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  1. Hungry for Pizza?!

    Brilliant! Made me smile - thanks for sharing this!  
  2. My worst experience was buying two VERY pricey miniatures from a website which shall remain anonymous. When I received my two items, one was completely wrong (and had been pictured on the website, but clearly was NOT the item I ordered) and the second item was broken, with a missing wood piece that was not in the packaging or wrapping. . . meaning it HAD to be broken prior to sending. When I contacted the seller, he insisted that the wrong item was "due to it's handmade nature" and not the wrong item, and that I should contact the post office about the broken item. After several (rude and curt) communications back and forth, he agreed to let me return the "wrong" item, but insisted that I pay a 25% restocking fee and the return shipping. It was a nightmare start to finish, and I will NEVER order from this particular site again. My dad is handy and was able to sufficiently repair the broken wooden item, but what a hassle! 
  3. Are there any good mini shops in the Cleveland, OH area? I'll be headed there in a few weeks and would love to visit any local brick and mortar miniature stores!   
  4. 3 Blind Mice Show(s)?

    Good to know - it's nice to have an idea what to expect. I'd be attending the Indianapolis show, which I believe is smaller than Chicago. Thanks, Keifer! 
  5. 3 Blind Mice Show(s)?

    Has anyone attended a 3 Blind Mice Show? Opinions?
  6. Minimum World

    I've ordered from Minimum World several times and would highly recommend them. They have some unique items and are generally very reasonably priced. 
  7. What's everyone working on?

    It's taken oven 3 1/2 years of stitching (free time to stitch is limited -  there's never enough time to make minis!), but today I finished a wool needlepoint rug from a Janet Granger kit! So excited to finally have this done!  Here it is at home in the pink bedroom.
  8. First Timer Shingle and Siding questions

    I know not all Hobby Lobby's stock the same items, and you may not have one in your area. . . but if you do, I'd look there. I was looking at the minis last week and our local store has shingles by the bag! You probably couldn't find a better price than theirs with a 40% off coupon. 
  9. Searching for RGT kit

    I've never seen that one! It's darling!
  10. How do you hang pictues?

    I guess I have a fear of commitment on this one, but I just use Mini-hold brand museum wax. If you use a big enough glob of it (in proportion to the weight of the item you wish to hang), it does a great job. You can easily move things around. I've even used it to secure things to the outside of my house. (garden hose holder, mailbox, etc.)
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Just lovely!  
  12. First Timer Shingle and Siding questions

    I know this isn't a creative suggestion, and probably not the most economical - but I love the look of shingles that are actually made for miniature houses. You get a huge bag of them, they are very lightweight, and the look (in my opinion) can't be beat! RGT has some on sale right now - 500 of them for $14.50. 500 shingles will cover A LOT of roof. They sell shingle dye in various neutral colors (brown, grey, etc.) and the dying process is fun. . . you mix the powdered dye in a big bucket of water, then submerge the shingles in the dye, and lay them out to dry. If you go this route, you'll want to watch that the adhesive you use doesn't contain water because it can cause the shingles to warp. It's been years since I shingled my roof, but I recall using a thin bead of caulk and the end result was really clean and nice.  If you live near Hobby Lobby, they usually have the shingle dye in stock and you can use a 40% coupon on it to save even more. You might even be able to find the bags of shingles there.  Your "rescued" house has great bones! What a neat project! Good luck! 
  13. Opinions on front door lights/mailbox

    Thanks, Amy! I'm excited to do some outdoor decorating - I'm generally so focused on the inside of the house that I forget there's a whole world of miniature decorating on the exterior of the house! 
  14. Opinions on front door lights/mailbox

    Good insight! Honestly, my favorite time to admire my dollhouse is at night, when it's dark outside, and I turn off all of the lights in our real house and only leave on the mini lights. It's magical!  
  15. Opinions on front door lights/mailbox

    Thanks, ladies! I appreciate your thoughts - and I'm able to "see" it a little bit better now. :)