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  1. Long Journey Back

    Thanks Jess!    Yes this is a wonderful community and am truly grateful to be a part of
  2. Long Journey Back

    Jess I would like to apologize as well. Holly I'm sorry for dropping that on you Okay. Back to the current topic at hand!  
  3. Long Journey Back

    Hi Holly!    It has been a long time       Things have been a bit crazy here. I am unfortunately going through a divorce at the moment. I am thankful that this is probably the most amicable divorce on record and my wife and I will remain friends! Trying to iron out the details have left me a bit less creative as of late. I really want to get back onto the trailer and hope to in a week or so. I did go to the Miniature show here and get some cool things   I will post pictures this weekend!     I'm finally starting to see some light at the end of this tunnel. I can't wait to get back at it and share my progress with you and all the other fine folks here!
  4. Long Journey Back

    Howdy Do!
  5. Postal teller - more progress

    Amazing as usual Brae!    Thank you for your staining tip! I've been trying out various paints or stains with mixed success. I also end up with grain showing through the paint. I'll try your process and see if I can improve  Is there a paint/stain medium ratio that you follow? Thanks! Bill  
  6. Entrance to the kitchen

    The look is totally amazing! Excellent job Sir!
  7. Stop chain and spring

    Holy Cow Brae! That is some seriously amazing detail! All I can say is "WOW"
  8. Making Arched Windows?

    I'm not sure this would be of any help but the folks who build wooden ship models use a "plank Bender". There are a few styles out there.  https://modelexpo-online.com/search.asp?keyword=plank+bender&search= Again, just tossing it out there  Bill  
  9. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    Thank you!
  10. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    Thank you both! 
  11. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    Thank you Kathie!    I must be the only person on earth who had never heard of Tulle   I never had the need to make a Tutu!
  12. Travel Trailer Screen Door

    From the album Greenleaf Travel Trailer

    Next on the list was the screen door. I wasn't going to have one but every photo I came across showed one. Okay. The challenge came to finding scale screen material. Brae had shared what she used for her screen door but I could not find it locally. I hunted everywhere. Luckily at Michaels the associate showed me Tulle. It looked good to me!  I made two frames and sandwiched the Tulle between them. Then painted aluminum. It didn't turn out half bad. 
  13. Turning plastic into iron

    Brae that looks amazing! You nailed the iron look:)  I'm going to have to try my hand at stippling something and see if I can do it! Bill    
  14. Painting

    It's amazing what one can accomplish with laser focus and zero distractions!  
  15. Matboard

    Okay I completely missed the fact that Keifer's kitchen was made from mat board!  Count me in on wanting to learn how to do the same!