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  1. My Heritage really is haunted.

    Gadzooks! This is really spooky; thanks for sharing 
  2. Dollhouse Bases

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! :) 
  3. Dollhouse Bases

    Howdy everyone! I've been especially quiet on here lately (mostly lurking ) on account of work and family changes in RL. My Orchid is near structural completion. The interior is ready for furniture and tiny, lovely things, but I'm still working on the porch (bashed from a few scraps and some constructions of my own) and some of the gingerbread. Of course, this progress story excludes shingles, but I'll get to them! So, in short, though my member album is currently empty I hope to have photos up soon! I've been stubborn and wanted to wait until the build was "ready" before taking photos . I'm learning (the hard way) there's no such thing! However, in order to get this exterior finished (including my greenhouse and 'cellar' additions), I need a little help! What do y'all use for bases on your lovely little homes? Do folks normally use plywood or some form of foam? How far out beyond the house's foundation do folks generally build the base? In order to support the additions, I think it would be best to have my base in place before I attach them to the sides of the house (unless, of course, you all don't feel it's necessary). Also, is there any particular base that is better/worse for landscaping? Happy to hear your thoughts or be guided to a helpful thread  Hope everyone is having a pleasant summer so far! 
  4. Kitchen through the parlor door

    I'm a tad late to the party, but where in the world did you get that little stove?! It's the perfect size for an Orchid kitchen and I've really been struggling to find one that would suit mine (also done in Gothic/Victorian style). Did you make this? If so, would you be gracious enough to share with us how?
  5. mini village

    Indeed! This is a really creative idea  I am so excited to see the finished attic!
  6. Barbara Maitland

    I am truly loving this house! Beetlejuice has been a longtime favorite movieof mine and had a special hand in bringing me to miniatures! I just loved the little town in their attic. This is my favorite scene so far!  
  7. Spring Fling 2010

    This is my favorite part of the pottery shop. I absolutely love that you included molds and clay bricks. This is just great!  
  8. Spring Fling 2010

    Kathie, I know I'm late to the party, but I wanted to stop in and say how lovely this pottery shop is (after your kind words on the 'Pottery Preferences' thread)! :) Also, I love this little wood pile!  What did you use for 'firewood'? 
  9. Pottery Preferences?

    I think the handbuilding is only going to work because I'm molding/casting, . I'm sure more dexterous, skilled folks could happily handbuild freely. I shall certainly share photos, either of funny errors or fortunate successes!
  10. Pottery Preferences?

    Woah, Kathie! You made all those!? I'm very impressed. I only hope I can be as successful! :) 
  11. Pottery Preferences?

    At the risk of being too ambitious, I am currently taking a ceramics class and told my instructor I might like to make a few things for my Orchid (hand-building, not throwing though I admit I'm curious). He said it was possible, but difficult! I have some 1:12 wood bowls, plates, and buckets to use as molds. I figure I could start simple and see if I can make some mini-ceramics! :) 
  12. pollock shell.jpg

    I absolutely adore the plank and aging effects! In general, this studio is wonderful. I'm quite excited to see how it turns out. What sort of wood did you use for planks in this Adams build? Craft or popsicles sticks? Or was it scale lumber? 
  13. Already possessed

    Agreed, loving this little dwelling!
  14. What's everyone working on?

    It really is. I always made time to collect shells when I was out there for the Sanibel Island Writers' Conference (when I was still writing creatively, before grad school and teaching took up all my writing time). Sanibel island is so lovely! 
  15. Bedroom set has been decorated

    My oh my, this is truly lovely!