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  1. Question about basswood

    Thanks everyone, I knew I would get some good answers from the group.  Being a softer wood I thought it might soak up the stain quite a bit.  Optional....if somebody wanted to give me a quick pros/cons list for basswood, that would be cool. 
  2. Embossed rug

    That is really cool.  That is the weak spot (textiles) in any of the things I’ve made so far.  I need a build partner who can make rugs, pillows and bedding.  Great job!
  3. I’ve never worked with basswood and I’m wondering how it handles stain.  Has anyone stained basswood with good results?  Any tips?
  4. new geisha

    Did you make the koi pond?  I like it. 
  5. Looking for 1:6 scale help

    Hello. How goes the process?  Any specific pieces you are looking for?
  6. CH001.jpg

    And so it begns...
  7. Roof section dry fitted

    Thanks Mike.  Its a slow build but I only get like 3-4 hrs a week to work on it, which sounds like a lot but I tend to putz quite a bit at times. 
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Sure it needs some attention but with right spin on it...could be a cozy little cabin. 
  9. Somewhat off topic but it made me happy when my 9 yr old wanted to play with the legos I had as a kid. My legos are just the square blocks with no pre made shapes.  I feel you had to get more creative with the old blocks rather than just pushing shapes together to make an object. 
  10. Roof section dry fitted

    It is 1/12, the base measures 2ft by 4ft.  I’m intrigued by 1/6 because of the extra detail one could get but don’t have the space for it. 
  11. Winter project underway

    Link to my gallery
  12. Winter project underway

    UPDATE...Well I finished the stairwell enclosure, just have to add stairs.  Got the back wall secured in place and the posts anchored down.  Next is to finish the roof and at that point I’ll actually have something resembling a building. I have discovered that my initial measurements are probably off and had to make adjustments along the way.  So some of the spacial relationships might look a bit forced but I think the end result will still look ok. 
  13. Stairway enclosure

    Not much to look at but an integral part to the whole construction.  Slowly making progress.