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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Thank you! Haha, it's a meant to be a quick-release knot. ;) I'm too impatient to do a proper one for my mini-ponies. :P
  2. What's everyone working on?

    Today and yesterday I spend a few hours 'weathering' a few items: the wooden crates, a little feeding scoop and the broom. I've also painted this tin bucket to look a bit more like an old enamel bucket. And... I made a little boxwood tree! I had so much fun making that one! <3     
  3. Gloucester

    Aww, thank you darling! 
  4. Blueberry

    From the album Wollepluis' Ponies

    And this is Blueberry, she's the one who started it all. I made her tack and the jump myself: I love doing that!

    © Copyright Stal Wollepluis

  5. Gloucester

    From the album Wollepluis' Ponies

    I got Gloucester earlier this year, he's such a cute little pony with stunning dapples!

    © Copyright Stal Wollepluis

  6. Paddington

    From the album Wollepluis' Ponies

    Paddington is my latest addition to the yard.

    © Copyright Stal Wollepluis

  7. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    What a lovely little tutorial! It's on my list!
  8. Thank you so much @Beulah! And I've sent you a PM, @Jeannine!
  9. Aww, thank you everyone for your comments, tips, inspiration and compliments! I've to say I'm settled concerning the actual horses (I collect 'Julip Originals') and tack (I loooove making that): it's just the building/redoing of a scaled building that's entirely new to me. @Samusa: Ahh, thanks! What a stunning barn that is! I actually plan on getting a rider pretty soon. <3  @Jeannine: I believe Breyer doesn't have any Gypsy Vanners in 1/12 scale (only 1/9) and Schleich is a little to small (it's about 1/20). But: the ponies I collect are 1/12 scale and are made to order. They make adorable Vanners too! Fun fact: they're slightly bendable and have actual mohair manes and tails. They do look a little more stylistic, so they aren't to everyones taste. But if you would like to look into it, I can get you in touch with the person behind the brand.  
  10. Ohhh, how lovely. Thanks a lot for the links, so much inspiration! Thank you!
  11. Hi there everyone! I'm busy searching around the web, looking for inspiration and tutorials on redoing an old 1/12 scale tiny stable I'm planning to get my hands on. That's right: I'm a lot into miniature ponies, especially Julip Originals. The little stable is made out of MDF and I plan on adding some nice weathered siding, a new roof, give the doors a lick of paint, probably add some lights and further decorate the outside with some moss and plants. I'm quite creative, but haven't done anything like this before. That's why I decided to register to this forum, to maybe pick up some tips and tricks! I have already saved some really nice tutorials to my list, but I'm still looking for more. That's why I'm wondering if any of you might know about some nice tutorials or examples  that might come in handy when redoing a stable? Thank you! Oh, and if you're curious about my ponies and things I've made thus far, you can see lots of photos on my blog (it's www.wollepluis.com)!  And please excuse my English: it's not my mother tongue. ;)