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  1. Signage6L.jpg

    Great sign but would we expect any less from you at this point in this amazing project.  So many cool details about piece.  Sometimes I get exhausted just thinking about all the work you have put into this, truly a labor of love!
  2. The Study II

    I like those lights, nicely done. 
  3. Mask!

    Thats so great you guys got to meet up.  That mask is really cool, gets the creative juices going just looking at it. 
  4. Adding accessories to the San Fran kitchen.jpeg

    Fabulous kitchen, you should be proud.  I love your ability to stage a room/scene.  These are some great shots of your kitchen, I wish I had natural light in my work space.  
  5. Flamingoes

    Those look fantastic for as small as they are. 
  6. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Where abouts in the country are you located?
  7. Trailer License Plate

    I thought it might have to do with a birthday.   Your father and I share the same birthday  not the same year though...just want to make that clear 
  8. The coolest McDonald's yet!!

    Great share...thanks
  9. Trailer License Plate

    That is a great plate.  Does it have a special meaning?
  10. Kitchen hardware & counter top

    Thank you so much, appreciate that. 
  11. Kitchen hardware & counter top

    From the album Scratch built dollhouse

    As I am trying to complete this kitchen and keep track of the order of things.  It occurred to me that it would be infinitely easier to install the hardware before the cabinets are glued in place. 
  12. 3DC61107-8493-4C1B-A7A4-803549315597.jpeg

    That’s quite the haul!
  13. Winchester

    Those wall treatments are striking.  This is going to be one elegant looking house. 
  14. Porch view of the VT Farmhouse Jr

    Everything looks so clean and crisp, excellent job. 
  15. Patio entrance off the kitchen

    Thanks.  I should have taken more pictures at the bishop show, there was sooo much.  I was overwhelmed.