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  1. My new project

    Ooh E6000 is a good idea! I don't know why I didn't think of it. I have a vat of it and also Goop one table over where I work on my never-ending Christmas project. 
  2. My new project

    They are the mini asphalt roofing. These are salt & pepper colored and I hemmed and hawed for longer than I'm sure was normal over which color to get. They are in long strips and cut with scissors. I tried Tacky glue first but felt like the shingles were moving and weighting them down was hard given the roof pitch. Then I tried hot glue but it hardened too quickly to work with it. Back to the Tacky glue and just working vereery slowly. 
  3. My new project

  4. My new project

    Some progress....some backwards motion...then some more progress. One of my sisters said, "What, no pop of colour?!" My first thought was....blue isn't a colour??? PS: The lighting in the cellar where I'm working on this is wretched. The blue isn't as dark as it looks in the shutters pic. Nor as weirdly grey-green as it looks in the garden hose pic.)
  5. My new project

    And, btw, WOW! That's gorgeous! I live the stone path. Path goals!
  6. My new project

    Yes, exactly! I think I might do a single-storey addition on the living room side, and have it be a sunroom. So the house wouldn't be symmetrical but there'd still be additions on both sides so the front door is centered.
  7. My new project

    Oh...but I do have a construction question... I'm batting around the idea of adding on. Maybe on both sides to keep the Colonial symmetry, but definitely on the kitchen side. It would mean turning the kitchen into a dining room (with a hutch for teensy linens and silverware!) that opens into the added-on kitchen. The upstairs of the addition would create a bigger, master bedroom. (Bedroom in the addition, old bedroom turned into a sitting area or ooh walk-in closet! Bedroom could have raised ceiling because there will be no 3rd floor above.) But I don't know how to stick it to the existing house. It wouldn't be the exact same size as the house as far as height would be recessed a little too. 
  8. My new project

    I had my first trip to Earth & Tree in Amherst NH. Ugh I could have stayed for a week, and my husband was astounded. I'm going to go back for some wiring supplies after I get some exterior work done. Then, when it's time for working inside - watch out debit card! 
  9. My new project

    They WERE gorgeous though...
  10. My new project

    This year I was bitten by the (full-sized) wreath-making bug and already have too many. I let out a whoop when I spotted wreaths at the miniatures show. I must have one!!!! Then I saw the price and let out a different sound....  I don't think I need a 1.5" wreath enough to spend what it costs to buy a casmere sweater at Macy's. 
  11. My new project

    I know this is not news to everyone on this forum, but seeing all the goodies at yesterday's miniatures show in Nashua really opened my eyes to all the possibilities. Everything can be made or bought. Everything. I was so mentally overloaded. At first I thought it looked like an awfully small show, but I realized every table had squillions of tiny things. I had to force myself to focus in exterior items on my list. "Amy, don't you dare buy that 1950s kitchen. You're only here for shutters and doorknobs! Breathe."
  12. Needle felting

    Those are fabulous! Needle felting was going to be my project once I got my massive steampunk Christmas present out of the way. Now I have the dollhouse so... We'll see!  I've always been unable to do any craft involving needles of any sort, but I thought this could be another attempt. My grandmother was a genius seamstress and my mom could knit, crochet, embroider and do cross stitch. Then there was me...needle pathetic. 
  13. My new project

  14. My new project

    I had that exact thought last night while I should have been sleeping. Thank you. I also planned two building extensions, a garage and the neighbor's house....
  15. My new project

    No, they are inset and surrounded by itty bitty trim wood. Not decorative trim, just strips of wood. I got all the (bendable) plastic out. (I can't believe I didn't break any muntins.) The mylar I bought to replace it is far thinner and bendier but will work. Once I buy some replacement trim, I can get on with replacing the plastic.