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  1. Sheila's Pierce

    I appreciate your suggestion KathieB. This site is a bit confusing. Thanks.
  2. Sheila's Pierce

    I was told to keep my information and questions together in one spot. Hope this is right?
  3. Hi! Would love it if you could send the plans for the Pierce and any suggestions you have. I have looked over the entire house and although it was put together with hot glue there is no signs of it coming apart or seeping out. I was going to contact Greenleaf and see if I could get some placement parts but have no idea what to ask for? I want to put siding on but the porch railings are in place so was wondering if this would still be possible. I am not sure if I am messaging you in the proper spot. Hopefully I am. 

    Thanks for responding to me.


    1. Shareb

      Hi Sheila - I'm happy to help!  I'll have to take some photos which I'll try to do today, otherwise it'll be tomorrow.  I'm in NZ so prob about 12 hours difference.  To message, hover over the person's name and a little box comes up with some of their details.  Just click on 'message' and that's private between people rather than this which is essentially directly on my profile page and therefore public.  I'll message you. 

  4. Hi from Brantford, Ontario

    Hi! Thanks for the greeting. 
  5. Hi from Brantford, Ontario

    Thanks. This sounds like it is a gamble to invest my time and money into it. I bought it online not knowing that hot glue was used. I will try to reinforce like you suggested but there is not much hot glue showing. I will start a new thread but feeling discouraged.
  6. Hi from Brantford, Ontario

    I have just started back into miniatures after many years of being absent. I aquired an assembled Greenleaf Pierce. It needs a lot of work but it seems the structure even though it was put together with hot glue is very well put together. It was done quite a few years ago. I have no idea where to start. Pieces are missing or broken, mostly in the railings, trim, and Gingerbread. I want to put siding on as it was just painted and all the tabs are visible. There is some wiring but have no idea if it works. I tore the mac tac that was used on the floors off. If anyone has suggestions, I sure need them. I am sure I will have many questions. Thanks