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  1. shop2.jpg

    So you had to build a shop for all the cool tools you have, should be fun to see. 
  2. The Courtyard.jpeg

    See now I was going to comment about how great your perspective looks and how difficult it is to do at this scale.  This one is my favorite, I think because it has buildings.  
  3. View thru the side door

    Thank you. 
  4. kitchen in the daylight

    Thank you. 
  5. Window Seat

    Another great source for old ties is estate sales.  
  6. Ivy Hollow Rural Free Delivery Post Office

    You got this...I have faith in you 
  7. The Heart Stops!!

    I would literally be in tears...
  8. Kitchen with lights

    Thank you kind sir. The dim lights help sell the drama.  I love the look that lights can add to miniatures, although I am not found of the actual work. 
  9. Shutters Closed

    ^^^^ Well said Kathie.  Great color and nicely executed. 
  10. Dutch Gambrel Colonial Renovation

    A trick I learned for cutting mat board for various projects is to make your markings and cuts on the side that will face in.  This provides a neater looking outward appearance.  I look forward to your progress. 
  11. 3 Blind Mice Show(s)?

    I attended the show in Chicago and enjoyed it very much.  It had a nice variety of vendors.  I found it to be more hobbiest friendly rather than the collector atmosphere found at the Tom Bishop show. 
  12. New from East TN

    Welcome!  We have several house experts here.  So as soon as you get a pic up, I’m sure you’ll get some answers. 
  13. chainsaw renovation

    Ha ha, I thought you were kidding when you said chainsaw.