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  1. 20190217-114605.jpg

    I’m curious as to what you mean by you own a planer by chance?
  2. Grey option

    Thanks everyone!   Grey it is.  
  3. Grey option

    From the album Scratch built dollhouse

    The grey island does kinda pull it all together...
  4. Bluette Maloney room box

    Thats a great looking roombox.  I love arched doorways. 
  5. We have light!.jpeg awesome is that! Muy bien!
  6. 20190215-104058.jpg

    Looking good.  I’m thinking you want to leave the tape on to drill the holes as well.  Would reduce chipping.  
  7. Welcome Nan.  You mention Lolly’s, do you mean the Lollys in Illinois?  If so then we are neighbors.  I’m in the NW burbs, if we’re close I would be willing to cut some new pieces if you need them. 
  8. MountedSheep.jpg

    This is such an amazing build.  There are so many incredible details.  I am impressed with your talent and tenacity. 
  9. 1/12 Scale Modern Dollhouse Bathtub

    The bottom oven is a kit from Elf miniatures.  I used the leftover aluminum sheeting to make a second oven front.  The Elf oven has an opening front and a rack on the inside, mine does not.  As far as the window would only open a crack.  It was my first window and I believe there is an art to making quality windows.  I may make a new one. 
  10. 20190213_122234.jpg

    I like that you are back around Ken.  I can see I’m going to learn a few things from you. 
  11. 1/12 Scale Modern Dollhouse Bathtub

    As I was sharing progress pictures of my kitchen I realised I should give credit where credit is due.  Some of you expressed a liking of my double farmhouse sink.  Well that is all thanks to Bob.  He was kind enough to print this to my specifications and it turned out great. 
  12. Island mock up

    I hear what you’re saying but I really want an island.  The final version will look better.  It was helpful to do the mockup, I can that I need to downsize it quite a bit, its overpowering as is. 
  13. Kitchen dry run

    Thanks Sam!  The sink is 3D printed from a guy named Bob.  He posted his services on here a couple of months ago.  I had him custom print one to my exact measurements so I wouldn’t have to remake my lower cabinet lol.  Now I see that he carries it on his etsy site.   The oven kit was interesting.  It was nice having everything pre-cut but those knobs are not for the faint of heart...we had some choice words.  
  14. Island mock up

    From the album Scratch built dollhouse

    Through together a Island mock up.  I thought about doing the island in white with a darker counter top.  I think if I do the island dark gray like the cabinets then the whole kitchenwill be too dark.  What do you guys think?
  15. New Shop Sign Lettering!

    I really like the details on the front of this shop.  You did a great job on the lettering.