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  1. Tom & Jerry Holiday drink

    I'd LOVE your recipies !  My Grandmother made it every Christmas Eve. I really want to make it this year and so disappointed the recipie is no where to be found. I can't remember what she used in it. So I will try all your recipie until I get the right 
  2. Tom & Jerry Holiday drink

    Does anyone have a tried & true Tom & Jerry recipe ? My Grandmother used to make this every Christmas Eve. This year I want to have it. My Mother is going on 70 next year and I know having this drink at Christmas eve will be special to her. I've looked it up online but I just can't remember all the ingredients and there are so many variations.  Thank you.  
  3. Hurricane Irma

    Sending Thoughts and Prayers ! Please check to let us know you are ok. 
  4. Plastic Window Inserts - Yes or No?

    A cheap window glass would be the containers for cookies or pies in the Bakery at your local grocery. You get good cookies and a window glass ! Might take several packages, depending how many you need to replace. 
  5. Windows yellowed

    Thank you both very much. I figured that was what it is, but knew someone here would know exactly !  Thank You ! 
  6. Windows yellowed

    I've got a dollhouse that the windows are turning a yellow shade. Is there a way to clean them ? I tried just water, and that did nothing. This is one of the houses I picked up recently to rehab.  Thank You. 
  7. Lol ! It took everything I had not to correct him. I knew you all would enjoy. I did get the tower roof as well... It was interesting carrying to the truck...I was walking behind hubby picking up the pieces... Its sitting on my worktable right now....
  8. I picked this house up at a yard sale last weekend..... The man selling it says it is very Fragile and repeated several times that it is Antique, at least 40 years old, one of a kind custom dollhouse, not a kit you can buy at the store.... there were only a few made.! He said its listed all over Ebay and craigslist for $200.00 and up..... I just smiled and nodded as he spoke. It had a $20.00 price tag on it....He said make offer... so I made him a offer of $10. He took the $10.00. It is Definatly Fragile.! Not a drop of glue was used... it is put together with a Nail Gun.....and 1 1/2 inch nail gun nails !!!! 
  9. Victoria Farmhouse

    From the album Victorias Farmhouse

  10. Columbian Cottage

    From the album The Columbian

    Agatha & Agnes are arguing over this home.
  11. Agnes & Agatha

    From the album Agatha & Agnes

  12. agatha & Agnes

    From the album Agatha & Agnes

    Checking out her possible home.....
  13. Foam Core Dollhouse

    From the album Foam Core Townhouse

    Rehab in process
  14. Agatha & Agnes

    From the album Agatha & Agnes

    Shes been hiding
  15. dollhouse.jpg

    From the album My House

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