continued

    LOL! Yes, I am sure that Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and other Little Ponies will be invited for a visit. Most likely Moana will show up, as well as Poppy and other Trolls.
  10. UP house, continued

    Also, thank you for all the 1/16 furniture information. I have picked up a few pieces from ebay, but will definitely look at the a Amazon and Target stuff. I already have Carl, Russell, and Dug by Funko Pop, and a plush Kevin. Not exactly the right size, but close enough. John
  11. UP house, continued

    Resizing a 1/12 pattern to 1/16 would be no problem. I would just reduce the 1" square to 3/4". If no square,  then size accordingly. Being a retired high school math teacher, this scale stuff is easy-peasy. My railroad models are 1:20.3, and my R/C cars range from 1/6 to 1/18 scale. Thanks to everyone for all their positive comments on the UP house. John
  12. The yellow wall installed

    From the album UP House

    Yellow wall in place, or, the stairway to nowhere?
  13. Carl & Ellie's chairs

  14. Front porch

    I have Russell, Carl, Dug and Kevin dolls for it. They are a bit big, but she doesn't mind.
  15. Carl & Ellie's chairs

    From the album UP House

    Ellie's chair is built from a 1inchminiatures kit, and Carl's chair was scratchbuilt from plans from 1inchminiatures.P