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  1. Total newbie from Germany here

    I'm glad it worked out for you! I have a story to tell. My Orchid never arrived. They had shipped it separately and the glue and all made it just fine. I was hoping it was just held back in customs because of the size, but I had planned on putting it together over Christmas. Well, Christmas rolled around, no dollhouse. New Year's, no dollhouse.... at the end of January I contacted them because it still hadn't gotten here. They were so kind to send out a new one (and shipping to Germany is outrageously expensive, which I realized when I had to pay for shipping for my first order), and it finally got here today!  Unfortunately I'm stuck up to my neck in work, so I won't be able to look at it until Easter, or maybe even summer....   Oh, second part of the story: the barrel I've ordered is actually made by a German company in Germany.... at least I now know where to look for decoration!
  2. Total newbie from Germany here

    OK, I did it. I've used the 20% Halloween sale on miniatures.com and ordered the Orchid, Museum Wax, Grandmover Stover's glue, and a barrel for the pub. I'm hoping to build most the bar myself...
  3. Red Riding Hood etc

    I love your house so far! Especially the stucco! Did you stick the cardboard on first and painted everything afterwards, or did you put up the painted cardboard after you were done with the wood fill?
  4. Autumn Crafts

    Pinterest is every crafter's friend  
  5. Hi! I'm new, too, so since you've travelled further down the rabbit hole than I have: which books did you buy and which ones were worth the money? I ordered the October issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene and really enjoyed it because it covered a lot of topics I'm interested in.
  6. Autumn Crafts

    I have a paper maché project planned for the end of the school year. If you check youtube for creative mom, she does fairy houses with lights out of plastic bottles and paper clay. I'd love to do that in school, but need to keep the limited time in mind. That's why I craft things at home first. If something takes me 4.5 hrs, that would already be 3 weeks in school, without taking into consideration that kids will need longer than I do! Honey bees are in trouble over here, too. We talked about bees in social studies and visited a bees keeper and his hives. And since art is often connected with the topics we talk about in social studies, I decided to do the houses which the kids then can hang in their yards or on their balconies. Our new topic in social studies is forests, hence all the leaf/autumn projects. :D
  7. Total newbie from Germany here

    OMG I checked them out and they're fantastic! The Great Hall would be such a fun project to do!!!!
  8. Autumn Crafts

    I used to be a high school teacher, but because of financial and other reasons I decided to join a program that retrains high school teachers to become elementary school teachers, since job prospects are much better in that area. That means that I don't only get to teach English and Geography now, I also get to teach art. And that means a dream has come true. I get to teach my favourite hobby! I get to plan lessons on my crafting desk! It's wonderful! So I'm trying a lot of different things to see how long they take me and what is involved in it to get an idea whether it's something I can do with 8-year-olds or not. So here are the things I'm going to do in class from now til Christmas. (The bees houses and bees mobile I did before the autumn break.)
  9. Total newbie from Germany here

    Aaaah see, I thought it would come with the window already being cut out. If I have to punch it out myself I can just not do that. Good to know! I spontaneously decided on a smaller project. I was out buying crafting materials for my students when I found this beautiful wooden lantern with tree bark on the roof and I immediately thought miniatures! So I'm thinking about doing a mini scene inside of it. I have a few ideas and don't know yet which way I want to go. There are so many great ideas if you google or look through pinterest. But it would give me a chance to test the materials.  Would you recommend modge podge for the wallpapers, or is there a better glue?
  10. Total newbie from Germany here

    Yeah, I was already thinking that one build has to have a crafting room that has that box sitting there. Maybe I can find miniature house bits so that it looks like someone is building a dollhouse The Orchid being modifiable is great! I had decided against it because of the small downstairs rooms. Can you also leave out the big window on the side wall? I’d like the bar to be on one side and a fireplace on the other
  11. Total newbie from Germany here

  12. Total newbie from Germany here

    Ok, so I’ve looked through Greenleaf’s other Dollhouses and I’ve narrowed my choices down to the following: 1) The Haunted House http://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/ZoomImageEx.aspx?productid=DH66&image=Dollhouses/66-Haunted-House-Dollhouse-UF-zoom.jpg I’m thinking Shrieking Shack, although since Halloween is almost gone, I’d rather save that idea for next year. Alternatively, the Hog’s Head. I love the idea of adding a basement to it to store wine and beer barrels in. And a fireplace and a picture of Ariana Dumbledore would be cool 2) the Storybook Dollhouse  http://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/Wooden-Storybook-Cottage-Dollhouse-Kit.html# or the Sugarplum http://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/Wooden-Sugarplum-Dollhouse-Kit.html# Both may be neat as Honeydukes sweets shop or Zonko’s jokeshop. Their windows would work well as shop fronts. The Storybook could also work as the romantic tea shop, but I’m not into building a poofy tea shop. For the shops, the idea of building dozens of product boxes is a little scary. Is there a simple way to do those?     so, what do you think? I think I’m leaning towards the Hog’s Head idea...
  13. Total newbie from Germany here

    Yeah  But yes, now that I’m not completely clueless I’ll definitely do that
  14. Total newbie from Germany here

    Great idea! When I first saw a picture of the kit I was thinking The Potters House in Godric's Hollow!
  15. Total newbie from Germany here

    You're a gem! I've not heard of Pinder, but then Leipzig is on the other side of Germany, but I will definitely check out their online store. I've found Mini Mundus and the dollhouse museum is about an hour away from here. I was planning on in-laws there when they come to visit over Christmas. Trier is not too far away from me either, so maybe another day trip with the in-laws ;) I'll google the craft store and see if they have another store closer.   Since I just found out that I bought a replica of the building box instead of the actual dollhouse, I need to either ask for it for Christmas or find a cheaper house to start with. But the Glencroft will stay on my to do list!