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  1. Old Farm Theme

    Holly, I took a 2 month hiatus from building during the holidays. Mainly because my building area reverted back to the dining room and kitchen table. I've been working on the lighthouse keepers house and will post pictures sometime soon. The lighthouse itself just needs a few interior lights installed and it will be finished,  maybe.  Ron, short line, narrow gauge steam logging is my area of interest also.  Geared engines and one-off, unusual logging cars especially. I love your boom truck.
  2. Old Farm Theme

    I am duly impressed! Those are amazing scratchbuilds. You have inspired my to create an album of my own scratchbuilt railroad models in 1:20.3 scale. John
  3. SF 555- build finally completed

    That is awesome!
  4. The year of the dollhouse

    I like what I see. I really like the addition on the right side of the house. Good job!
  5. Fresnel Lens

    The Fresnel Lens is made by Harbour Lights. I got mine from They are made from real glass and real brass. They are hard to come by, and cost a very pretty penny! But well worth it, in my opinion.
  6. It is Here!!!

    WOW! Just WOW!
  7. Kit lens vs Fresnel lens

    From the album Lighthouse

    This is why I had to have the Fresnel lens. It looks so amazing in the lantern room with the flashing beacon light. Even though it's a replica, it actually works like a real Fresnel. By the way, it is a 3rd order Fresnel. I must give credit for the Fresnel lens idea to Brae and her Otterine's Miniatures blog about her Walnut Bay Light. I may not have known about this amazing replica otherwise. The beacon is the 1/12 scale GRS Light House Beacon from Cir-Kit. Everything Is Awesome!
  8. The roof

    From the album Lighthouse

    The green asphalt shingles I got were so dark they looked black. I thinned some of my green paint with water and gave the shingles a good wash. The variation in color that resulted was perfect. I glued them down with Quick Grab.
  9. Top floor

    From the album Lighthouse

    Inside and outside decking. Top of stairs. Beacon electronics in black box.
  10. Mine were Carl and Ellie's chairs for my UP house. Ellie's was from a kit by 1inchminisbykris, Carl's was scratchbuilt following Kris' instuctions. I also followed her suggestions to make them looked well used. I made the lamp table from an HOM kit. The chairs went with the house when I gave it to my granddaughter.
  11. 3rd floor

    From the album Lighthouse

    I didn't like the ladder that came with the kit, so I modified these stairs by adding the rails and banisters.
  12. 2nd floor

    From the album Lighthouse

    I built the chain safety rails and posts.
  13. First Floor

    From the album Lighthouse

    Entry hall in back, the light is the same as what will be hanging from each ceiling. Beadboard wall covering. Compass rose on floor. I wish I had gotten an 8", or even 10" stencil instead of the 6". And, of course, the spiral stairs. I purchased the spiral stairs on Ebay. They are from Melody Jane Dolls Houses in England. They are made from white metal and highly detailed. After assembly, I spray-painted them with Rust-Oleum Hammered Black. They look even 'awesomer' up close.
  14. All the way to the top

    From the album Lighthouse

    Aye Matey, now we can get to the lantern room!
  15. Fresnel Lens

    From the album Lighthouse

    Is that too cool for school,  or what?