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  1. Simon

    What a CUTE and beautifully made mouse. The rose and box give him such personality!
  2. BeaconHillLighting01.jpg

    Its really lite and airy! Great job on the rehab!
  3. fireplace

    Fireplace looks amazing! So realistic.
  4. Pennethorne Manor ~ Remake

    Your Beacon Hill sounds like its going to a fun 'return house' to do. Love the basement, can't wait to see more!
  5. Édouard

    That is so cute on all levels. I love his tiny little hands! And the sweater. That picture is just adorable.
  6. painted clay

    What a stunning house! It looks amazing!
  7. Pierce dragon fairy Castle

    The Dragon looks really good with the stonework. Its very commanding!
  8. steampunk cooker all from the hardware store

    This is super cool! Love it.
  9. another steampunk topcoat

    I think this one might be my favorite out of the two. It looks like it belongs on a Steampunk Mad Hatter. :)
  10. another steampunk tophat

    OMG, so tiny and awesome! What size eyelets did you use? They work in that size very well. :)
  11. steampunk witches scene

    That is super cool! I love Steampunk stuff, and this really nails it. :) I had always wondered how Steampunk would work in the 1/12 scale...
  12. Anyone built Grosvenor Hall

    It sounds like its going to be lovely! Learning is apart of the fun, Look forward to see what you do with it!
  13. Supper and bed

    It look awesome, really love the way you did the walls. The floor is really great too. All in all , too awesome.
  14. Rock candy chimney

    That chimney looks awesome! Oooh, landscaping! That will really make this awesome house even cooler!
  15. Inside the witch's house

    It looks awesome!!