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  1. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Kelly thank you for your detective skills! I believe you are spot on. Here are a few pictures as requested. It sounds like you have a very testy smoke alarm! I've had that happen to me in the past and I believe I ended up replacing it. It was just too sensitive. Another thought would be location. It's not directly over the oven is it? I could see it going off if it was close by.
  2. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Hi Kelly! No worries CO and smoke alarms are important! I'm surprised they didn't test the smoke alarms after installing the new batteries! Very confusing! I will take your advice and keep the kitchen and bathroom sets. I seem to have an overabundance of toilets to choose from which is great. More is certainly better than less in that regard!     
  3. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

        I finally figured out what house this is! Emily and Kelly you both had the manufacturer correct. It is a S/W Crafts 930 Lakeside Manor. Would anyone have a copy of the assembly manual? As you can see it really needs some work and I would love to know exactly what I'm missing!
  4. Building the Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Thank you Brae! I must apologize as I had every intention of sending you the link. You have created such an amazing and important part of my project! Everyone who has seen it in person can not believe it's 1/12 scale! I really think it will ba a focal point of the exterior. Thank you again!
  5. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Thank you Sharon May I ask where in Missouri do you call home?
  6. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    I looked up the  St Louis Dollhouse and Miniature Show and see it's $125.00 per table. I think the garage sale would be more my speed. Having it for one day only sounds a bit simpler to me than a two day show.      I'll try looking up some random items and see it they are still offered today and what the price point is.    Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Sharon I have been thinking about that My biggest concern is trying to come up with a fair price for my items. Being new to the hobby I don't really have a benchmark to go by. Yes almost everything is priced from whatever time period they are from but how close they are to current pricing I haven't a clue.  Being able to shop early would be a big bonus in my book!
  8. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    You are not kidding Holly! I also have a box filled with baby accessories! I don't plan on using any of it so it's all going in the "sell" pile
  9. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Hi Rebecca!    I am very blessed to have both my parents at this stage in life! They both have their health issues but still manage to do what they want. They have been having a great time helping me go through my "treasures" They were over yesterday and I believe we have found all of the furniture hidden away in boxes and totes. We have pieces that are still missing drawers and drawers with no homes! Here are a few photos of what we have uncovered. And here is the triage box for the broken items. I told Mom to keep an eye out for any furniture that she would like for her Addison. She picked out a few pieces and I moved them to her house for the time being. I really think my father is enjoying this equally as he has been the one to hint about coming over and helping. Now to organize everything and pack it up for future use. Anything I know I will not use will be put in the sell pile.   
  10. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Sable that may be an idea. Some items I have a lot, others may only be one. I have a lot of baby items that I know I will not be using. I have all of that in one box. Only thing I see is How to price everything. I may need a little help with that.  
  11. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    I am! No matter what you order everybody gets the same meal
  12. Garage sale finds

    That would be great! I need to go find my latest newsletter and see if it's on the calendar of events!
  13. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Mom and Dad had volunteered to come help so they came over on Sunday. One "mystery" I brought home was a large trash bag that was filled with furniture. I figured that would be fun to go through with them. It was pretty funny. We sat at the dining room table and I would start by taking one item from the bag and hold it up for them to see. They would OOHH and AAHH over whatever it was and then I would pass it on to them. They in turn started organizing things into groups. There was a triage box for anything broken.  As I continued to pull stuff out many of the pieces were missing the drawers. About half way in I started coming across those. Now Mom and Dad were playing the new game of "Match the drawer to the piece of furniture" Needless to say we ended up with drawers with no matches. Kind of like when you sort socks. There always seems to be a few that just don't go to anything! They really enjoyed the evening and I had fun just being with them! I did inform Mom that I was going to give her the Addison. We will repair the damaged porch and do whatever rehabbing she would like us to do. I told her she can decorate it with whatever we find in my new "collection". I will even keep it here so she didn't have to worry about finding it a home at their house.  I think she was excited at the proposal  I still have a ton of stuff to go through but I thing the discovery process is the most fun!
  14. So I answered an ad on Craigslist.......

    Sharon I really hadn't planned on buying it all. I was planning on looking at what she had for sale and picking up a few things. I really couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Speaking of which, I have been going slowly through my "stuff". I went through two totes of wood pieces and trim.  I'm starting to believe that there may be the remains of a few kits mingled in with all the rest of the stuff. I've come across bags of parts and a few instruction manuals. Sorting the parts would be a big undertaking. I may do that at a later date. I'm wondering if these folks either had a mini business that closed or they bought the inventory of a closed shop. I've got tons of accessories with labels from "WhoKnowsMinis" A few items are in vast quantities. Anyone needing any cookware sets? How about plates of food!  
  15. Garage sale finds

    Sharon I was so looking forward to the garage sale. It didn't dawn on me until Tuesday that I had missed it   Oh well. Congrats on finding some really nice stuff!