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  1. Father figure

    I know we are a minority on here but... Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! Our children are our greatest creation. 
  2. OELit.jpg

    I’m so amazed by anyone who works smaller than 1:12 and what a fab job you are doing and then to add!   I never would have noticed the batteries, I just thought they were part of the undercarrage.  When finished will you build a backdrop for it or will it be a stand alone?
  3. Furniture builds

    I don’t know if I ready to call my furniture professional but I really appreciate you thinking so.  I am trying to exercise an extreme amount of patience with this latest chair as it is more delicate than anything I’ve done. 
  4. An interesting turn of events

    So happy and excited for you.  Nothing but good vibes coming your way.  I would struggle big time with words not sounding like they are spelled.  There is sooo much world out there, you make me feel sheltered but I love hearing about your travel and adventures. 
  5. Furniture builds

    Well not a very exotic wood, just oak.  I have yet to buy any wood for any of my projects.  Just using scraps and such.  I will definitely check out that book.  
  6. Furniture builds

    Thank you for the kind words and thanks for this idea.  I have not signed or dated any of my works.   I have a couple of power tools- a miter saw, scroll saw, benchtop belt sander and a homemade tablesaw.  A band saw is high on my wish list and probably would be next but if you didn’t catch it above, the table saw I am using is of the homemade variety.  While it is great for cutting down plywood, it is not the most accurate and definately not safe for smaller cuts.  So I really should get a real table saw as I use it quite a bit.  
  7. plexia.jpg

    I think I have this stair design saved somewhere as well 
  8. plexi10.jpg

    I love the vibe and design of this house. 
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Congrats!  My day is coming soon, about a yr from now, totally not ready for that. 
  10. Shop/bakery counters

    I’m just going to throw this out there.  I would be willing to take a stab at making you a display case, if you need something with custom dimensions.  If you feel weird or uncomfortable about this in any way, my feelings will not be hurt(miniature building is very personal).  I don’t have any display case experience but if you see a style you like, I’m pretty good at copying things.  EVERYONE please no pressuring her into making a decision she is not comfortable with.  
  11. Lake View BoatHouse004.jpg

    Nice custom touch.  Welcome back
  12. Furniture builds

    Started work on my first attempt at a historical chair.  These components are for the Villa Esche armchair 1908 by Henry Van De Velde.  Unfortunately There are not many photos of it.  I can not find any photos of the back of the chair so it will just be my interpretation of this chair.   It chose me though so I must answer the call. 
  13. clay work on castle

    Oh I bet that was great fun sharing all you’ve created and accomplished with this build.  Like a proud mama I bet, as you should be.  The clay work looks great!  Did you explain how the clay work is done somewhere and I missed it?  Just curious about the process. 
  14. Bathroom fixture

    Thank you, much appreciated. 
  15. inspiration for a porch scene

    I agree with Holly....thumbs up!