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  1. Do You Believe in Siding After a Build?

    I like Holly's foam idea (you're so very thrifty!) but I'd like to at least give wood a try. Does anyone have a preferred kind/brand of siding planks to recommend? Thanks for the advice everyone!
  2. Do You Believe in Siding After a Build?

    This sounds like a good idea, Kathie! I think I might take your advice. I found that guide lines were indispensable for shingles so it makes sense they would help here too!
  3. Do You Believe in Siding After a Build?

    I had imagined used the clipboard siding sheets, but now that I think about it invidual planks (though more time consuming) will probably be easier yo work with in this case! I'm not entirely confident that I can safely pry my casings up though. With the strips it may be easier to work around them.
  4. Hi everyone! I've had a long quiet period on here, but I've been steadily working away and going to shows/shops (I was at Good Sam in San Jose and was fortunate to visit Dollhouses, Trains, and More in Novato, CA for their closing sale). I will, finally, post a batch of haul and progress photos in the first week of November, when I get settled back into my home in Eugene. I really am terrible with a camera and it bugs everyone I know! In the meantime, I have a question:  Has anyone ever tried adding siding after their build's exterior was complete? Still being a novice, when I finished my first build (the Orchid; the interior is still a work-in-progress) I stepped back and thought 'I think I should have done siding.' Especially with the shingles on, the level of detail on the exterior just varies too much; it's been irritating me for a couple of months now. I'm a bit of a stickler it seems (though I didn't know it at the time)! My window/door casings, dormers, gingerbread, and my custom porch/railings are all already in place. I realize it may be very difficult, but the question is: is it even possible? If so, do you have any tips on how to do this? Any and all possible mini wisdom is welcome!   P.S. I have the opportunity to snag a very affordable Laurel kit secondhand so I'm trying to decide where I should just start the next building with siding and call it 'lesson learned' or go back and add to the Orchid (and stash the Laurel until after the New Year, space is a very important consideration here). P.S. P.S.: I'm not a Cher fan, but I took a page out of Elizabeth's book (Studio E miniatures) since I'm always charmed by her ability to make musical jokes in her posts/titles!
  5. Coffin side view

    What an absolutely lovely little coffin! The aged look and the green work very well! 
  6. Shadow Boxes

    These are incredible! I don't think my kit sofa looks 1/2 as good as these, but this is certainly very inspiring. Thanks very much for sharing these :)
  7. Shadow Boxes

    Probably not impossible, but the piece feels pretty 'overworked' and I think that (for the amount of work it would take) it may just be preferable to either build or buy some armchairs instead. The HoM couch takes up too much room in a house like the Orchid, in my opinion. I'd rather use the space to showcase my other skills (upholstery isn't really one of them, unfortunately!). Plus, I got this Queen Anne curio cabinet at the Miniature Museum of St. Louis (it was truly lovely, by the way!) and it's bulking up the living room now.  Maybe the sofa just wasn't meant to be? 
  8. Shadow Boxes

    Funniest thing, I just had this thought today as well! I modified and upholstered the House of Miniature Chippendale Sofa kit and, for whatever reason, I can't stand the way it looks in my little living room. It was too bulky (in the Orchid, anyway) and the decor a tad too modern for my (mostly) 19th century style home. The latter is my own fault for choosing a heavier fabric with a herringbone pattern (which normally I like!). I don't know exactly what the box will be for, but I decided it was time to set it aside if it was making me unhappy   So, if folks have ideas for a room box focused around a full-bodied, gilded couch, I'd love to hear them  (I kid). I wonder: do these little bit and bob boxes make for good gifts perhaps? 
  9. Keeping all your finishes and effects straight!

    Oh my, Lita, this is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. Thanks very much for sharing! :D 
  10. Keeping all your finishes and effects straight!

    I thought about this too! That would really keep things in order. Toy stores still stock them, don't they?
  11. Keeping all your finishes and effects straight!

    Gee thanks, Kathie! I had to wait on the trim because I broke the wee bits that came with the kit (they were pretty brittle) and left my mitre box back in Eugene! I've since decided 2 boxes are worth having ;) 
  12. Howdy all,  Eli here again. I was wondering: have any of you mini-makers found a good way to keep track of all your paints, stains, glues, varnishes, waxes, enamels, etc. and, most importantly, their effects? Today I was deliberating on a faux 'gilded' finish for my 'decoupage' Queen Anne tea table (house of miniatures kit; it's a work in progress). I tested my gold effect wax and some oil-based enamel on a scrap of painted wood (I wanted a well-worn look). It occurred to me that I could keep a record of my different materials on different surfaces! You could use photos, I suppose, but I prefer the idea of having materials in real life. That way, there's no funny business with lighting or lenses; plus, if we date them, we could see how effects or finishes age! Have you all made a finishes/effects journal of sorts before? Or have you found some other solution? Or, lastly, do you all have this information stored in your noggins (if so, I commend you because I can't remember it all!)?  As usual, I'd love to hear from you!
  13. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    Oh goodness, mini books! I didn't even think to start on my house's library while I'm away. This is a wonderful idea, Anna :)
  14. Do You 'Mini' Whilst You're Away?

    This sounds lovely! I'm really looking forward to it :D