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  1. Well, it was slightly over two years ago when I announced that I was getting back to my dollhouse project after the madness of the holidays, post-holidays and other craft projects. Somehow I managed to get so caught up with other projects that I never have jumped back in. I think I was frustrated at the slowness of the roofing too. The glue takes so long to dry that I can't work on the next row, so I wander off.

    In the meantime, I've learned to sew and have started quilting. Ooh the quilt shops are like candy shops! Right now I have several small craft projects on the go, but my quilting partner is in Florida for the winter and I'm ready to get back on the teeny tiny saddle again and working on the house. I stopped by at the local miniatures shop just to get the juices flowing again, and I have formulated a plan to keep interested. I'm going to start working on the attic room as I keep plodding on with the roof. That'll be more entertaining.

    One of last year's projects was to learn how to make things out of polymer clay and I've made some things. A nice rose, some earrings, a pendant... I think I'll be able to make a lot of things for the house.

    I have no new photos to show of my house, but I thought I'd show you the beauty I found at an antique shop recently. They wouldn't let me have a good look unless I got my money out, but isn't it amazing?

    Hopefully I'll be here more often. Amy


    1. Mid-life madness

      Ooh, you can't tease us with just one picture....Please make an album with some interior pictures so we can drool. It is magnificent.

    2. IveNoClue

      It was up against the shelving unit and a member of staff stood there saying, “Do not touch, do not touch.” Sheesh! So frustrating.

      This reminds of seeing a miniature barn - by which I mean HUGE but scaled probably 1:12, all wood but made like a giant agricultural livestock barn with outbuildings - at Brimfield fleamarket. It was a marvel of modelling. Not decorated. No colours or tiny tools, hay, cows...just wood. $$$$ but ooh I wanted to detail it! It must have weighed tons and would have needed a truck to get home. I haven’t worked on my wee colonial but I really need a 6’ long cow barn....

  2. Ok, break time’s over!

    I grew up with my mom not allowing me to take art classes or be really creative. She always said, “You have no artistic talent, just like me.” (Um, how do you know if you don’t try?!) She also used to roll her eyes and diss her fellow nurses who were crafty. She said, “Crafty” like it was VD. Then she retired, got excessively bored and discovered gigantic craft stores. She ended up teaching herself just about every craft she put her hands on. She was extremely good at Crosstitch and embroidery.  And she renovated and decorated a Victorian dollhouse.  Irony much?  Now one of my sisters makes fun of me for being crafty. She says I am channelling mom. But I can think of quite a few things she channels from our mother and I think I made out lucky. 
  3. Ok, break time’s over!

    I’m putting Christmas away in an organized manner too. There’s a first time for everything!  I love Christmas and all its crazy decorations and I love when it goes away and I’m left with space, light and the ability to move around without knocking it over and being covered in glitter. 
  4. Ok, break time’s over!

    It feels like I was away from life for a couple of months, but it was just the holidays! I had to focus on a year-long project that was a Christmas gift, and like an idiot I volunteered to host family Christmas. It required me to kick into hyper-drive.  Now that the insanity has left me (!) I can clean up the crafting bomb site, put away Christmas, and remind myself I have a dollhouse to enjoy. Now...what was I doing? Oh yeah, the roof! 
  5. My new project

    Ooh E6000 is a good idea! I don't know why I didn't think of it. I have a vat of it and also Goop one table over where I work on my never-ending Christmas project. 
  6. My new project

    They are the mini asphalt roofing. These are salt & pepper colored and I hemmed and hawed for longer than I'm sure was normal over which color to get. They are in long strips and cut with scissors. I tried Tacky glue first but felt like the shingles were moving and weighting them down was hard given the roof pitch. Then I tried hot glue but it hardened too quickly to work with it. Back to the Tacky glue and just working vereery slowly. 
  7. My new project

  8. My new project

    Some progress....some backwards motion...then some more progress. One of my sisters said, "What, no pop of colour?!" My first thought was....blue isn't a colour??? PS: The lighting in the cellar where I'm working on this is wretched. The blue isn't as dark as it looks in the shutters pic. Nor as weirdly grey-green as it looks in the garden hose pic.)
  9. My new project

    And, btw, WOW! That's gorgeous! I live the stone path. Path goals!
  10. My new project

    Yes, exactly! I think I might do a single-storey addition on the living room side, and have it be a sunroom. So the house wouldn't be symmetrical but there'd still be additions on both sides so the front door is centered.
  11. My new project

    Oh...but I do have a construction question... I'm batting around the idea of adding on. Maybe on both sides to keep the Colonial symmetry, but definitely on the kitchen side. It would mean turning the kitchen into a dining room (with a hutch for teensy linens and silverware!) that opens into the added-on kitchen. The upstairs of the addition would create a bigger, master bedroom. (Bedroom in the addition, old bedroom turned into a sitting area or ooh walk-in closet! Bedroom could have raised ceiling because there will be no 3rd floor above.) But I don't know how to stick it to the existing house. It wouldn't be the exact same size as the house as far as height would be recessed a little too. 
  12. My new project

    I had my first trip to Earth & Tree in Amherst NH. Ugh I could have stayed for a week, and my husband was astounded. I'm going to go back for some wiring supplies after I get some exterior work done. Then, when it's time for working inside - watch out debit card! 
  13. My new project

    They WERE gorgeous though...
  14. My new project

    This year I was bitten by the (full-sized) wreath-making bug and already have too many. I let out a whoop when I spotted wreaths at the miniatures show. I must have one!!!! Then I saw the price and let out a different sound....  I don't think I need a 1.5" wreath enough to spend what it costs to buy a casmere sweater at Macy's. 
  15. My new project

    I know this is not news to everyone on this forum, but seeing all the goodies at yesterday's miniatures show in Nashua really opened my eyes to all the possibilities. Everything can be made or bought. Everything. I was so mentally overloaded. At first I thought it looked like an awfully small show, but I realized every table had squillions of tiny things. I had to force myself to focus in exterior items on my list. "Amy, don't you dare buy that 1950s kitchen. You're only here for shutters and doorknobs! Breathe."