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  1. Scratch built contemporary DH

    Hello all.  Progress continues, I was able to finish all the glass work on the patio entrance of the kitchen.  I also did a little experimenting on some stone work for a small section to the left of the french doors.   After that I started working on the roof for the kitchen part of the house and I got to a point where I realized I would need to start thinking about the electrical before I went any further.  At that point things got crazy because I noticed I was in avoidance mode.  On Sunday I completely torn down my entire project.  It was difficult because it felt like a step back but sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.  
  2. My house basically taped together to begin with.

    Every great journey begins with the first step.  Looking good so far. 
  3. Stone finish idea

    It is a little tricky but you can’t beat the look.  Ever have a shade of color in your mind and no matter how many times different paints it just never matches whats in your head 
  4. Patio entrance off the kitchen

    Thanks Deb.  Don’t tell anybody but the hardware is just a bent nail.  The broken window I was bummed about is a curved transom window over the entry into the kitchen.  I did break and have to recut a few of these before all was said and done. 
  5. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    Another thing I thought of is, not all popsicle sticks are created equal.  There is probably a 25% non usable rate due to warpage and defects. 
  6. Floor advice needed - hardwood and tile

    Hello Tim.  In regards to the wood floor, its all about weighing it down as the glue FULLY dries.  Another thing that I think can be overlooked is after you apply the stain the floor must be weighed down as the stain dries, which could take several days depending on the humidity of where you are located.   Hope this helps.  P.s....I have no experience with the tile paper but it sounds like it would work. 
  7. 1st and 2nd floor staircases

    The stairs look great.  I bet they were not much fun to do.  I’ve always been too timid to try dark stains. 
  8. Stone finish idea

    From the album Scratch built dollhouse

    Thinking about doing a stone treatment like this in the white area to the left of the patio doors. 
  9. Patio entrance off the kitchen

    From the album Scratch built dollhouse

    Not much too look at since its all black but I’m happy with the fact that the french doors work.  I did this the hard way and a lesson was learned.  Instead of cutting big pieces of glass and faux framing it, each piece was cut and framed individually. 
  10. Plexibed3.jpg

    This looks fantastic!   I struggled with the bedding in my last build but everything about this looks great.  I vote for this one. 
  11. Gluing the panels in

    How exciting is this?  Thats one of the best moments when it all starts coming together.  I glad you posted this shot, it great to see the 2 rooms together.  Beautiful contrast and beautiful rooms as well.  
  12. Australian dropping in to find her mojo

    Welcome Christine.  I also use picresize but in app form.   Usually to post into a topic thread the size limited but putting pics in an album accepts larger resolution.  I look forward to seeing your projects. 
  13. Do you think I have enough magazines?

    On a side note...Barnes & Noble still has the most impressive magazine section. 
  14. Do you think I have enough magazines?

    I love magazines.  Sadly I believe their time is coming to an end.  
  15. Trunks.jpeg

    I like big trunks and I can not lie