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  1. It is giving me trouble too!.

    I am going to email you a word document with the instructions once it is fixed. That may have been the problem you were having. I feel so bad for new people who want to share there pictures because it is not very user friendly. Once you do it a couple of times it is easy.

    Make sure your picture size is not too large. It won't take them.

    You can resize them for free at I can help you with that if you run into problems.

  2. gingerbread done.jpg

    Love the way they turned out!!!!!
  3. What's everyone working on?

    Pretty! I like the applique on the gables.
  4. Slippers

    Love those slippers! Such wonderful detail!
  5. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    That's a very pretty bed! This is so much fun when people post these questions. It's like phone a friend on whatever game show that is. The posts on the Camille just wouldn't work in that house. I am working with the same house right now. Love what you chose and thanks for showing me another great craftsmen.
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    The best kind of minis smell good too!
  7. The Orchid Tea Room

    Has anyone ordered any of the wallpaper assortments from Have any feedback on the quality of their papers in general? The prices are great for those assortments. 18 sheets for $10. Starting miniatures from scratch is pricey so I really like their assortment price tag.
  8. MerrimackCentralStaircase.jpg

    I agree, it's perfect for the house. This style furniture really takes me back!
  9. Going to NYC & Gulliver’s Gate

    I just watched the video about GG and I think it's so cool! Can't wait to hear about the trip!
  10. Bug In My Kit?!

    Yes, there are a number of beetles lumped into the wood worm category and the holes are made after the larvae hatch and as they tunnel there way out. Funny the piece of furniture I have with the damage is a British piece. Anyway, with all that damage I wouldn't try and keep it. That's a hefty infestation and yes it could have happened at any time.
  11. FullSizeRender-27.jpg

    I like the muted jar of flowers best. Understated elegance for an elegant bath. What size cloth is your cross stitch? That towel is so wonderful!!!
  12. Greetings from Brazil

    Hey Giselle, I posted info on my etsy here in the thread for shops and such. If you ever do a mini wc relating to English tea time or a Italianate renaissance revival garden scene, I would love to know. Good luck around the forum!
  13. As I make mini items for myself, I am also making extra to put in my new Etsy Shop if anyone is interested. Just click the miniature section.
  14. bathroom

    Wow, I hope my first house turns out this great!
  15. gingerbread.jpg

    Love it! I have that house but haven't done anything with it. I planned on making a mini scrapbook for the inside. I saw the idea on the web. Can't wait to see what you do with it.