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  1. Mosaic

    You have a lot of interesting fabrics, always good stuff.  I wish you did bedding sets.  I also like that little vase in the background. 
  2. Elizabeth

    Wonderful, she has an energy about her.  She makes me think of Jessica Lange’s character in the postman always rings twice. 
  3. hardwood flooring

    I had around 300 sticks when I did my floor and unfortunately there is no speedy way to do it.  Basic wire cutters will work but they will leave a bit of a beveled edge due to the pressure of the blade.  The tool mentioned above looks like a great option if its available to you.  
  4. Inside of second floor room

    You are doing great on this...this is soo mch fun to watch. 
  5. Winter project underway

    I couldn’t find a brand name but there is several companies that make it.  All of them say fairy grass in the description.  
  6. Realife Miniature Living Room Curio Shelf Kit

    I like it.  I’m assuming its 1/12th?  I like that you added the green color on the inside, I wouldn’t have thought to do that.  For your first attempt...I say very well done. 
  7. Mrs Claus

    Let me start by saying that I hope this doesn’t upset you since the pic is titled mrs claus but I couldn’t help but notice the background.  Don’t get me wrong, mrs claus is exceptionable.  I am however very impressed (slightly jealous) with your painting skills.  You have a way with getting various desired effects on multiple surfaces and the result is just lovely. 
  8. Showcase Our Miniature Finds

    Awesome!  Glad I could help. 
  9. Winter project underway

    Thank you so much. I hope to have some pics that show the whole house soon.  I’ve been giving little progress shots here and there but its hard to visualize the whole thing I imagine. 
  10. Winter project underway

    Thank you both.  I am pleased with the look of the base as well.  Still a ways to go tho...I only did whats in the pic, so about 1/4 of the way done.  The original artist aligned his tiles verticle in rows so they have a kind of a checker board pattern.  I prefer the randomness of mine. 
  11. Winter project underway

    Update...the finish line is in sight now.  The structure is about 95% complete, I got a few difficult things that I’m avoiding right now, if I’m being honest.  In the meantime I’m trying my hand at a little landscaping.  So far so good but I have no idea about the other 2/3rds of landscaping area.  I’m sure it will come to me.   
  12. McKinleyKitchen001.jpg

    I like the table as well.  Its a good fit for the space. 
  13. DIY Wainscotting and Panels

    I just might have to get that for my next build.  Thanks Mike!
  14. Windows and Mirrors

    Yeah I get a 3 pack of 8x10 frames from walmart for less than $5.  Has nice thin glass. 
  15. Exposed Brick wall with plaster

    I’m diggin the exposed brick.  Works great here, kinda makes me want to do a loft room box.  Nice work!