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  1. Keeping all your finishes and effects straight!

    I thought about this too! That would really keep things in order. Toy stores still stock them, don't they?
  2. Keeping all your finishes and effects straight!

    Gee thanks, Kathie! I had to wait on the trim because I broke the wee bits that came with the kit (they were pretty brittle) and left my mitre box back in Eugene! I've since decided 2 boxes are worth having ;) 
  3. Howdy all,  Eli here again. I was wondering: have any of you mini-makers found a good way to keep track of all your paints, stains, glues, varnishes, waxes, enamels, etc. and, most importantly, their effects? Today I was deliberating on a faux 'gilded' finish for my 'decoupage' Queen Anne tea table (house of miniatures kit; it's a work in progress). I tested my gold effect wax and some oil-based enamel on a scrap of painted wood (I wanted a well-worn look). It occurred to me that I could keep a record of my different materials on different surfaces! You could use photos, I suppose, but I prefer the idea of having materials in real life. That way, there's no funny business with lighting or lenses; plus, if we date them, we could see how effects or finishes age! Have you all made a finishes/effects journal of sorts before? Or have you found some other solution? Or, lastly, do you all have this information stored in your noggins (if so, I commend you because I can't remember it all!)?  As usual, I'd love to hear from you!
  4. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    Oh goodness, mini books! I didn't even think to start on my house's library while I'm away. This is a wonderful idea, Anna :)
  5. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    This sounds lovely! I'm really looking forward to it :D
  6. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    Thanks so much for the contents-breakdown! This is going to be very helpful. I'm feeling more confident by the minute about making minis while I'm away. Your encouragement and know-how is very appreciated!
  7. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    I most certainly will. Word on the street is that the shop is quite nice! Have you been, Holly?
  8. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    I've been having this realization too! As I was starting to pack, I thought 'How will I leave this house behind?' I have a serious love of miniatures, but I never expected that I would be quite so attached! After this last year and a half, this house has become so important to me. As for the joy of acquiring (and marvelling), I do have that element covered. L. has promised to take my to the mini museum in St. Louis! I'm so looking forward to it.
  9. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    Oh my, Anna, this is quite the travel kit! I only hope I can manage something like it :) 
  10. Hello everyone! I've been rather quiet on the forums these days. My graduate program and my teaching has been quite demanding so I've been mostly lurking! Nonetheless, I've been diligently working away at my first build. It's come a long way!  Next week, I'll be leaving my home in Eugene, OR for an extended semi-vacation (I'll be working remotely) with my partner in sunny California. I'll be gone at least 5 weeks (and perhaps longer) since my new job doesn't entail any in-person office time at the university. So, long story short, I can't decided whether to go on mini hiatus or pack enough small supplies to work on kits and such.  What do y'all do? Do you have a protocol for long travels? Do any of you seasonal travelers or snowbirds have tips for taking along smaller projects? Taking the whole house is, as you can imagine, not really an option. I'd love to hear your thoughts! 
  11. "The Miniaturist" PBS Premiere

    I wondered this very thing. I thought, 'oh this MUST be supernatural' because no human being cranks out fabulous minis so fast! 
  12. "The Miniaturist" PBS Premiere

    They did really ramp up the mystery; it's certainly slow for the first 35 minutes or so. I'm hoping they pick up the pace a bit in the next part.
  13. Alright everyone, I just have to know (for those of you in the U.S.; sincerest regards to those who haven't caught it yet): what did you all think of Part I of "The Miniaturist"? If you didn't watch the real-time release at 9 pm EST last night, you can still watch the episode on the PBS website.  I watched the premier last night; I had been anxiously awaiting the episode all day! The rich, dark scenes are just grand. I am also very happy that the dollhouse is more than just a background prop in this story!  So, I'm wondering, did folks have favorite minis or any burning questions you had after watching?  P.S. Maybe folks could give a *spoiler alert* in case other folks want to keep up the mystery? 
  14. Omitting stairs

    I've also been working on an Orchid. I likewise decided stairs simply took up too much precious space! I custom built some faux attic doors (with 'heavy' planking) to cover the hole on either side. There's a handy tutorial on the Greenleaf website that I modified a bit. They aren't functional, but if you're going for a well-loved, well-worn antique-type style they're a nice opportunity to add some extra 'rustic' in the attic!  There should be a photo or two in my album if you'd like a look-see :)