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  1. Where to buy accessories

    Hobby Lobby is one of the few chain brick-and-mortar stores that still carries a small selection of miniatures. With their 40% off coupon, their prices can’t be beat, but the minis they offer are minimal and the inexpensive price mostly matches the quality.  Some of my favorite online retailers, in no particular order, include: - based in the U.K., nice selection, very reasonable (sometimes free!) shipping - lots of goodies to explore - great for artisan/unique items - vast array of unique items -based in Canada, a great source for battery-operated lights, both in terms of variety and cost Ebay and Etsy can be quite the treasure trove for minis as well!  Happy shopping!
  2. Lycopodium moss source?

    Thanks for the leads! I did e-mail Luv Sola Flowers. I don't know how much I'll need. . . I just found some amazing miniature tutorials online for some projects that require it, so I thought I'd start to gather (more like "hunt and gather" haha) my materials. Thanks again! 
  3. Lycopodium moss source?

    How often that happens in my world! 
  4. Lycopodium moss source?

    Perhaps I just need to look again, or keep looking. Thanks for the info!
  5. Lycopodium moss source?

    Does anyone know of a source for lycopodium moss? I found one seller on Etsy (that ships from Latvia) and that's it. . .I saw lots of other "craft" mosses online and at Joanns and Hobby Lobby, but my projects specifically need lycopodium. Perhaps I should see if it's something my local florist could order. . . hmmm. Thanks in advance!
  6. Lighting woes - please help!

    This is brilliant! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Exactly what I needed . . .I just didn't know what "it" was exactly! What a fantastic source for lighting components!  I have to work to pay for my mini habit too. . .in my perfect (purrfect?) world I could be a stay-at-home cat mom. ;)  
  7. Lighting woes - please help!

    They really do impeccable work and I feel honored to have this piece gracing my collection.  
  8. Lighting woes - please help!

    I would LOVE to see pictures and know what to order. Thank you so very much! The lamp is a piece by the Kummerows and I am super excited to see it illuminated! 
  9. Lighting woes - please help!

    Hi Nell!  Here's the table lamp. The basic construction of the floor lamp is the same. The second photo shows the base of the lamp with the wires. The third photo shows the tiny bulb. FYI, the little metal wire sticking up beside the bulb is there to hold the shade in place. It is independent of the wiring. I'd love to know your thoughts/suggestions on this. Thank you!  P.S. Sorry for the orientation of the photos. 
  10. Hi Friends! I received two gorgeous lamps (one table and one floor) for Christmas and the only problem is that that they are wired for a 12 volt system and I have used battery-operated lights exclusively. My house isn't hardwired and I would love to "convert" these lovely pieces into battery-operated ones because they really would look lovely lit! I considered this as a solution, thinking I would just remove the current wiring and thread this one through the base of the lamp. The lamp's base is too narrow to accommodate it.  Then I found this gizmo, but wondered if I was overlooking a less clunky solution. Is adding the plug difficult? The whole thing seems a little overwhelming to me. . .  Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!   
  11. Hungry for Pizza?!

    Brilliant! Made me smile - thanks for sharing this!  
  12. My worst experience was buying two VERY pricey miniatures from a website which shall remain anonymous. When I received my two items, one was completely wrong (and had been pictured on the website, but clearly was NOT the item I ordered) and the second item was broken, with a missing wood piece that was not in the packaging or wrapping. . . meaning it HAD to be broken prior to sending. When I contacted the seller, he insisted that the wrong item was "due to it's handmade nature" and not the wrong item, and that I should contact the post office about the broken item. After several (rude and curt) communications back and forth, he agreed to let me return the "wrong" item, but insisted that I pay a 25% restocking fee and the return shipping. It was a nightmare start to finish, and I will NEVER order from this particular site again. My dad is handy and was able to sufficiently repair the broken wooden item, but what a hassle! 
  13. Are there any good mini shops in the Cleveland, OH area? I'll be headed there in a few weeks and would love to visit any local brick and mortar miniature stores!   
  14. 3 Blind Mice Show(s)?

    Good to know - it's nice to have an idea what to expect. I'd be attending the Indianapolis show, which I believe is smaller than Chicago. Thanks, Keifer! 
  15. 3 Blind Mice Show(s)?

    Has anyone attended a 3 Blind Mice Show? Opinions?