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  1. Original kit photo for my house. 


  2. Welcome I can't wait to see what you do with your house.  It's looking good 

  3. I received this Arrow 10 room wood dream house as a gift for my daughter. My mother-in-law built it, but didn't do any finishing, so now it's my project. :) we got some of the furniture from the kit and one side porch too.  It looked like two houses blended together, so I thought it was a Frankenstein, but was pleased to find out it was a real pattern kit.  I did use a lot of wood putty to hold the two house pieces together and made a base for added strength.  Inside was pretty brittle and i had to rip out furniture that was glued to the floor.  why? why? why?  Confounded me. Have painted inside white base and exterior a Tiffany blue per my daughter's request.  Shingled roof and electric are next.  

    Mother in law also just gave me the orchid she found at a garage sale for $5 since she now knows I am hooked on miniatures.  Also got a lot of house of miniatures kits that I am looking forward to building.




    1. JSundbakken

      Since I haven't seen any other Arrow homes...here's the house before any renovations were made.




  4. Seeking Arrow Dollhouse - "Big Wood Dream Dollhouse"

    Griffonfeathers, not sure if this is the right house....I was given a house from my mother-in-law for my daughter to have and thought it was a Frankenstein, but just found an image for the Arrow 10-room wood big dollhouse. I am renovating it currently.  Not selling, but thought you may like the pics. I will post shortly.