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  1. Pierce rehab

    If you have purchased a house from them and have a receipt than they will let you purchase parts from them. The house I have was one I saved from being thrown away fully assembled. From what I read you have to have Bought the house in order to purchase parts.
  2. Pierce rehab

    Thank you all for your much needed direction. I really appreciate it. 
  3. Pierce rehab

    Hi, I'm fairly new to the world of miniatures but have most definitely a huge fan. I saved a Pierce from the trash just in time. I'm not sure if anything is missing. So I guess I would start by needing the paperwork to see if it's all here. I know I can make and or order windows and doors. The porch railing is damaged was hoping to just replace it with one from the company, but cannot due to their policy change. For now the paperwork that would let me know if I am missing anything from it's original build. Thank you.
  4. Pierce rehab

    Hi, I'm trying to rehab a Pierce. I have read on here that you can contact Greenleaf,and they would help you with things like the paperwork for a house or you could reorder replacement parts. I received a email this morning replying that they no longer will do this unless you have bought the house and have a receipt as proof. That Craig's list and eBay have houses for sale for parts. Any suggestions to help me with this issue?? Thank you. I was impressed with how fast Greenleaf responded, within 24 hours. Feeling a little disappointed.
  5. Hi, I'm Linda from Florida! I'm new at this. Just saved a Peirce from being thrown away, it was built in 1984. It was built using hot glue. Some water damage but looks like it in decent condition. Not sure how to get into the tight places to remove old tattered wallpaper. Any advice on a remodel would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Mid-life madness

      Welcome Linda. You might have to resort to removing the staircase. Use a hot blow dryer and a drywall scrapper, ynm You might      consider removing all then hot glue and then reassemble it correctly,e it correctly,








      blade ti sh if it can be looseened.

    2. Linda Adams Randall

      Thank you. I will give that a try. I appreciate your response.