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  1. The Rosemont (aka The Granville)

    I know I’ve heaped praise on you for this wonderful build before so I don’t want to over do it... but when people google beautiful examples of the Granville, this one should be at the top of their list.  
  2. Half Clocked - side front

    I’m blown away right now...I’m going to come back when I can put proper words together...
  3. What's everyone working on?

    So I was struggling with not be able to work on minis after my incident(I was using a push stick btw, I’m not that reckless), so I went off on a side tangent and started working on a kitchen bar stool for the island.  Thought I would work on something that did not include big saws...still a bit gun shy but I’ll get there.   Hope to have pics by the weekend. 
  4. 5c17558578c44-plexi1stside.jpg

    This is looking great!  The colors and mix of materials really go well together, very upscale looking.  I really like the windows.  
  5. That bums me out.  I had just discovered him about 4 months ago.  I was researching forced perspective photography because I had wanted to try that with my modern house I did.  Truely talented, cancer is a son of a b....
  6. bakery counter

    You’ve done an amazing job...can’t tell its mini. 
  7. Andi Mini Bricks

    I like the grey...much better imo.  Those are really cool, nice job on the grouting. 
  8. Inheriting an incomplete house

    Welcome Robert and rest assured you are in the right place.  When the time comes, the fine folks on this forum will be here for you.  I look forward to seeing your new projects. 
  9. Skylight interior

    You do wonderfully clean work.  Was the ceiling spray painted or brushed?
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Mini building might be on hold for a bit.  I just spent a few hours at our local trauma center getting 5 stitches in my index finger. I got into a fight with my homemade table saw and the saw won.  Insert the speech of proper power tool safety here.  I am very grateful to say that I still have all 10 fingers intact.  Aside from the shock of could have been worse. 
  11. fairy house

    Adds a very cool element of realism.   To the untrained non miniaturist looks very real. 
  12. Scratch built contemporary DH

    Thanks Deb. Not a 100% sure on the window, I’ll have to see how it looks with everything else.  The kitchen will have an angled roof.  **after reading my post this morning I realized that I came off kinda whiny.  I’m not complaining, still very much excited about this build.  Its just throwing me off my game a bit.  Positive vibes!
  13. A blank canvas-kitchen

    Thanks Sam.  I’ve been over her blog with a fine tooth comb.  I love her kitchens so I’m trying not to steal from her too much.  Oh and I plan on doing a variation of her doors in my build. 
  14. Scratch built contemporary DH

    Construction continues, I did a bit of a quick dry fit to get an idea of the kitchen space.  Winter has arrived early in the midwest I believe and mini work becomes difficult and slow in the garage.   This build has brought new challenges as I figured it would but I wasn’t prepared for all the decisions I will have to make.  I’m much more accustomed to copying things as I did with my last build and the furniture I make.  Going in to this I had a pretty good overall feel for how I wanted the finished product to look.  I certainly did not have the whole project fleshed out.   First challenge, the kitchen, which measures 9.5’x 15’ in real life, which I thought would be plenty big but not so much. Again overall feel I had( color sceme,layout and cabinet color) but now its like...what kinds of cabinets and shapes and sizes.  Anyways I’m sure it will come to me, I just hope I can stay ahead of the game.   Sorry for all the weird shadows in the pic. 
  15. A blank canvas-kitchen

    From the album Scratch built dollhouse

    Final imagesfor the album.