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  1. "The Miniaturist" PBS Premiere

    I wondered this very thing. I thought, 'oh this MUST be supernatural' because no human being cranks out fabulous minis so fast! 
  2. "The Miniaturist" PBS Premiere

    They did really ramp up the mystery; it's certainly slow for the first 35 minutes or so. I'm hoping they pick up the pace a bit in the next part.
  3. Alright everyone, I just have to know (for those of you in the U.S.; sincerest regards to those who haven't caught it yet): what did you all think of Part I of "The Miniaturist"? If you didn't watch the real-time release at 9 pm EST last night, you can still watch the episode on the PBS website.  I watched the premier last night; I had been anxiously awaiting the episode all day! The rich, dark scenes are just grand. I am also very happy that the dollhouse is more than just a background prop in this story!  So, I'm wondering, did folks have favorite minis or any burning questions you had after watching?  P.S. Maybe folks could give a *spoiler alert* in case other folks want to keep up the mystery? 
  4. Omitting stairs

    I've also been working on an Orchid. I likewise decided stairs simply took up too much precious space! I custom built some faux attic doors (with 'heavy' planking) to cover the hole on either side. There's a handy tutorial on the Greenleaf website that I modified a bit. They aren't functional, but if you're going for a well-loved, well-worn antique-type style they're a nice opportunity to add some extra 'rustic' in the attic!  There should be a photo or two in my album if you'd like a look-see :) 
  5. PBS Mini Series "The Miniaturist"

    That's lucky; I prefer things with a little social commentary built in. I'm so looking forward to it! Perhaps I'll pick up the novel in the meantime :)
  6. Howdy all, Here are some (hopefully not sideways!) photos of the bed frame that I have been working on for the attic bedroom of my Orchid (Sweet Cypress Cottage). I built it from scratch, from my own improvised design. I decided to go for a heavy patina look; I love verdigris what can I say!  This is the first coat of simulated patina (mixed up my own batch of acrylic paints for the occasion). It needs a few more coats (not to mention a mattress and frills!); I will be adjusting shades as I dapple on layers for a textured, aged look. I'd like some opinions on this: the green chair to the right (which, I know, needs some dirtying up/aging) is from an HoM kit. I decided to paint and add brass findings instead of staining. I'm wondering, does the olive tone throw off the patina color (as in, make it seem too blue)? I'm also wondering: do you think these two pieces should be in the same room? I know the camera plays tricks, but I'm a little worried about the weird size relationship between them. Anyone have thoughts or opinions? Happy to hear them!  
  7. PBS Mini Series "The Miniaturist"

    Thanks for the link! :)
  8. PBS Mini Series "The Miniaturist"

    It doesn't air until September in the U.S. Hope you won't have to wait much longer!
  9. PBS Mini Series "The Miniaturist"

    I haven't read the book, but it does claim to be based on the novel. How was the book, Holly?
  10. Is anyone else excited about this new PBS series? Fingers crossed they'll do lots of closeups and detail shots of props! Now, we just have to hang on until September P.s.-- Did any one ever get together an organized thread about shows and movies featuring miniatures?
  11. Sweet Cyprus_Interior

    Thanks all! I appreciate the encouragement This is very much still a work-in-progress, of course. 
  12. Sweet Cyprus_Interior

    From the album Sweet Cypress Cottage

    In this photo you can see the beginnings of the Sweet Cypress interior. It isn't furnished, but the inside is *mostly* finished (a few things here and there need doing!). You can also see that, flanking either side of the house, I have started work on custom and kit-based additions. To the left, there is the cellar door facade (there's no cellar below just a trick of the eye); the scratch base and planks are assembled but not painted or weather yet. On the right, you can see the french doors (with no knobs!) leading out to a patio-esque platform. The small porch-looking structure is the base of the greenhouse kit addition. So, the residents can travel from the kitchen directly to the greenhouse!  Lots of work remaining (especially on the custom porch, more details soon) out front so I haven't photographed that quite yet!  However, after many months of lurking and posting, you folks now have *some* sense of what I've been up to  
  13. Sweet Cyprus_Mod

    From the album Sweet Cypress Cottage

  14. 20180725_140200.jpg

    From the album Sweet Cypress Cottage