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  1. DecoHouseSecondFloorTopView.jpg

    This is going to be a great house.  I’m excited about this project, I think because I wanted to do an art deco build but was afraid I couldn’t pull it off.  I love the style but don’t know much about it.  I also like that this house has a curved element to it.  It was on the list of things I wanted to include in my current build but I just could not fit everything in.  One last thing...will this house be needing any original artwork?
  2. condobay3.jpg

    Your bay window turned out great, angles can be tricky.  It’s a wonderful little scene 
  3. Postal cat

    I think the kitty is waiting to play with that twine.  I hope all your details don’t get lost on the judges.  So many unique and wonderful details in this piece...signature Brae   It’s been a pleasure watching this come to life. 
  4. Done! Now for the rest of the house....

    The paneling turned out great. 
  5. lanternbed.jpg

    I am not familiar with this freezer paper method but it looks great. 
  6. Tree and foliage

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited to see this transform.  Aaand in addition to knowing what a fabulous miniaturist you are....we also know what kind of food your cat eats
  7. plexi11.jpg

    The sheer size of this house is amazing, it intrigues me.  Did you redo the stairs?  This has been fun to watch progress. 
  8. Front entrance

    Thank you Linda
  9. First Time Builder in NYC

    Welcome Michael.  Looks like you’re off to a great start.  
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    So yesterday I did a 5K run with my wife.  She has been wanting to do this particular  event for the past 4yrs or so and she finally did it.  I participated to support her.  She prepared and I did not.  I did finish though....with a time of 40:51  
  11. Welcome back and enjoy that massive house, lots of neat details. 
  12. New member introduction from Georgia.

    Welcome Anthony.  I find 1:24 scale to be quite daunting myself but I have not ruled it out yet.  There are quite a few talented people on here who work in that scale.  It’s their impressive work that keeps pushing me towards it.    I look forward to seeing what you do with your house. 
  13. Voodoo Priestess Doll

    He looks like he summoned something he should not have.  Well done. 
  14. Wooden sculpture

    Thank you everyone!   Well looks like the consensus is to leave it as is.  I think I’ll put some oil on it to bring out the details and protect it.     I always remember to take progress pics after the fact   I started with the piece of wood you see, its about an inch and a quarter wide and 1/4 in. thick. (Actually from an old kitchen chair, I like to repurpose).  I drew the design right on the wood in pencil, took quite a bit of erasing and redrawing to get it right.  I figured in a design this small, proportion is key.      Once I was happy with the image I cut away the excess wood on my scroll saw.  From there it was just a lot of filing and sanding, I find both to be calming and therapeutic.  To get the inside spaces I drilled holes and filed away.  I have a 6pc set of small files I got from HD.  I did use my Dremel for some of it but I found I made more mistakes with it as I’m not real good at controlling it.  
  15. Wooden sculpture

    From the album Other hobbies

    Got in the mood to make a little wooden sculpture, not my design but I did need to tweak it a bit to shrink it down. Still have some final sanding to do and I want to stain it.  Light or dark stain....thoughts?