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  1. Dollhouse Magazines

    As a beginner miniature-ist I'd like to get some old magazines off eBay. Which one would be the most helpful between Nutshell News and Dollhouse Miniatures? Or others? Thank you! 
  2. Laser cut plant and flower kits

    Has anyone bought from Mary Kinloch's line on ebay and followed her YouTube videos for construction for flowers and plants? Wondering about the difficulty (I'm not a fine art painter), and the cost per unit, in regards to having to buy other materials, etc. Her things are not in a neat little kit. Do I get more for my money that way? And, if you've used them, how do you feel about them compared to the other kits out there? 
  3. P7189488

    I love this cottage! My first (in the process) dollhouse is making a spinning/weaving studio for my mother. This was amazing to look at! Thank you for sharing! 
  4. Hello, from NE Indiana!

  5. Resized too small! :D

    From the album Tiffany Studio: Mt Pisgah Handwovens

    Wiring and wallpaper all done. Lights and trim next. Exterior painting. I took all the leftover exterior paint from my parents basement, so trim and everything will be exactly the same! Yay! 
  6. Hello from Wisconsin!

    So exciting you could still get it! Looking forward to building alongside you. My husband is from WI. :)
  7. Hello, from NE Indiana!

    I've been reading the forums for posting pictures, but I haven't quite got it yet. I think it's because I have no PC, and I'm only working from a Samsung tablet, and I'm not a technical wizard. Wanted to show the loom I bought for my mom's studio and the progress and bashing on the Tiffani. 
  8. Hello, from NE Indiana!

    Thank you, Holly. My diorama plans of recreating a simple little scene from the Bernstein Bears Spooky Old Tree never materialized and probably won't now that I'm on to bigger things! :) Maybe next year. Ha!
  9. Hello, from NE Indiana!

    I've always been completely mesmerized by miniature dollhouses, and told my husband when the children are grown and out on their own I wanted him to build me a dollhouse that I could decorate while he worked on a classic car, his hobby. I was re-enchanted when I won a box at an estate auction for something else a few years ago and found some small brass miniatures in it! Unfortunately this fall, while designing a fall diorama in my head for my children (5 boys under 11 with another baby on the way!), I began looking for some tiny bears in the Internet. The rest is history. I bought an old Whitney Tiffani kit on ebay for $17, read a bunch on Greenleaf, dry fitted it, it spoke to me about what it wanted to be and where it wanted to be bashed, and here I am.....designing a spinning/weaving studio partially recreating my mother's, for her! I am having so much fun! I lose sleep nearly every night thinking about it! ;)
  10. Night stand vs End tables

    I find that end tables in my rl do not work for a night stand as they are too short. I also find that the inclusion of a drawer is more specific to a night stand.  Also, goldenrod farm, you say "draw" like my mother. I love it! 
  11. Dollhouse You Tube Videos

    Oh my goodness! Yes! I loved that book! I had forgotten all about it. A good reminder because now, as an adult with a family, every Christmas I ask for a copy of a favorite childhood book to have my own collection. I'm totally NOT waiting until next Christmas to find that book! And consequently, I married a Norwegian and so those little gnomes figure in closely to his heritage. :D
  12. What is your most recent purchase...and Why?

    Is it just the way it is (seems to me), that mothers with boys are enjoying miniature dollhouse making?! Is it so we can get a bit of beauty in small homes that may not happen in our rl?! (We have 5 boys, and I fell off the cliff into miniatures in October.) My last purchase (and most costly...is that why it's been the last so far?!) was an artisan-crafted cherry floor loom from WeaverLili in California. It's for The Studio for my mother I'm lightly bashing from an eBay Whitney Tiffani kit. My very first dollhouse!