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  1. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    Thank you!
  2. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    Thank you both! 
  3. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    Thank you Kathie!    I must be the only person on earth who had never heard of Tulle   I never had the need to make a Tutu!
  4. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    From the album Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Next on the list was the screen door. I wasn't going to have one but every photo I came across showed one. Okay. The challenge came to finding scale screen material. Brae had shared what she used for her screen door but I could not find it locally. I hunted everywhere. Luckily at Michaels the associate showed me Tulle. It looked good to me!  I made two frames and sandwiched the Tulle between them. Then painted aluminum. It didn't turn out half bad. 
  5. Turning plastic into iron

    Brae that looks amazing! You nailed the iron look:)  I'm going to have to try my hand at stippling something and see if I can do it! Bill    
  6. Painting

    It's amazing what one can accomplish with laser focus and zero distractions!  
  7. Matboard

    Okay I completely missed the fact that Keifer's kitchen was made from mat board!  Count me in on wanting to learn how to do the same!
  8. Painting

    Kells I have actually started experimenting doing that. During the Amazon Prime sales I ended up getting some laser cut wood kits that require no glue. One is a movie camera that actually projects a mini movie of Charlie Chaplain dancing! When I would get frustrated with the trailer I would do a few steps on the camera. The trick for me would be one big project and one small. I think I would get overloaded with two big ones going on at the same time!
  9. Painting

    Well that's a relief  Can I assume the longer a project takes, does the quality of work start to slide down as one starts to hurry it's completion? I imagine putting one's heart and soul into every detail to get it just right. But, as time goes on, do you start finding yourself becoming less creative/ambitious in what you wanted to do just to hurry it on? I do see myself falling into that category at times.   
  10. Painting

    Okay that's a relief! 
  11. Painting

    Thank you Bobie! I was looking at your gallery photos of your awesome trailer just today! I was telling myself " look.....this is what one of these looks like FINISHED I've really learned a lot doing the trailer but sometimes I wish it was finished. Does that make me a bad person? 
  12. Painting

    I recognize those pieces of wood! 
  13. Kitchen with lights

    HOLY COW! I serious can't believe this kitchen isn't full size! You Sir have a gift! I would love to build something at this level of detail.  Great job!
  14. Micro mesh screen

    Funny I was dealing with this very issue this past weekend! Looking for mesh to make a screen door for the trailer. No one local had the mesh you are using Brae so I was stuck. An employee at Michael's showed me Tulle. I was a bit skeptical but gave it a shot. Misted aluminum paint on it and by golly it looks pretty good! Still have to paint the door before I update my gallery photos. Nobody believes me when I tell people the screen is made out of the same stuff as tutu's   Awesome work! 
  15. Furniture kits

    WOW does that look awesome!