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  1. Gingerbread Orchid House

    Thank you!  Your words are very encouraging!
  2. Gingerbread Orchid House

  3. My Introduction

    Thanks! The deer came from Target, it was an ornament from Xmas 2016. 
  4. My Introduction

    Kathie, It's absolutely adorable!  I love it!
  5. House Coloring Pages?

  6. House Coloring Pages?

    I was wondering if anyone had access to black/white dollhouse coloring pages?  I found a Greenleaf Orchid and Beacon Hill images through a google search, but had trouble finding any for Duracraft houses.  My daughter had a lot of fun “painting” the Orchid house while I was actually painting the house. ;)
  7. My Introduction

    Hello, My name is Jen and I have been a member since last year, but haven't completed my profile until now.  I live in St. Louis, MO and have a wonderful mini support team consisting of my awesome husband and sweet daughter. They know that they must be careful in my "delicate" work room, but that most dollhouse stuff is allowed to be played with and enjoyed. I became interested in building dollhouses last year when my daughter received an Arrow 10 room dream house as a gift.  It needed some rehabbing, so I thought this will be a nice project for us to work and play with together.  After a short time, I was hooked on the tiny details and imagining interior designs and have bought several furniture and house kits since.  I enjoy working with the wood, paint and building materials. Playing mini-interior designer is exciting too, as I love working with color theory, and imagining the lives of the little people that inhabit the homes.  I grew up playing with a Tomy Smaller Homes house and always wanted a real wooden house.  My cousin received a huge Real Good Toys house from my Uncle that I loved to look upon. It was not a plaything, but a collection. The attic was furnished in Dora Kuhn furniture from her trip to Germany to visit our family.  I thought the hand painted furniture was divine. Hence, my Dora Kuhn fascination began.  I recently completed a Greenleaf Orchid imagined as Santa's Gingerbread house.  My next project is a Duracraft Linfield that will be a Shabby Chic beach house.  But don't worry, I have a plethora of other homes and ideas to explore in the future.  Please join me in my mini fun journey.
  8. Gingerbread Orchid House

    Just in time for Christmas in July, I have finished building and decorating the Greenleaf Orchid as Santa's Gingerbread House. Mrs. Claus, Santa and his brother Krampus live in this house with the elves where they make toys, check the naughty and nice list, sip tea and eat cake. The house includes a study, workshop, family room and bedroom. Started building last December, now 8 months later, I was helped in making design decisions by my 4 year old daughter, who loves to play with "Gingy". We've been cranking up the music box which plays "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and eating spice drops while playing.
  9. Original kit photo for my house. 


  10. Welcome I can't wait to see what you do with your house.  It's looking good 

  11. I received this Arrow 10 room wood dream house as a gift for my daughter. My mother-in-law built it, but didn't do any finishing, so now it's my project. :) we got some of the furniture from the kit and one side porch too.  It looked like two houses blended together, so I thought it was a Frankenstein, but was pleased to find out it was a real pattern kit.  I did use a lot of wood putty to hold the two house pieces together and made a base for added strength.  Inside was pretty brittle and i had to rip out furniture that was glued to the floor.  why? why? why?  Confounded me. Have painted inside white base and exterior a Tiffany blue per my daughter's request.  Shingled roof and electric are next.  

    Mother in law also just gave me the orchid she found at a garage sale for $5 since she now knows I am hooked on miniatures.  Also got a lot of house of miniatures kits that I am looking forward to building.




    1. JSundbakken

      Since I haven't seen any other Arrow homes...here's the house before any renovations were made.




  12. Seeking Arrow Dollhouse - "Big Wood Dream Dollhouse"

    Griffonfeathers, not sure if this is the right house....I was given a house from my mother-in-law for my daughter to have and thought it was a Frankenstein, but just found an image for the Arrow 10-room wood big dollhouse. I am renovating it currently.  Not selling, but thought you may like the pics. I will post shortly.