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  1. Orchid Bay Window > French Doors

    This is also a good idea. Thank you!
  2. Winchester Mystery House

    This is so intriguing! I watched a short documentary about Sarah Winchester and her strange house just a few days ago. I wonder if, instead of aspiring to build such a large house (160 rooms is quite a lot!), we could perhaps incorporate details of the Winchester house into existing or new projects. Maybe it would still be satisfying enough to have just a few quirks, even in a smaller house.  Of course, those of you willing to attempt a much larger house, I admire your enormous (miniature) efforts! :)  
  3. Orchid Bay Window > French Doors

    I do! Perhaps I can glue them back in. Also, the house looks great with the conservatory! I'll admit, the color scheme could be a bit overwhelming; but nonetheless I very much like the house. Do I see that you have a dining area set up in the conservatory? Or, do my eyes deceive? 
  4. Orchid Bay Window > French Doors

    Hi Emily, Thanks for this! I'm glad that you were able to achieve this; my idea was, coincidentally enough, also to leave room for a future conservatory. You made a very good point, that stairs may very well interfere with the double doors. I may try the single french door instead. This is a wonderful suggestion! Unfortunately, I've already punched out the bay window pieces (I'd planned to paint them before assembly, until I discovered this might not be the route I wanted to take). So, it seems I'll have to find another way to make this work! Perhaps I'll even return that panel to its original side and have French doors in the parlor; it may be worth sacrificing the wall space. In any case, I'm very grateful for your help! 
  5. Howdy everyone, I'm currently working--slowly but surely--on my first house (surprise!) The Orchid. I was wondering, has anyone tried to modify the side sheet containing the bay window to suit French doors? I've swapped the side sheets, in favor of more wall space in the "parlor" (the larger room to the left), so now the bay window would look in on the small kitchen under the stairs. I'd prefer to "open up" the space by allowing more light in; also, I must admit I don't love the idea of working hard to build that bay window if it isn't going to be a focal feature. Relatively long story somewhat shorter, have any of your found that it was possible to convert the bay window into a space fit for French doors? If so, how? Any and all guidance is deeply appreciated! Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!
  6. IMG-6238.JPG

    That little two-seat chair is so cute! Did you make that yourself? Also, that house plant is very becoming next to it!
  7. IMG-6319.JPG

    This is magnificent! I absolutely adore the drapes and beadspread. Oh, and that chandelier!  Lovely job,
  8. First Build Finished!

    This is absolutely darling! I especially like the skeleton at the piano in your last photo. What a great first build! I'm also working on my first build (also an Orchid, if I'm not mistaken about yours); it's lovely to see all the different variations in style and theme. 
  9. Gallery Wall - Frame Mounting

    Thanks for all the insight everyone! I think, ultimately, it will best not to wallpaper the gallery wall (as I mentioned earlier in the thread, I believe); I'm going to go with a rustic white-on-wood look instead. Still, I thought I should ask, has anyone had mounting experience (or any expedience, really) with Shizen paper? I'm mostly just curious.  Thanks again everyone!
  10. Gallery Wall - Frame Mounting

    I'm sorry to hear about your fallen minis. I must say, I find the idea of miniature museum so wonderful! It sounds like lots of fun. Would you be willing to share photos? :)
  11. Gallery Wall - Frame Mounting

    Holly, this is a fantastic idea! :) Goodness, why didn't I think of that?  Also, my father recommended using very small magnets and placing a thin strip of metal (to avoid altering depth) on the reverse of frames. He used to build ships and other models so he's much more metal-inclined.
  12. Gallery Wall - Frame Mounting

    Thanks CJ, That's a good idea. I was thinking more along the lines of how folks put their (already made) frames up on the walls, but this is also helpful! I've heard some folks say that they glue frames directly to the interior, but I haven't heard about whether they'd painted or put up wallpaper. I also hoped there might be a less permanent way to put frames on the dh walls. 
  13.   Howdy everyone! I was wondering, how do folks mount their mini framed paintings and such? Is there a way to make these minis relatively easy to remove or switch out? In the attic/bedroom of my Orchid house, I plan to fill the angles and empty wall space with framed paintings. This partly inspired by parlor gallery walls of yesteryear (as seen in the photo). How it would be best to mount these little treasures will affect whether I wallpaper or paint the attic interior.  Any guidance is warmly welcome!
  14. I have been debating about whether to trek out to the Harbor Freight at the other end of town (mostly because they have a very reasonably priced "third hand") here in Eugene. This is reason enough to make a trip!  Thanks for sharing  
  15. Newbie Question: Wainscoting/Beadboard & Wallpaper

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I think it's best I conserve paper (good point, Shannon) and, as Samantha suggested, not risk unevenness. For the record, I'm wallpapering two rooms: one with cardstock and the other with Shizen paper (a mixed material, recycled paper which is more flexible than craft paper and comes in much larger sheets). I will definitely be trimming all this lovely paper.  P.S.-Holly, thanks for sharing your photos. That's a lovely little home you have there.