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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I'd snap it up, but I live in Maryland :(
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

  3. Yay!! Thank you for asking for me  And glad to hear your goodies are in the mail.
  4. Oh wow, that's so great of them! And I will definitely get that book, thank you for the recommendation.
  5. Absolutely! I'm afraid I haven't made any yet though. I meant that your post got me into them - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be confusing. I will be ordering Cobblestone Snicket as soon as it's back in stock though and I'll make sure to let you know when I get going on it.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I bought some readable books from this seller recently (set of Harry Potter first year textbooks heh). They're quite nice. Cinderella (and a lot of others) are on my wish list.
  7. I am now! I need Cobblestone Snicket  Ahh, someday.
  8. How to make thin 1:144 wood furniture sturdier?

    Laser cut wood. Actually, the packaging doesn't specifically say wood, but I'm certain it is.
  9. How to make thin 1:144 wood furniture sturdier?

    Thanks guys. I want them to be sturdy enough to hold their shape while being assembled and moved around a bit (I'm a perfectionist and also a rearranger, heh). I'm careful and not particularly clumsy but I can easily see myself accidentally fumbling a bit with them while handling them and just want to protect them just in case.
  10. I bought kits from sdk miniatures for building furniture for my 1:144 house and am wondering if there's a way to make them sturdier. The wood is sooooo thin (by necessity, I'm not saying it's an inferior product. They're beautiful little kits and well priced, but they add up and I don't want to end up having spend the time/effort in vain). I worry about the furniture being easily bent or not standing up straight. I'm brainstorming ways to add small bits of hidden wood to some of them but it won't work for most of the bendy pieces (chair backs, bed posts etc). Is there anything I can coat them with to make them sturdier? Or any really really thin material I can glue to the backs/undersides that would help? Thanks.
  11. Newbie micro mini (1:144) questions

    Ooh, didn't even think of the removing wood thing. Thank you!
  12. Newbie micro mini (1:144) questions

    Thank you! And I hope you find your Beacon Hill soon  
  13. Hi all! I've got a 1:144 Beacon Hill I'm excited to start working on. I've been doing research to try to minimize mistakes since this will be my first dollhouse (or second, depending if I get more excited about my approx. quarter scale one instead in the next day or so) and have a couple questions. And general tips and tricks are more than welcome too! 1. I know it's generally not a good idea to prime/paint pieces while they're still in the sheet, but I went through a gallery here where a member didn't seem to have trouble doing that with a 1:144 Beacon Hill and it definitely seems like it'd be easier to handle painting tiny pieces that way. Thoughts? 2. I've seen mention of using weights to keep pieces from warping. How do I do that? Paint, then cover with wax paper or something and then put something heavy on top? Seems like that would interfere with the paint drying. Or do you do it after it's dry? Though I could also the painter's tape trick (attach it sticky side up and then put the wood pieces on the tape before painting). 3. I was planning to use latex as a primer, but will acrylic paint be ok? I only have acrylic paint on hand this weekend and I'm itching to get painting.  4. On pieces this tiny, is it pointless (or overwhelmingly difficult) to sand a bit between coats of paint? I can't decide if it's more important or less to do it on small scale models lol. (Harder to see things in general on smaller scale but that makes imperfections look even bigger proportionally-speaking.) Thank you!
  14. That'd be fantastic, thank you so much!!!
  15. I bought this kit years ago and opened it to get the instructions out so I could start planning the interior and never put them back , and now I can't find them. Does anyone know where I could get a copy? Or alternatively, is it simple enough for me to be able to figure it out from detailed pictures of it being constructed (courtesy of a gallery here, thank you Smallscale!) or maybe even from looking at the full scale Beacon Hill instructions? Thank you!