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  1. Hello from Wv

    I've never been there, but heard good things. I'm in snowy Erie.
  2. Hello from the UK

    Welcome & look forward to seeing your projects!
  3. Do it yourself projects

    This is probably really basic for all your pros, but I did a blog post about 8 really easy miniatures you can make from dollar store items.   
  4. Hello from Wv

    Hi Carla, you'll like this forum! I'm right by you in Pennsylvania. 
  5. Dollhouse Door Hinges

    I'm wondering how you guys make the holes in the wood and what you use to pound in the pins? Also, do you use any glue at all in the process? Finally, at what point in the process do you typically put in doors? Thanks!
  6. Wallpaper paste for pre-pasted sheets

    Thanks! I've not used paste, but the pros seem to double up.
  7. Wondering if you guys still use wallpaper paste on wallpaper that comes in pre pasted sheets? I've heard it's best to still use the paste even if your sheets are pre pasted...
  8. Abandoned Dollhouse

    I think it's safe to say most of us have never seen a dollhouse like this before. A street artist created a rather haunting 1/10 scale abandoned house...reminds me of some of the places you see in my Rust Belt town!
  9. Good Blogs

    LOL thanks! 
  10. Staging the area

    OMG so creative, great work!
  11. Hello from Memphis!!!

    How exciting! You'll find lots of helpful advice here. Post pics of everything you make!
  12. 5/27/07 Rudest Comment about Your Minis

    Mine is probably, "Isn't that a kids' thing?" Also, when I opened my store, lots of people said things like, "There's actually a market for that?" Umm, a big, fat yes! 
  13. New Miniature themed series

    Yes, I can't wait! I have this article set to publish on my store's Facebook page in a few days, it's about the lady whose dollhouse inspired the story and the people who brought it to life :
  14. Running Water in Dollhouse?

    Yes, I only read it. I would like to see it though!
  15. Hello from Kentucky

    Hi from Pennsylvania! I love the Alison Jr., good luck with the rehab & share some pics! :-)