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  1. New to Dollhouse making

    So don’t need to prime ahead of time just as I go along with the rooms? Thanks
  2. New to Dollhouse making

    Thanks Wormwoodz and Havanaholly! Getting there, have the foundation dri fit Woormwoodz should take apart and stain and glue before dri fitting the rest of the house? Thanks for both of your help. Want to do it right!
  3. New to Dollhouse making

    Thanks again, the light bulb is starting to blink lol! 
  4. New to Dollhouse making

    Thanks everyone. If you don’t mind one of many questions to come lol! In dry fitting, do I tape it all together, then take apart marking it , sand edges, and prime it? When dried, glue it and wire and wallpaper it as I go? I think that is what I understood of your replies? If you don’t mind help please and thank you all so much!
  5. Hi from IL! New to dollhouse building! Received my first one for Christmas from my husband. The Fairfield. Excited! Question why do you dri fit the dollhouse? Sorry I am completely new to this! Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone! Completely new to dollhouse building and my children are grown , last one out of college, 2 sons so decided to do a new craft having crafted most my life. I received the Fairfield as one of my Christmas presents from my husband! I am so excited yet overwhelmed in doing this! Hopefully, all of your wisdom will help me do this dollhouse proud! Happy New Year!