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  1. Wiring for Harrison remodel

    I am currently renovating one I purchased second hand.  It has already been wired with tape wine & unfortunately 1. didn't work & 2 the grommets went right through the walls appearing on exterior.  You might be successful if you tape over each connection. 
  2. The Harrison, second hand

    Thank you.  We already tested & needed to remove wiring.
  3. The Harrison, second hand

    thanks everyone
  4. The Harrison, second hand

    According to seller, she paid someone to put it together & then let her keep kids play with it
  5. The Harrison, second hand

    Hello all, my first Greenleaf house is the Harrison that I purchased second hand.  It is in pretty rough shape, ie., missing pieces, unusual wiring and stucco on overhang.  One staircase needs to be replaced.  Where can I obtain one?  Thanks