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  1. Ok thanks! I guess I’ll try stacking them too. And I had no idea they were called spade lugs either! Haha
  2. It seems I can’t help from buying lights and I have no room left on my power strip! I was wondering if it’s possible to put 2 power strips on one transformer. I have a 20 watt transformer and my total number of bulbs is probably going to be around 18-20. Just trying to save from buying another transformer if I can help it.  Thanks! Kelly
  3. Steam punk witch

    She looks great, love it!
  4. BeaconHillHallDRLR01.jpg

    Wow, what a pretty house. Great job!
  5. bedding

    Thank you!
  6. 1FDD444E-8220-4450-83D7-D2739A28303B.jpeg

    Thanks! I’m new to this so at least it gives me practice! 
  7. From the album Remodel of my grandfather's build

    I made the sofa on the left but I didn’t measure very well and it was waaaaaaay too big for my little living room so I redid it. 
  8. bedding

    From the album Remodel of my grandfather's build

    This was an old bed I painted black and then made bedding for. 
  9. entry way

    From the album Remodel of my grandfather's build

    I like how the light looks here. Had trouble with the wallpaper since the walls are so high, and had to scrap and redo it. 
  10. kitchen

    From the album Remodel of my grandfather's build

    I made a door here just to make things different. I decided to keep the doorways the original size even though some of them are small.
  11. Mora clock

    Wow, that is beautiful!
  12. 100-4334.JPG

    Your house is looking great! 
  13. "Do I have a shot at her at all?"

    Your house looks great! I love beetlejuice  
  14. Fireplace.JPG

    That’s so pretty! Love it