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  1. Seeking InstructionsRealife Nurser

    Hi Samantha, As we say here in Hawaii, "no worries"--I am just so grateful that you responded & you have them.  Please just send them when you can.  I have not had much time for doll housing right now as I am trying to be good to avoid having my presents (all 2 of them) thrown into the fireplace.  It takes much more time to be good rather than not.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  I appreciate that you wrote back so quickly.  Happy Holidays--must go chop wood, bake bread and wash his truck.  PS  I really have the best husband and more than 2 presents : -)--I hope you do also!!
  2. Seeking InstructionsRealife Nurser

    Phew!  OK that means that I didn't do anything wrong.  I hope it's ok to share something like this:  Somewhere my husband read a good technique for encouraging little ones to behave since Santa will be here soon.  Here's the tip:  wrap "fake" or empty presents & place them under the tree.  If little Billie makes a bad choice behavior wise, throw one of those presents into the fireplace.  Well . . . as a result, my presents have been threatened to end up on the coals quite a few times so I wouldn't want to do anything wrong on this forum either.  Thanks for letter me know that it wasn't my fault.   : - ) 
  3. Seeking InstructionsRealife Nurser

    Sorry everyone if I did something to make my request appear twice.  I am new and still learning (this learning thing is much like my dollhouse construction--it will never be done. )  Thanks to Samantha (aka Samusa), my plea has been answered.  THANK YOU!  I did email my address, Samantha.  Please let me know if you did not get it.  Happy Holidays everyone and thank you again, Billie
  4. Does anyone have the Realife Miniares Nursery instructions for the bureau and crib that they would be willing to share?  Thanks, Billie
  5. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a copy of the instructions for this beautiful old dollhouse?  I am still working on my very first dollhouse--the Westville but could not resist the opportunity to buy this old Cape Cod house.  Can you help please?
  6. New Member Saying Hi

  7. Thanks for the welcome--yes, I am going broke with shipping charges.  I see you have a store.

    1. My Miniature Madness

      That's a bummer! There are so many how to's out there for making minis I bet you'll enjoy making a lot of stuff yourself!

      I don't really have a store per se. I designed some stuff to have 3D printed a couple years ago for a modern build I was working on. I just make the designs available, so don't really make any money, but it is fun to share. 

      I do have a blog tho, and that is probably the link you thought was a store. 

      I hope you'll share photos of the Westville!

    2. austin65

      Hi Jodi, Out here we often say "it's the price we pay for living in paradise"--all the "stuff" has to get here and we can't expect it to fly here without a price.  So, yeah, we pay postage but life is simple here and we don't need lots of stuff.  Now that i have this new hobby, there's an investment as a "startup dollhouse wanabee maker" and I look at postage rates carefully.  I am a crafter for many, many years and do enjoy making stuff myself but no expert.  I definitely will seek out your blog.  Thanks for writing.  Aloha, Billie




  9. OMG--Your Westfield is gorgeous!  My goal is to finish my Westville sometime before next Christmas.

  10. Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. Thank you so much, Jackie!

  12. Hi!  I'm Billie, new to this forum and am enjoying building my very first dollhouse!  It's a Greenleaf Westville model--having so much fun building it and am really happy to have found this site.  I'm out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and now I feel connected to others who also enjoy this great hobby.  I recently bought my 2nd dollhouse.  It's an old S/W Cape Cod house 403; but unfortunately, does not have instructions.  I would be so grateful if someone has them and is willing to share them with me. Aloha, Billie
  13. S/W Cape Cod Dollhouse Instructions

    Thanks so much for responding, Holly.  I am green at this--both building houses and to this forum and will do as you suggest.   Aloha, Billie
  14. Aloha, Does anyone have directions for the S/W  78403-2 Cape Cod Dollhouse.  I would be so grateful.  Thank you.