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  1. Coffin side view

    Thank you! I used moss paint from folk art painted finishes :)) 
  2. Out front 28.JPG

    Very neat compact facade. 
  3. Out Sophia.JPG

    Lovely detail
  4. Orchid -- Bedroom

    The bed is really adorable.
  5. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    I'm from Singapore, went to high school and university in the United Kingdom but now back in Singapore for the next few years. :)
  6. Bathroom with dressing area

    Wow, this is  pretty posh bathroom. The rug is really detailed! 
  7. Adding accessories to the San Fran kitchen.jpeg

    This is really neat and modern. I love how clean it looks and how you've thought about the colour coordination in every bit :) 
  8. Chemical lab miniature

    This is super cool 
  9. Front facing view

  10. Music Room

    Thanks a lot! I've actually since bought two more instruments, a cello and a clarinet ;) One of my dolls likes music! 
  11. P1030480.JPG

    Thanks! I wanted it to look late Victorian/ americana. Like it's been well taken care of, but is still ageing gently and someone has thought about every detail of it and cared for it well :)
  12. Close up of the pond

    Thank you, that's a real big compliment coming from you! I'm an admirer of your work. The pond is just clear resin poured over a waterproofed pond base (cut out of foam). Before pouring the resin I painted the base to make it look like there were different depths in the pond. I put some gravel in the pond as well as the resin was drying. I didn't colour the resin as I've found that makes it look a bit fake. I've actually since re-landscaped, so the Garden is no longer 'chinese' and the dragon is gone- I thought it didn't go with the rest of the house decor! 
  13. Completed front facade

    Thank you! Blue is my favourite colour! 
  14. P1030585.JPG

    Thank you so much Mini maniac!
  15. The Courtyard.jpeg

    This is real talent. Thanks for sharing