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  1. Winter project underway

    Some progress being made.  I got the 2 nd floor frame finished.  Next I’ve got to figure out some wiring and decide on a floor material.   
  2. Winter project underway

    I agree, money is nice and sometimes you need it but it’s not what motivates me at this point in my life. 
  3. miniature shops in Chicago area?

    Thats it...thx Kathie
  4. miniature shops in Chicago area?

    There is a place in Niles too but I can’t think of the name...kinda hard to find.  They had a decent amount of stuff but I’m can’t compare to Lolly’s since I’ve never been.  
  5. Hi! Another newbie here!

    Welcome.  Thank you for joining and sharing your work.   It’s individuals such as yourself that give me hope that this isn’t a dying medium. 
  6. 5ab1bae901f4c-Fairfield1.jpg

    I went through your whole album and I think this house is my favorite.  I can tell you have invested a bit of time on your projects.  They are all really lovely. 
  7. The inspired chair

    That fabric is sooo close and such a great color...inspired indeed!
  8. Winter project underway

    Well I’m glad I could provide a good debate   however I think I used the wrong term.  For me its more a matter of time and focus.  If my employer offered me a cash bonus or more time off, I would take the time off. I certainly don’t sit on my bum and do nothing while waiting for glue to dry but most of the time its like...Ok, I’ve got an hour to work on my hobby what do I focus on.  I haven’t given up on making furniture, I love it too much.   In fact I think I’ve already got my next chair in mind as I really want to challenge my upholstery skills.   
  9. Two new paintings - Autumn leaves.JPG

    You are most welcome. 
  10. Chantily-kitchen-wip3.jpg

    I agree with on the older kitchen style, its a challenging fit with cabinets in the older homes.  I totally see what you mean with the floor in this pic, I didnt notice as much in the other pic.  
  11. Chantily-kitchen-wip1.jpg

    I like that arched trim detail, nicely done.  I love arched doorways. 
  12. Estate sale goodies

    Got all these at an estate sale, I probably go to one at least once a month.   The thing on the left I’m guessing was maybe an incense burner.  I think I can remove the metal part and add glass to the top and its a table.  Not sure what I’m going to do with the gold treasure chest.  Little white table will go on a patio/deck somewhere.  The glass container could make a nice vase I thought.  Got everything for $6  
  13. Vintage Style Kitchen Stool

    Well that is fabulous.  Did you spray paint it?  Great color/pattern choices. 
  14. Furniture builds

    I made a little side table to go with the chair from the “Alison collection” (named after my eldest) she is tall and lean much like me, so I thought this chair fit her likeness.  The table, no way to mince words here...I hate it.  I thought it would look different but when I finished it my first thought tray.   My youngest is happy though, she asked if she could have it and I said yes.